Interested in ZYIA Active but want to be sure to read ZYIA Active Rep reviews first? This is for you! In this post I share with you everything that has happened so far in my first month since becoming a ZYIA Active rep – welcome to my ZYIA Active Rep review!

ZYIA Active rep review month one

I recently discovered the ZYIA activewear opportunity and decided to become a rep! Now, one month in, I am here to share my thoughts and answer top questions about becoming a ZYIA representative.

Yeah, yeah, I am only just *now* getting started. I am just over one month in as a ZYIA Active rep. But I have learned SO much in that month, that I thought I’d share the ups, downs, and everything in between.

But before we go deeper, let’s just get one thing straight – I am not a millionaire, *yet.* 😉

Thing is, a lot of people look to direct sales companies thinking that they are gonna earn quick cash. That, my friends, is not the case unless you are a YouTube/Instagram/Internet Wiz or other prodigy. That being said, I didn’t make a little money with ZYIA this month. So, if you’re asking, “Can you make money selling ZYIA?” the answer is a resounding YES.

More on that later.

101 Reviews on ZYIA Active + My ZYIA Active Rep Review

I wanted to start by saying that I am that girl who researches everything. I researched the ZYIA activewear opportunity HARD because it was about this time last year that I got burnt by Beachbody. Yep, I tried that, and I have a million things to say about it after losing a bunch of money, but what you need to know now is that I was SKEPTICAL. (P.S. If you’re asking, “What is ZYIA Active?” then you’ll want to read this post for a little more info.)

So you better believe that I spent quite some time looking for ZYIA Active rep reviews before joining. I tried to spend some time understanding the ZYIA Active compensation plan, and reading some ZYIA product reviews, too.

I was encouraged to find out some really important things in the process:

  • For every negative ZYIA Active rep review, there were about 100 positive ones. That’s because mostly people who tried ZYIA and gave up had personal reasons.
  • ZYIA reps are in the low thousands (like under 10,000 for the US, though I haven’t found an updated number since 2018). For comparison, you should know that Beachbody has several HUNDRED thousand.
  • ZYIA reps can stay active without spending a ton of money every month!

After these findings, I was super excited about ZYIA’s potential and how it could fit in with my lifestyle, my blog, and my whole *personal trainer* thing. Since I live in workout gear and am a fitness blogger, it felt like the perfect match. So it’s simple y’all – after reading many a ZYIA Active rep review, I took a leap of faith and signed up.

ZYIA Active Rep
Reppin’ ZYIA with my coral hat!

Let me tell you what happened next…

Immediately upon signing up as a ZYIA rep, I got a welcome email from the company. It had a welcome video, links to the Starter Guide, tutorials, and other important links. The email also gave me instructions for my “back office” and website setup. (You have immediate access to all of that, which includes links to your store, product & marketing images, training videos, manuals, and so much more.) So I spent some time setting up my replicated website and taking a look around.

I also got an email from my sponsor (that would be the person you sign up under) welcoming me and simply contacting me with more information. She suggested that we schedule a call so that I could ask her any questions and she could help me get started. So we did that!

What Some ZYIA Active Rep Reviews Don’t Tell You

I felt SO excited about everything and jumped right into training, setting up my sales and sign up links, etc. As a blogger, I am already super familiar with the ways to set up links (like with and I was a total crazy person setting everything up and planning content for everyone that follows me. P.S. If you decide to join my team, I would LOVE to hold your hand through all of that.

Since I have tried direct sales before (read about why I quit Beachbody in this post), I was totally cool with the fact that I would maybe feel like I was competing with other ZYIA reps. Because that is totally how it felt with Beachbody coaches. But y’all – it is NOT like that!

I quickly found out that ZYIA is a community (of mostly women, mind you), but unlike Beachbody, it is a positive-energy only type of gang. Not only is this idea of lifting each other up taken pretty seriously with ZYIA, it is just a different game. Thing is, Beachbody is killing itself by the simple fact that coaches are fighting and competing with each other. They have to seriously fight for sales and coaches. Because there are over 350,000 coaches in the US alone!

But with ZYIA, it’s all so new and there is still room for everyone. Legit, the last number I found published was 2,000, but that was in 2018. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but even if it’s off by a couple thousand, that’s still a tiny number for the US. So, since ZYIA was only started in 2017, it’s a super good time to get in.

Can you make money selling ZYIA?

Okay, so about selling ZYIA and how much money I made my first month. Before I get started on this particular tangent, I want to preface with a few things:

  • I just moved and don’t know anyone in my new town, so selling in-person wasn’t a big push for me this month.
  • I don’t really *do* Facebook, so I had to reactivate mine to try to sell there.
  • I’ve got long-game in mind, and as such, am focused on bloggy/Instagram things for ZYIA. I have plans, y’all!

So that you don’t have to keep wondering, I ended up making a commission of $47.45 my first month as a ZYIA rep. I know it could have been a lot more, but remember that I knew going in that this wasn’t gonna be an overnight kind of gig. So, here are some reasons I didn’t sell more this month:

  • No in-home parties or pop ups. I didn’t make any efforts to sell leggings to actual humans (instead of virtually) other than my MIL. Lol.
  • I put a lot of research into what I do. I tried a few promos (like small giveaways and incentives) to see what worked and what didn’t, and now I have a few tricks up my sleeve.
  • Again, I am hoping to create a business that is mostly online and those things take time to develop.
  • I was also working on creating a new workout program and between that and the holidays, I really couldn’t give it 8 hours a day. Plus, there’s a toddler and a five year old in the mix. 🙂

Still, I am completely happy with what I was able to do in the month.

The Truth About ZYIA Active

The truth is that if you’re not able to go into a direct sales business with patience, then it’s not going to work. If I hadn’t already known that this is a slow game, I would have already quit. But I KNOW for a FACT that with time, I will be able to build a team of awesome activewear reps along with a strong retail clientele. Why?

Because I have seen a HUGE gap in the market here and I have also seen a lot of room in the blogging world for this. I have been blogging for nearly 6 years and I am super excited about what I found when I looked into ZYIA Active reviews on Pinterest, Instagram, and on the WWW.

If you are a blogger, fitness junkie, or a stay-at-home mom, I want to bring these things to your attention. I think that this opportunity is something you wont want to miss. (These are those nerdy things that get me excited and if you are a marketing nerd like me, I definitely want to talk to you about this more.) Here’s what I’m freaking out about…

ZYIA is BARELY on Pinterest and Google.

Okay, you obviously found this post, right? But if you type in “ZYIA” on Pinterest, there are some very lame and limited Pins and posts there. They aren’t even optimized. OMG. Most of the images are square and not even super relevant if you get into more specific searches. I am not saying you won’t find things. But Pinterest is suggesting irrelevant things, suggesting that there is a LOT of room here. What I mean is that ZYIA is a NEW thing on this super powerful tool known as Pinterest. There aren’t a ton of strong presences as far as ZYIA Active reps on Pinterest. There aren’t a lot of reviews, there’s limited rep information, etc. If you’re a blogger who is big on Pinterest like me, this is exciting! It gives me a strong chance of dominating the market on Pinterest and ranking well there.


I am absolutely TICKLED by this, guys. Google definitely has some ZYIA rep reviews and other information, but there are not millions of articles out there…yet!

I wrote this post about personal reasons why I joined ZYIA Active just a few weeks ago and I am on the second page!

And I created this page about becoming a ZYIA rep and I am already ranking on the first page of Google!

OMG! People are already clicking over to my ZYIA shop page every single day, and I already have a growing email list of people who have expressed interest in becoming a rep.

So, can you see the huge potential here?

About ZYIA Products, The Company, & More

I would encourage you to take a look at my ZYIA shop page and learning about the clothing technology, offerings and more before you consider becoming a rep. If you don’t like to rock leggings and cute tank tops, this gear might not be for you. What I will say is that this gear passes the personal trainer test and is totally high-quality and affordable compared to places like Lululemon and similar. Plus, styles can go up to 4X, so ZYIA is more inclusive and body-positive.

ZYIA is a debt-free company (not going out of business anytime soon, y’all!) and is based in Utah. It is currently only operating in the US and Canada. But they are growing so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if they expanded more soon.

How much does it cost to join ZYIA Active?

Right now, it costs $395 USD to become a ZYIA rep. I know that sounds like a lot of money.

zyia active rep review

However, once you hear how much you get with that, I think you’ll actually be impressed.I wrote a long and quite thorough FAQ about becoming a rep on this page, so check it out if you’re interested in the ZYIA Active opportunity! Here’s a pic of the current gear included (kits change regularly) though:


So, how’s that for a ZYIA active rep review?

Have more questions? Send me an email at or sign up for more info below.