As you know, I am new to ZYIA and I realize that some of you are too! I figured that I’d start a series called ZYIA New Release Wednesdays because each and every week, ZYIA releases a brand new set of clothing! Fun!

Welcome to ZYIA new release Wednesdays! In these short-but-sweet posts, I share my fave new activewear from ZYIA’s latest release. You can find out more about ZYIA here, or becoming a ZYIA rep here.

As you know, I am a mom, personal trainer, and brand-spankin’ new ZYIA Active rep. I sell high-quality, cute and unique activewear for the whole family. Each week, ZYIA releases new activewear to fit the season and styles that are trending. In this post, I have picked my favorite new releases to share with you.

I have written a comprehensive post about why I decided to become a ZYIA Active rep, as well as a big FAQ about joining ZYIA for those who are curious. Those are my in-depth, super detailed and juicy posts. These posts, however, are meant to be short and sweet – but I hope you enjoy ZYIA New Release Wednesdays as much as I do!

P.S. ZYIA clothing goes up to 4X, but pay attention to the fit and style guides for the best fit. You will see size and style guides on the website. Happy shopping!


Namaste Forest Color (Also comes in black)

ZYIA namaste forest green new release Wednesday Forest namaste

Black Moon Crop (also comes in white)

ZYIA black moon crop for ZYIA new release Wednesdays

Charcoal High Rise Legging (a fave among the many leggings ZYIA has)

Charcoal High Rise Legging by ZYIA

Black Puffy Jacket

ZYIA new release Wednesdays featuring the puffy jacket

Past ZYIA Favorites

Pink leopard print leggings + bra set (also comes in ombre and black)

ZYIA hot pink leopard print set


Have questions about ZYIA New Release Wednesdays or ZYIA in general? I’d love to help you out with all of it! Leave a comment below or email me at