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13 Easy Ways To Drink More Water Every Day

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How can I drink more water if I hate water? Today I bring you creative + easy ways to drink more water every day – even if you don’t like it! I learned how to start a fitness blog so that I could stay accountable and share my own health blog with you. Enjoy the post!

easy ways to drink more water every day

Most of us don’t drink enough water, even though we know that our bodies need it. Many of us live on the verge of dehydration, which is dangerous, but that’s not the only good reason to drink more water.

For people who are trying to lose weight, finding ways to increase water intake could be a huge factor in successful weight loss.

Not only does water keep us feeling full, it’s important to cell function and digestion. Go ahead, do the research.

Water is important!

How can I increase my water intake?

This is a question that most of us will ask ourselves several times in life. It’s easy NOT to drink enough water.

Luckily, creating the habit of drinking more water is not as hard as you think.

I’m personally known for having a water cup or bottle on my person at all times, so it’s safe to say I’m doing alright with water intake. This is actually one of my “good” habits that I’m pretty proud of. However, even I could stand to improve.

I’ve come up with creative ways to drink more water and I really think that you’ll be able to increase your overall intake within just a few days.

What’s more, you’ll be able to make drinking more water a habit in just a few weeks. So, let’s get to my best tips for drinking more water every day.

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ways to drink more water every day

13 Easy Ways To Drink More Water Every Day

1. Download a free hydration app. 

Yep, there’s an app for that! You can input your water in MyFitnessPal if you’re tracking food, but there are also some water-specific apps out there. They’ll remind you to drink, too. Here’s one to try!

2. Make it fun with a motivational water bottle. 

Yes, this is also a thing. Want to know how to drink more water when you don’t like it? Get yourself an inspirational water bottle with funny or encouraging sayings! Here’s a good one from Amazon.

3. Get a larger water bottle. 

Seems like a no-brainer, but I still see people with tiny water bottles. Skip the constant refilling and get yourself a Nathan Super Shot (or larger).

They need to be refilled less often, which means you can chug more.

4. Get in the habit of carrying water wherever you go.

This is my BIGGEST tip and it blows all of my other ways to drink more water every day out of the water.


Because it’s about building a habit. And without having water with you everywhere, how are you going to drink more water?

5. Make sure you have enough reusable water bottles. 

This sounds silly, but hear me out. If you only have one or two water bottles, are you going to be super likely to have a clean one every day? Probably not!

Make sure that you have enough good water bottles to ensure you have NO excuses (like them being dirty) if you’re serious about finding ways to drink more water. I have the same philosophy about sports bras. 😉

easy ways to drink more water

6. Have a challenge with your family or friends. 

Kids are harder to hydrate, so I like to have small “chugging” contests with my kids every now and then.

But who says you can’t do it with friends or other family members?

You don’t have to chug, but you can certainly keep track of how many water bottles our ounces you’ve drank on a given day or week!

7. Eat more fruit and vegetables. 

Did you know that some fruit are over 90% water? (Ahem, watermelon, duh.) According to some dietitians, fruit consumption can count towards water intake!

So load up on juicy fruits like strawberries, apples, and more to increase your body’s hydration.

Eating more fruit is one way to drink more water every day

8. Change it up with flavored drops. 

If you haven’t already played with water flavor drops, now’s a good a time as any!

They make so many different kinds now that you are bound to find at least one or two that you like.

I recommend natural water drops that are sweetened with Stevia (instead of artificial sugars), and you can even get them in a nice variety pack!

9. Squeeze a little lemon or mint in it.

Lemons keep fairly well, but lemon juice keeps for a really long time in the fridge. And growing a little mint plant is fairly easy.

That means that it’s easy to put a little of one in your water whenever you want!

10. Keep it icy. 

Many people find it easier to drink super cold water than room-temp water. If you know that’s you, make sure you have plenty of ice ready.

Then, make sure you have an insulated water cup or bottle to keep things cold longer. The vacuum-insulation water bottles like this Camelbak keep ice for a long time!

11. Use a printable intake tracker. 

Like to write things down on paper or need a visual reminder? Print out my printable water intake tracker (get it on the freebie page) and put it somewhere highly visible.

12. Freeze fruit in ice cube trays.

Fruit-infused is the new thing, you know!

If you want to skip the freezing part, just drop some frozen berries from the store into your water. Don’t like chunks of thawing fruit in your water? They make infusion water bottles just for that!

13. Set reminders on your phone.

Still need help figuring out how to drink more water when you don’t like it? Set an alarm (hourly/every two hours etc.) that will be a rude awakening/reminder to drink up!

There you have it – my simple ways to drink more water! Do you have any other great ways to drink more water every day? Share them below so that we can all learn some new tricks!


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