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8 Easy Ways to Make Time For Yourself As a Busy Mom

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Hey mama, feeling a little burnt out? Here are 8 easy ways to make time for yourself as a busy mom.

Hi there! I’m Chantal. I’m a mom of two and the owner of this website!

Whether you’ve been a mom for two weeks or two years and beyond, hopefully by now you know the importance of self-care for yourself as a mom.

(Don’t be like me and neglect yourself for a few years until you’ve really hurt yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically!)

I cannot stress the importance of taking care of YOURSELF enough, mama!

But how to get alone time as a parent?

When you are not happy and healthy, that impacts your family. So learn how to take care of yourself in small ways early on and it will protect you from burnout.

Trust me!

Of course, I know that it’s easier said than done to make time for yourself as a mom.

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That’s why I’m sharing these ways to make time for yourself as a busy mom today. But first, a few tips!

First off, don’t fall into the trap that tells you that your self-care has to be elaborate. You don’t have to take a full spa day. Compromise!

Second, know that making time for yourself doesn’t have to mean you spend money.

Finding cheap ways to have fun & relax has been super important to me since I’m a stay-at-home mom. You can hit the library, paint your nails, take a bath, or simply sit with a cup of tea. (You get the idea.)

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Lastly, know that unfortunately, not everyone is going to be going out of their way to help you without being asked.

It is up to YOU to express the desire and need to spend some time alone. At least that has been my experience.

Many people will assume that you are a rockstar mom that doesn’t need help. While you are probably a rockstar, I believe that everyone needs a little help every now and then.

Got it?

Cuz seriously, you know what happens when a mom never gets a break… and it’s not good!

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Alright – here are some simple ways to make time for yourself as a busy mom.

ways to make time for yourself as a busy mom

8 Easy Ways to Make Time For Yourself As a Busy Mom

1. Wake Up Earlier

I know, I know – you don’t want to hear this. But getting up even 20 minutes earlier than your kids typically do is a game changer!

Seriously just do this to learn how to find time for yourself as a mom.

This will help you set the tone for the day and take time for yourself. I personally try to get up about 30 minutes earlier than my kids every day to set my goals for the day, journal, and sometimes do computer work.

Try it! It does take some time to adjust (especially in the winter) but you won’t regret it!

2. Establish A Quiet Time

In order to get some extra time for yourself as a mom, it can be really helpful to establish daily “quiet time.” This is a time during your day during which everyone needs to go to their rooms and read a book, play independently, or maybe even watch a show.

Younger kids can especially benefit from this, but you have to set the expectation of quiet time. It takes practice, but once your kids get into the groove, you will reap the benefit!

I highly suggest a quiet time in the afternoon sometime after lunch when everyone has expended some energy and needs a little break. (This brings me to my next point.)

3. Help Your Kids Get More Exercise

Pretty much every kid I know could benefit from more exercise, but this tip is especially for those of us with wild & bouncy children.

How to make time for yourself as a mom

If your children need to chill, consider getting them into after-dinner walks, sports leagues, dance classes, etc! (In the summer, more bike rides, walks, and park time work great.)

Hyperactivity is an issue for many kids but more exercise could benefit pretty much any child. If you want a little more time to yourself each day, invest in some exercise!

It may require a little more work on your part, but your whole family will be happier & healthy.

Once your kiddos are good and tired, they will be much more likely to play independently, read a book, go to bed earlier, etc. That means more time for you!

No time or money for extracurriculars outside the home? My kids love these YouTube videos for exercise.

4. Use Screen Time / Tablets Sparingly

In my house, we do have a smart TV. But I quickly learned that tablets and video games turn my kiddos into tiny monsters.

So we scaled way back and only allow regular kids’ TV. Now my kids have very little access to iPads or video games. So little, in fact, that when they do get those things, they are so excited and engulfed that they are super quiet and obedient.

(I personally reserve the iPad for sick days so that my kids will just chill if that’s what I need them to do.)

The point is that sometimes screen time should be used sparingly enough that it is special to the child – enough to motivate them or fully occupy them in a way that helps you.

Once kids get used to too much screen time, they will no longer find it satisfying or interesting and they will always be bored.

If you want more time for yourself as a busy mom, don’t let them abuse screen time. Use it wisely!

5. Invest In a Video Baby Monitor

Still wondering how to find time for yourself as a mom? Invest in a baby monitor!

Even if you don’t have super young kids (toddlers and younger), a decent-quality video monitor can help you with peace of mind & safety.

Need to take a shower or start dinner downstairs while the kids play upstairs? Need to go outside to water the plants or want to work out with headphones on?

A baby monitor can help!

Here is a really highly-rated and affordable one to check out.

Now, I am not saying that a baby monitor is going to replace you as a responsible adult. But there comes a point when you have to let go a little and take some time for yourself.

Getting a good video monitor is a great compromise when it comes to taking short breaks while keeping everyone safe. This goes for kids of all ages!

6. Do A Childcare Swap With Another Mom

Now – I have to start this one by saying that I totally understand what it’s like not to trust people with your kids.

I didn’t really let anyone watch my first kiddo until after my second one came along and forced me to relax a bit.

how to make time for yourself as a parent

However, if you have someone you trust in your circle, a babysitting swap could be a great way for BOTH of you to get a little extra time to yourselves!

I was busy getting married and having babies long before my friends and siblings were so it didn’t work out great for me, but maybe you are in a situation where this could be a really smart move.

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7. Take Advantage of Free Camps & Programs

This is mostly for the parents of older kids (3+). But it can seriously help you know how to find time for yourself as a mom.

It is so incredible how much free stuff there is out there – we just have to look for it!

I’m thinking of Vacation Bible School, library activities, free summer school, fun-themed camps at local churches & non-profits, etc.

They are out there, you just have to keep an eye out!

8. Ask for Help

Phew – yep, I said it. It seems super obvious but you are stubborn like I am.

If you are exhausted and just can’t figure out any solid ways to make time for yourself as a busy mom, it’s time to ask for help.

Here’s the thing – the people in your life won’t always know when other people need help. (Or maybe you pushed them away because you didn’t think you needed help…until you did.)

So – maybe it’s time to call mama, or grandma, or your sister – or SOMEBODY. There is no shame in asking for help when the village isn’t coming through for you.

You don’t have to raise babies alone! Figure out how to find time for yourself as a mom and enjoy the ride!

That’s it!

I hope that you got some ideas on ways to make time for yourself as a busy mom and can start to feel a bit more like yourself again.

Best of luck,

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