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Why I Quit Q Sciences (My Long History with MLMs)

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Read this post to find out why I quit Q Sciences after nearly 9 months. Also find out what I think about MLMs as a whole after trying three different ones.

Hi there! My name is Chantal and I’m the owner of this site. I’m also a mom, homemaker of 8 years, and NASM certified personal trainer.

In the past I might have been embarrassed to share that I’ve been with three different direct sales companies – but not anymore!

I truly believe that everything that we go through is a learning experience. I’m here to share mine with you.

If you came here to find out why I quit Q Sciences, I will definitely be going over the details on that.

But I will also be telling you my thoughts and feelings about MLMs in general now that I have so much experience with them. (Lol!)

You might be surprised by what I have to say!

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The Thing About MLMs

I was you just a few years ago, friend. I was desperate for a way to make extra money. I’m a homemaker, so I know what it’s like to want to contribute more to your family financially.

There were times when I was desperate!

(And that is exactly the spot that they want you in.)

Looking back at my time with direct sales companies (Beachbody, ZYIA, Q Sciences), each and every one of them had the following things in common:

  • They make promises they can’t keep
  • They advertise their products as life-changing (they aren’t)
  • And they prey on those who need the money the most

They are VERY good at playing on your emotions and pain-points.

They are all the same thing – they just sell different stuff.

So knowing this, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t learn my lesson after my first experience with MLMs. Right?

I tried Beachbody first. It aligned with what I wanted to do in my life (fitness) and on my blog. This is the post I wrote about it back then, right after quitting.

But at the end of the day, I found out that I didn’t actually enjoy the products as much as I thought I would.

I also found out that it felt totally wrong to advertise and make sales the way they wanted me to.

I also never made any money because it’s too saturated and MLMs have a horrible reputation.

That is the gist of everything here – even with Q Sciences.

But for me, it goes beyond that.

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

Side note: If you are considering joining an MLM, I highly encourage you to read up on it and try a variety of their products FIRST. Do not jump in blindly!

Why I Quit Q Sciences – The Details

I hopped on with Q Sciences because they were “natural” ish products and that aligned with what I wanted personally and in terms of the audience I was developing online. (Moms, homesteaders, fitness people.)

However, that isn’t the primary reason that I joined.

I joined based on the sales point that, “The company is so new, that the only place you have to go is UP!”

Yes, the company is a LOT newer than most of the direct sales companies out there. That, in my mind, meant that the world might not be saturated with Q Sciences reps just yet, and that could help me a lot.

When I think of things in terms of business opportunities, I always consider the “newness” and overall potential. Not just on Instagram and with friends and family, but with my BLOG.

With Beachbody, I learned that there were so many coaches out there, that they were actually my PRIMARY competition.

And they are also the people who ruined MLMs for the rest of time. LOL.

I joke, but let’s be honest. The poor reputation that BB coaches have is for a reason.

P.S. If you are currently with an MLM, I don’t mean to offend you. I am just very experienced here. Haha.

Back then, I thought that one of the reasons I failed at Beachbody was because they already had hundreds of thousands of coaches selling their shit.

And they did. But that wasn’t the only reason I failed. (More on that later.)

Where did my upline go?

So more recently, I had joined Q Sciences with the hope that I could be “getting in early,” and gain that massive momentum that they all promised. (If you’ve seen that little graph of expected growth that they share, maybe you know what I mean.)

But after about six months, I hadn’t ranked up even ONCE.

And if you follow me online, you know that I sold my SOUL promoting Q Sciences for a solid six months.

I had three people on my “team,” but they weren’t active! Some people joined but quickly threw in the towel.

Mind you, I have a decent online following – including around 6,000 Twitter followers, 16,000 Pinterest followers, 2,000 email subscribers to my blog, and 1,500-ish Instagram followers.

So nothing insane, but more than the average person.

Okay. Now what?

I reached “up” to the person who signed me up for help. Turns out, she was no longer working on the business, though she was still an ambassador.

So, I reached higher. The person who signed HER up had quit quietly a few months back!

Then, I went even higher up the totem pole to the team leader. She gave me a few pointers, and we even had a few Zoom calls.

But y’all, something wasn’t right.

Why would two people with much larger followings than me be giving up on this?

I asked! One response that I got was that, “I just don’t want to lose more followers and I just don’t have time right now.” Yikes.

The other response I got was, “Something just didn’t feel right to me here.”

Ohhhh dear.

Red flags were going up – but I was already feeling weird about the whole thing. Hearing about other people not doing well with it is what put the nail in the coffin for me. I quit at about 9 months in.

The Products Themselves

I will say that I do actually enjoy a couple of the Q Sciences products. Some of those are the Excel cream, Sleep Spray, and Q Sport.

However, I have easily found similar products to replace them since. That makes me feel like the products aren’t exactly one-in-a-million as advertised.

Other than that, many of the products fell FLAT on their expensive backs for me. I tried a handful of products that had little-to-zero effect on me.

If they were working, I didn’t know about it.

They were also insanely expensive. Maybe they help you be healthy like they say, but so would consuming a lot more fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Just sayin’.

Why I Quit Q Sciences

When the collagen came out (it’s dang expensive), I was immediately not into it. They kept sharing before-and-after photos and I kept thinking, “Y’all are paying a lot of money to look the same.”

Haha. Really, I saw very few things that impressed me.

Did you make any money?

No girl, I didn’t. Lol.

I got two small paychecks, and they nowhere near covered what I spent to be “active.”


Some ignorant current Q Sciences ambassador is going to read this and think, “Yeah, you didn’t make any money because you gave up.”

Um, yes I gave up. And unless you plan on selling BS while selling your soul for the rest of your whole life too, you will give up eventually as well.

I’m serious. This isn’t exactly a dream gig – you just don’t know it yet.

(There, I said it.)

So What Were The Other Reasons?

I have grown a lot as a person in the last few years, and I believe that all of my experiences contribute to that.

Joining MLMs is no exception.

However, the common theme for me here is that I never had a deep passion and sense of purpose for what I was doing.

Never did I feel like I would be with a certain MLM forever.

I joined MLMs for all of the wrong reasons, but I learned a LOT!

Here is what I want to say the most, so listen up:

Each and every person on this earth was born with God-given gifts and talents. When combined with your education, interests, hardships, and other experiences, it makes the ULTIMATE combination! YOU!

We were meant to share those GIFTS and UNIQUE QUALITIES with the world!

I believe that we are meant to do “bigger” and “better” things if we allow ourselves to do them.

That is why I quit Q Sciences.

Selling MLM products is probably not your dream job, sis!

It probably doesn’t light a fire in your soul like it should.

But in MY experience, I didn’t really know what my gifts, talents, and purpose was yet. That’s why I joined MLMs.

I was bored, confused, desperate, and I really needed money.

During those times, I was not yet in a mindset that said, “Girl – you already have all of the things you need to do purposeful work and make money doing it!”

In fact, I was actually in very bad places mentally every single time I joined a direct sales company. I was just confused about what to do, and some action seemed better than none.

I don’t regret that.

But now I am able to sit here and write this post for you, friend.

When I realized that an MLM could just never sit right with me in my heart, I knew I couldn’t keep doing them. That is why I quit Q Sciences.

These days, you can literally make money doing ANYTHING.

I taught myself how to blog 8 years ago and have seen nothing but RANDOM products, courses, niches, and more come up since.

And so, I ask you this: What are your God-given talents and longtime passions? What do you enjoy doing and what could you talk about for hours?

Somewhere in there is your golden-ticket business idea! You just have to have a little creativity and a bit of grit!

I hope this post on why I quit Q Sciences helps you!

I know I went on a bit of a rant there, but it felt important. 🙂 My wish for you is that you go on to hone in on your own strengths and passions, then go big!

Stay healthy,


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