I recently decided to become a ZYIA Active rep. In this post, I hope to answer all of your top questions about the ZYIA brand, how much money you can make selling ZYIA, and more. 

Welcome to Ironwild Fitness! This post chronicles my recent decision to become a ZYIA Active representative. If you’re wondering what the buzz around this incredible activewear brand is all about, this post is definitely for you. 


First of all, I have to start this post by saying that I have been a historically “anti-MLM” person. If you followed my Beachbody journey at all, you know that it did not end well.

But it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy the structure or the team aspect – in fact, these were two things I truly enjoyed.

I couldn’t, however, get behind all of the products. To add to it, I was just one itty-bitty coach in a massive sea of coaches. But that’s a different story for a different day.

In truth, back when I was against MLMs, it was simply because I was getting hounded by Beachbody coaches making big promises.

I think that the MLM structure can be really fun, exciting, and motivating. But you have to be 100% behind the products you’re selling.

Hopefully this helps to answer one of the top ZYIA Active rep questions: Is ZYIA Active an MLM?

The answer is yes. But it’s also so much more. So don’t let that make you shy away from it!

Before I answer common questions about becoming a ZYIA Active rep, let’s get a little deeper.

Why I Decided To Become A ZYIA Active Rep

It’s always a personal decision to join any direct sales company. Since I’ve tried direct sales once before, I knew a little bit about what to expect. NEW: ZYIA REP INFORMATION PAGE.

I am a mom, personal trainer, and fitness blogger. I am surrounded by workout gear and inundated by activewear and all sorts of other fitness products. I have tried a LOT of things! I could have chosen to sell almost ANYTHING, but I chose to become a ZYIA Active rep for:

  • Uncapped money-making potential
  • Flexible work hours/schedule
  • Discounts on cute, high-quality activewear
  • The team-driven culture
  • The chance to connect + work with other moms
  • Fun!

I am honestly just so bored as stay-at-home mom sometimes, and I needed something to work towards. I feel so up to the challenge! I already live in activewear as a personal trainer and busy mom, so it seemed like such a fool-proof decision. (Especially since I’m already a blogger!) Now I can seamlessly go from housework, to the gym, to my daughter’s school, etc. while advertising the amazing workout gear from ZYIA!

Now, I know that you have questions about ZYIA. So let’s address some of the most common ones.

Top 10 Questions About Becoming a ZYIA Active Representative

1. What is ZYIA Active?

There are no stupid questions here! ZYIA Active is an activewear company. It’s also a woman-owned company that’s only a few years old (it started in 2017), so now is a great time to jump in! P.S. It’s also the FIRST direct sales company in the “athleisure” market.

2. Is ZYIA Active an MLM?

Yes. ZYIA operates with a multi-level marketing structure (also known as direct sales). That means that they don’t have brick-and-mortar stores – they rely on independent ZYIA Active reps to spread the word about their brand.

When you join an MLM, it’s kind of like running your own business – but with products that aren’t yours. What you get is flexibility as an independent rep.

3. How much does it cost to be a ZYIA rep?

The startup cost is currently $395. However, before you shy away, let me break down the things that are included. With the current startup kit, you get:

  • A cute ZYIA trucker hat
  • A staple sports bra
  • Some amazing leggings
  • Business tools like stickers, order forms, a catalog, etc.
  • A tank top
  • A bomber jacket
  • Free ZYIA rep website for 2 months
  • A $200 Gift Card

Since you get a 25% discount on all ZYIA products after becoming a rep, you can get A LOT of clothing with that $200 gift card! It’s like getting cash back so that you can build your ZYIA wardrobe, buy gifts for others, or build some inventory to sell to others! So if someone asks, “How much does it cost to join ZYIA active?” don’t forget about all of those things!

ZIYA Active rep frequently asked questions

4. How many ZYIA reps are there?

While the ZYIA team hasn’t published any specific numbers lately, we know that at the beginning of 2019, there were only 2000 reps for the whole COMPANY. (US and Canada included.) That means that while ZYIA has seen a lot of growth in 2019, it is still small.

That makes this is a great time to become a ZIYA Active rep! (Especially since we know that MLMs like Beachbody have hundreds of thousands of coaches/reps.) It means that teams are still small and the market isn’t totally saturated, which translates to less competition and more opportunity for growth.

5. How much money can you make selling ZYIA?

Since you’re an independent rep, you’re basically running your own business. Like with any business, success is directly correlated to effort. The amount of time you spend working on your ZYIA business will be your biggest indicator as to the amount of money you make. But that’s not to say that you can’t make a decent amount of money each month with just a few hours of work. To help you understand how you make money with ZYIA active, here’s the commission schedule, complete with percentages, bonuses, etc. (Scroll down.)

I have met ZYIA Active reps who are making anywhere from a couple hundred dollars per month in sales, to over $11,000/month with a team built beneath them. But I have also heard that there are some top-level coaches making six-figures, so I’d say that the possibilities are endless!

6. Is there a monthly sales minimum?

Nope! You can stay active even if you don’t feel like working or couldn’t manage sales during a given month. That means that if you’re a normal human with highs, lows, and unexpected things popping up, you can still participate.

7. What makes ZYIA different than other MLMs?

First of all, you don’t have to have a minimum monthly personal volume. That means that you don’t have to buy more of the products for personal use every month (unlike most MLMs). I remember Beachbody makes you spend a minimum amount of money on their products each month and it gets old.) You can join ZYIA, buy what you want, when you want, and still be an active rep.

Second of all, the culture and community! ZYIA is all about women lifting each other up and being a “positive light” in the industry. When one rep wins, everyone wins, and everyone celebrates!

8. What happens when you sign up?

After you sign up as a ZYIA Active rep, you will be sent an email containing everything you need to access your business tools. You’ll need to customize your website and get your unique URL to make sales. (Super easy!) You are ready to make sales almost immediately!

There will be lots of training information to go through, but fear not! Your upline rep (the person you signed up under) will be reaching out to you to answer your questions and welcome you to the gang. He/she will provide you with all of the links and information you need to hit the ground running. This includes digital training downloads, images/logos, Facebook group access, and more!

9. What kind of support do you get as a ZYIA rep? 

ZYIA is a team effort, remember? The more money YOU make, the more money the people above you make. That’s why this structure is so motivating and effective!

You will have access to one or more Facebook groups where your team makes announcements, shares wins, posts training downloads, videos, etc. You will also have access to company-wide video trainings/calls, as well as team-led calls and more.

In addition, ZYIA provides you with roadmaps to success based on the experiences of coaches above you. They will help you with social media strategies and other marketing ideas!

10. Is ZYIA Active just for women?

No! ZYIA active clothing is for everyone! ZYIA makes clothing for men and children in addition to their women’s wear. (Men can also be reps!) That means you can get great activewear for the whole family, or sign your dad/brother/husband/boyfriend etc. on as a rep, too!

ZIYA activewear mlmZIYA activewear mlm

What else should I know about ZYIA Active?

Did you know that ANYONE can be a ZYIA party host? You don’t have to be a rep!

By hosting a ZYIA party (online or in-home), you can earn ZYIA store credit, as well as steep discounts on clothing!


What about sizing?

For women, sizes go up to 4X, or 20. Take a peak at the size guide if you’re not sure what to order. Men’s sizing is the standard S, M, L, XL. Kids sizes go to 14.

Side note: There are new releases every Wednesday to keep things fresh and fun! That means that there’s something new to share with potential customers all of the time!


Interested in learning more about the ZYIA Rep opportunity or the awesome clothes they carry?

Click here to go to my personal ZYIA website or use the form below to get in contact with me!

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