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Weight Loss Progress Chart & My Weigh In!

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Looking for a printable weight loss progress chart to keep you motivated? Get your free weight loss chart and take a peek at my weight loss journey!

I’m a sucker for fun printables that help me plan basically anything. A fun weight loss chart is no different!

free weight loss progress chart pdf

This week I have new-found motivation after a few months of well, mehhh. 

Hopefully I’ll get a little more motivation from this weigh-in chart?!

Even though I am a fitness blogger and certified personal trainer, I definitely have my (many) moments of weakness.

In fact, if you read my recent post about our homeschooling journey, you might have an idea as to why things around here have been a little slow.

We just sold our family home in anticipation of my husband’s deployment, and have been living with my parents. (Yikes!)

There has been so much uncertainty in our lives that I have allowed myself to get wayyy off track with anything related to health and fitness.

As some of you know, I started Ironwild Fitness with the hopes of using this blog to help me reach a few specific goals.

My top priorities with Ironwild Fitness are:

In some ways, I feel confident that I am doing many of thing original things I set out to do on Ironwild Fitness. However, I am seriously lacking on the personal fitness end of things. (I’ll be the first to admit it!)

I have been preaching the power of self-awareness for weight loss in previous posts. But I have been inconsistent with my own journey.

So in the spirit of practicing self-awareness, after some reflection, I realized something pretty big. What is it?

weight loss progress chart printable

I am very easily led off-track any time something in my life is “abnormal.”

Consistency is very hard for me when things aren’t in a routine. I love structure! But if I look back on my life and the times that I wasn’t working out or eating well, there’s a definite pattern.

Maybe a weigh-in chart could help!

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Every time I go through a life change, I let my health and fitness goals get thrown into last place.

And honestly, it doesn’t matter if the change is big or small. Rest assured, I will struggle with it!

This time around, I have spent the last two months being confused, anxious, and tired.

Because my family doesn’t have a solid plan or schedule, I don’t have a plausible plan for my fitness routine. (Try my dumbbell upper body workout for beginners here.) Don’t even get me started with consistently eating healthy.

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

But two new developments brought me back to reality. First, my husband’s deployment got cancelled on short notice. Second, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding that’s also supposed to be in six weeks!

I Need A Weekly Weigh In Chart As Much As Anyone!

If you read my one-year postpartum weight loss progress update, you already know that I have struggled to lose more weight for many months now.

When we sold our house and our plans got thrown out the window, I felt very lost.

I felt myself getting depressed again. Not only had I stopped going to the gym, I’d started eating crap again, and stopped tracking my food. I let the uncertainty of our lives get the best of me!

But I knew it was time to stop when I started feeling sick to my stomach almost every single day. It was time to stop feeling sorry for myself.

Now I feel as though I’ve had a mental switch and am back on track. But there’s still a problem.

KissmyKeto Snacks Banner 1500x500
If I spend my whole live allowing little things to throw me off balance, will I ever get where I want to be?

What’s more, if I’m always waiting around for something to “snap me out of it,” how much time will I lose waiting?

The point is that my only true consistency is that I’m not consistent. And since I can look back at my personal history and confirm this pattern, I have the ability to change it.

So now my challenge is to find a new normal no matter what happens.

I’m also asking myself some really important questions:

  • How do I reframe my mindset to be more “go with the flow?”
  • Can I come up with a fitness plan that is more flexible and easily tailored to varying circumstances?
  • How do I ensure that I am eating well no matter what happens and where I am?
  • How do I change my mentality so that I am no longer a victim of circumstance?

Firstly, I am sure that it will take time to reframe my thinking. I have spent my whole life coming up with excuses and living by “the plan.” It’s time for me to learn how to be flexible yet relentless. My first plan is to stay *truly* accountable with my blog. (Which is how I originally intended it anyway!)

weight loss progress chart
Use this weigh-in chart to stay accountable!

It’s Time For True Accountability

I’ll admit that when I shared my one-year postpartum update, I was a bit embarrassed. I hadn’t lost all of the baby weight, and I definitely wasn’t in the right mindset.

One of the mistakes I’ve made, I realize, is to allow my public accountability to be few-and-far-between. In other words, my check-ins span far too wide (like a year apart!). In order to be truly accountable, I have to be sharing everything with you more often.

So here’s the new plan:

  • Weekly personal blog updates. Every Monday, I’m going to hop on the scale, take some pics, and write a post about what I did to move forward (or not) the previous week.
  • Monday Morning Weigh Ins. I bought myself a smart scale because I know that health is so much more than body weight. I am more concerned about body fat and muscle mass at this point, so I’m super excited about my new scale that gives be both. (I’m going to give detailed info on the scale below.)
  • Tracking on my handy-dandy weight loss progress chart. I want to stay highly motivated and I think that the visualization is important, so I plan to update my chart weekly too.
Renpho Smart Scale Details

For my postpartum weight loss blog posts (click here to read the first one), I got InBody Scans done so that I could get a better picture of my body composition.

However, I was having to drive thirty minutes and pay $17 per scan for those. So I took a leap of faith, read some reviews, and bought myself this smart scale (affiliate link).

So far I have been pleasantly surprised by this scale. That’s because it is as accurate as the InBody Scan (showing super similar results), and has already paid for itself in savings.

Not only that, but I can access my scale and track my progress any time I want! The Renpho Smart Scale has a ton of features:

  • Free app that tracks your stats and connects to the scale via Bluetooth
  • Multiple users, so that everyone in your family can track their own progress
  • A nice price tag for the amazing technology
  • Very accurate readings for body fat, BMI, water weight, muscle mass, and more!
  • It’s basically an online weigh-in chart!

Here are a few pictures from the app to give you an idea of what the Renpho smart scale can do.

As you can see, this app gives me so much more insight than a regular scale! If you’re in the market for a new scale or simply want more data to keep you motivated, definitely check out the super-highly-rated Renpho Smart Scale.

Visualization & Staying Accountable

Back to our awesome weight loss progress chart. Having a weight loss chart is important so that you can visually track your progress. It is so easy to have a mental goal that never truly gets the attention it deserves.

Yes, the app is cool and it will track my weekly weigh-ins. But it’s not there for me visually – that’s where the  weight loss tracker printable comes in.

If you think about it, writing down your goals and tracking your progress somehow helps you stick to your guns. Something about putting your goals on paper and looking at them often really helps your brain!

My hope is that this weight loss progress tracker will help help you commit to yourself on this journey.

So after you print out the tracker, put it somewhere with high visibility, meaning you’ll see it daily. Even better, put it somewhere you are sure to see it several times per day.

This will hopefully motivate you continuously in potential times of weakness.

PSST! When you get your printable weight loss chart template, you also get access to a bunch of other freebies! A free meal calendar, water intake tracker, body measurement tracker, and more is waiting for you!

How To Get Your Printable Weight Loss Chart PDF  

All you need to do to get your free printable is sign up as an Ironwild Fitness subscriber! Then you’ll have access to all of my freebies!

I hope this weight loss progress chart helps you stay motivated and celebrate each little victory on your journey.

Stay tuned for next week when I update my weigh-in chart and weigh in again!

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