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Why I Changed My Mind About BeachBody

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Find out why I changed my mind about BeachBody and decided to become an Independent Beachbody coach!

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Many weeks ago, I wrote a post about why I didn’t think I’d ever become a Beachbody coach. I’d done a lot of internet research that resulted in a bad taste in my mouth, and I ranted about it here on the blog.

As it turns out, the bad taste in my mouth was probably the foot that I’d stuck in it. 😉

why i became a beachbody coach and why i changed my mind about beachbody

It was a pretty harsh post, but it was written with a lot of misconceptions and preconceived notions that have so far been eradicated.

It’s strange to say but I have to admit that I have decided to try it out.

I have decided to try coaching.

It feels like a lot of coaches are hush-hush about their status as a coach as a marketing tactic, but I am going to be honest with you all from the get-go.

I am an Independent BeachBody coach, and I’m going to tell you why I decided to do this and why I changed my mind.

Why I Changed My Mind About BeachBody

There are many reasons, but most of them are pretty personal. The most important thing I have to say is that I hope you hear me out if you read my old post, or if you’re someone who is skeptical about it all.

I am writing this as someone who is as green as they come – only a few days into my career as a coach. So know that I write this as someone who has made exactly ZERO dollars so far and just wants to clear the air.

I always try to be super honest about my fitness journey and struggles, so here goes!

why i changed my mind about beachbody and became a coach

Here’s Why I Changed My Mind About BeachBody And Became A Coach

1. I have been struggling with nutrition forever.

Among the top reasons why I changed my mind about BeachBody is because I personally need help with nutrition. As I have mentioned before, I am a certified personal trainer.

But somewhere after becoming a mom, I lost a lot grip of my health on the nutrition side of it. I feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to make myself healthy meals and keep my family fed & happy at the same time.

I knew that I needed to make it easier for myself to eat healthy, stay energized, and keep moving. For me, trying out some new supplements was part of that. I wanted to take the guesswork out of several of my meals per week.

Plus I also wanted to find a great pre-workout to help me power through workouts after a sleepless night. I can check those things off of my list of things to worry about now!

2. I wasn’t effectively reaching the types of people I want to help.

Part of why I changed my mind about BeachBody is about the people. I became a personal trainer because I wanted to help some pretty specific people.

I’d wanted to help moms, but more specifically, I wanted to help brand new moms, stay-at-home moms, and moms experiencing postpartum depression.

But at one point it dawned on me that maybe personal training wasn’t the right way to do this.

Why? Because the moms I want to help are the LEAST likely to be leaving the house to go workout.

Either they don’t have the means, the willpower, or the energy to do so. Maybe their local gym doesn’t have childcare. Or maybe they can’t afford it because they’ve sacrificed income by staying home.

Maybe they are just so deep in new mommyhood or depression that they can’t face the gym.

Whatever it may be, this demographic just wasn’t gonna be as into personal training as they might home workouts. On-demand home workouts are just so much more appropriate. And now I have the tools to FULLY support those mamas!

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3. I don’t have the means to leave my kids for a regular personal training job right now.

I became a personal trainer when I was 7 months pregnant. But I am not about to leave my kids with a caregiver right now.

It’s just not going to happen. Personal training is a tough gig because the schedules are often crazy and inconsistent.

You work early mornings, late nights, split shifts, and do a lot of “there and back.” While I really want to have a regular training job when my baby starts school, it’s just not possible for me right now.

4. I have been struggling with a clear plan for my business.

Another reason why I changed my mind about BeachBody is for my business. I have basically been writing blog posts, putting a few Amazon links in, and hoping people would read or buy. It’s a very bad strategy.

There are so many entrepreneurs out there making a lot of noise about how they built an empire with this or that, but I have felt like I am drowning in the possibilities.

Like I have had so many ideas but nothing really fits or that I’m not sure exactly how to execute things.

I don’t have 8 hours per day to dedicate to my blog, so I can’t just mess around with inaction.

Becoming a BeachBody coach has helped me form a clearer picture of my goals, who I want to reach, and how I’m going to execute everything.

I know what I need to be doing daily! I think mentally that is what I needed right now – something to take a little of the guesswork out of things.

5. My husband is getting ready to deploy and I needed something to keep me busy.

This makes me sad and I avoid talking about it, but after almost ten years in the Army National Guard, my husband is being deployed for the first time in 2019.

Since I’ll be alone for almost a year with a baby and a 4 year old, I want to do more than just keep house. I don’t have a lot of family support in the form of help with the kids, so I am highly independent and we’ll be okay, but I knew I needed more to stay busy.

I’m seeing this as an opportunity to focus on myself a little more while I work on my health and biz. (You can join me! Click here to take that leap!)

6. I had a ton of misconceptions about the business.

Growing up, my dad participated in MLMs right and left. He was always a salesperson and he was always a hard seller. I was uncomfortable with the fact that he was constantly trying to push his products on everyone he saw.

I’d have a friend come over to hang out, then my dad would try to sell something to their parents when they got picked up.

I had the overall impression that you had to be super pushy and annoying to be a coach. Now that I see how I can use my blog and social media to share my story without doing THAT, I feel better about it.

I was also afraid that hardly anyone makes any real income with MLMs.

The thing is that now my attitude has changed…it’s not really just about income for me. Even if I only ever make $300 per month coaching, I’d say that’s pretty sweet if it’s helping me stay healthy and helping others!

7. I was kind of scared & intimidated by those misconceptions.

I had quite a few coaches invite me to their team before finally joining. What changed things for me was getting to ask someone I know and trust about their experiences. I was invited to coaching by someone I have known for a long time.

Getting to ask them all of my questions was important. I didn’t feel pressured by them. In fact, I felt connected to the whole thing because I was able to get a straight, honest opinion on what BeachBody really was.

8. I needed the team atmosphere.

Lastly, I needed the “team” thing. I have been riding solo for years. It took me a long time to learn that as a stay-at-home mom, having a tribe is super important in combating postpartum depression.

Now that I know this about myself, I’m okay with the fact that I don’t have to go it alone.

In fact, I think that because I have a history of depression, it’s best that I’m not completely isolated the way some entrepreneurs are. So far, I am pleasantly surprised at the overall atmosphere!

So if you are one of my loyal readers and are wondering what’s going on, that’s it! Now you know what I’ve been up to and why I changed my mind about BeachBody.

I took a leap of faith and decided to invest in myself.

If you’re interested in learning more, please let me know! You can send me an email at ironwildfitness@gmail.com.

Update: I am no longer a Beachbody coach as of Dec. 18, 2018. Read why in this post.  

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