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19 Ways To Start Losing The Baby Weight Fast

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Looking for ways to start losing the baby weight after pregnancy? Here are 19 simple but effective ways to lose weight after pregnancy naturally. 

I gained 45 pounds with my daughter – and 30 with my son.

Saying that I was desperate for ways to start losing the baby weight after both kids is an understatement!

ways to start losing the baby weight

I have a story that is typical of many – gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, lose most of it pretty quickly, then gain some back. Yep, that’s me to a “T.”

Although with my first pregnancy, I’d spent hours researching things like, “How can I lose the baby weight fast?” it just never completely stayed off.

In fact, with both kids, I stalled at about 163 pounds for at least a year and have *finally* slowly started to be able to lose that original extra 30 pounds. (I started at 134 ish.)


But I have tried a lot of fad diets and done a lot of different workout programs (I’m a personal trainer, after all).

But I am not interested in that anymore! I am interested in things that are realistic, sustainable, and PERMANENT.

Call me vain, but I want to lose the baby weight for good.

Let’s be honest – that’s the whole reason for this post, and that’s why you’re here too.

But if I, a personal trainer even, struggle figuring our how to lose the baby weight, are we doomed?

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Nah, girl! Although our bodies are super different now, we can still do it! It’s just gonna take a little more time and work this time.

How long does it take to lose weight after having a baby?

Well, that’s a good question. There are new obstacles we must face as new moms.

How long it takes to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight depends on SO many things. (For me, c-section recovery was a huge factor.) Here are just a few:

  • Your delivery/birth situation. Typically c-sections require more recovery time.
  • Your support at home. If you don’t have people sharing the baby-raising responsibilities, it can be harder.
  • Your pre-pregnancy fitness level/health. If you were already exercising when you got pregnant and continued to throughout, you might bounce back sooner.
  • Your overall pregnancy – if you had a complicated pregnancy you might take longer to recover.
  • Your baby – some are simply easier than others! (Think colic, sleep, teething, etc.)

The Timeline For Losing Weight After Having A Baby

While there’s no “standard” time it takes to lose weight after having a baby, most women agree that at least a year is needed to fully recover physically.

PSST! Try my self-care ideas for moms here!

But if you ask ME, it takes longer for some women. I personally did not feel well until my babies slept well – which with both babies was at 10-11 months.

So I didn’t start to have enough energy to exercise a lot until my kids were just about a year old.

ways to lose baby weight
Give mama allll of the coffee.

So if you’re wondering, “Is it harder to lose baby weight?,” my answer would be yes.

But only because there are so many moving parts once you become a mom. You CAN still lose weight, but allow yourself some grace here!

But I do have good news.

There are still ways to start losing the baby weight, regardless of how much support (and sleep) you are getting.

Check out these effective tips and ways to start losing the baby weight fast.

19 Ways To Start Losing The Baby Weight

1. Ease Back Into Exercise With A Core Workout Program

After pregnancy, it’s super important to strengthen your weakened & stretched core muscles to avoid back injuries and pain.

I created just the thing! Try my 30 day core workout program that you can do at home – then you can get into harder workouts later. (Assuming you’re cleared by your doctor, of course!)

restore the core workout sample

2. Meal Prep Large Batches Of Freezer Friendly Meals

It is SO easy to eat fast, cheap, and unhealthy when you are tired and physically in pain.

I recommend either meal prepping right before baby is due, or getting started with preps as soon as you’re feeling up to it.

This will help you eat the right foods to fuel your weight loss, milk supply, AND recovery. Here’s my super simple ground turkey meal prep with brown rice.

3. Start Tracking Your Calorie Intake With MyFitnessPal 

Maintaining a calorie deficit is definitely key to weight loss. But how do you know how much you’re eating if you don’t keep track?

The easiest way to start counting calories is to use a tracker like MyFitnessPal. Here’s how to get started. 

4. Try A Baby & Me Workout Video

It’s hard to work out with babies – but it can be done. Here’s a great postpartum workout that was created by a physical therapist!

5. Find A Local Baby & Me Yoga Class

There are local baby-friendly classes out there.

I have seen baby and me yoga, baby stroller workout classes, and more around here. *Highly recommended so that you can get out of the house!!!

6. Try A Stroller Friendly Workout

You can do more with your jogging stroller than just walk or run! Here’s a great low-impact workout to try with your stroller.

7. Breastfeed As Long As Possible

Did you know that breastfeeding can burn up to an extra 500 calories per day? Your body is doing so much to feed the baby!

Read my breastfeeding tips for new moms, then check out this breastfeeding-friendly diet pin.

ways to start losing the baby weight

8. Join A Gym That Offers Childcare

This was a huge one for me!

I invested in a gym that has childcare and not only did it help me get back into exercise, it helped me a lot mentally. I highly recommend it for getting out of the house and helping your children socialize.

It’s good for everyone, but it will definitely help you get back in the swing of exercise. Click here to read about how to join a new gym with confidence. 

9. Limit Your Sugar Intake

It can be easy to live on caffeine and sugar when you are sleep-deprived and low on energy.

But be careful not to get addicted like me! There are hidden sugars in so many things, so take care not to overload and face the inevitable sugar crash that follows!

10. Ask Friends & Family To Bring Home-Cooked Meals Instead of Takeout

A lot of people will offer to bring food to you in the weeks after having a baby.

Don’t hesitate to ask them to bring you healthy meals – otherwise, you’ll get sent pizza, takeout, and all sorts of sweets!

You can try my freezer-friendly ground turkey meal prep

11. Go For Walks Daily (As Soon As You’re Cleared)

Walking uses muscles even when we don’t realize it. Go for walks to strengthen your core, legs, and back as soon as you’re cleared by your doctor.

For most moms, this is the first type of exercise that you should start with. Plus there are tons of other benefits.

12. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking more water will not only help you increase your milk supply, it will help any swelling and bloating go down. It will also help the systems of the body return to normal.

Make sure to increase your water intake to at least half of your body weight in ounces. (If you weigh 180 lbs, drink at least 90 ounces of water.)

13. Make Sure To Get Plenty Of Fiber

Fiber helps keep you feeling full longer. It also helps your body digest and absorb more nutrients.

Opt for fiber-rich foods and you’re going to help yourself overeat as well as consume lots of vitamins and minerals. You can use my easy overnight oats recipe for some fiber-rich oatmeal.

14. Track Your Macronutrients

If you’re new to tracking your food, tracking macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates, and protein) might seem confusing. (It doesn’t have to be with MyFitnessPal.)

But in order to lose weight and gain muscle, it’s important to lower your carb intake and increase your protein to some degree.

Learn how to track your macros and you’ll be on your way to fat loss in no time.

15.  Increase Protein Intake

Increasing your protein helps you feel full longer, but it also helps you increase your muscle size. Increasing your muscle size burns more calories and changes your body composition.

Learn about a high-protein diet if you’re serious about ways to start losing baby weight!

Start by adding in lots of lean protein like fish, chicken, and turkey into your diet.

16. Avoid Boredom – Get Out Of The House

Nothing is worse than sitting around! It affects your mental/emotional health, as well as how much you move.

Get out of the house several times per week after having a baby – you’ll feel better.

(It’s a great way to stay energized and positive – we are social animals!) Even if you just go to the library or grocery store. Or, try my self-care ideas for moms here.

17. Join A Support Group Online

There are a lot of postpartum weight loss groups online and on apps like Baby Center. You also see weight loss challenges with coaches and whatnot all of the time.

These groups can be a great place to connect with other women who are looking for ways to start losing the baby weight too.

18. Prepare Healthy Snacks In Advance

Snacking is the downfall of many who are trying to lose the baby weight. Make sure that you are eating healthy things if you are a “mindless” eater or grazer.

You can do this easily by washing and cutting up your fruit and vegetables upon getting them home or keeping frozen fruit and veggies in the house.

19. Start HIIT Workouts When You’re Ready

Science says that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are a great way to stay fit (or get fit) when you are limited on time.

With a needy new baby around, who has time to workout for a solid hour or more? I know I didn’t. Learn the basics of HIIT in this post, and then check out a few awesome HIIT workouts you can do at home:

There you have it! 19 ways to start losing the baby weight fast!

I hope these baby weight loss tips are effective for you. But if you have any other tips for losing weight after pregnancy, please share them by leaving a comment below!

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