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Top Fitness Blog Posts Of 2020

Looking for the Top Fitness Blog Posts of 2020? Here are my top 10 weight loss articles & fitness related posts from the year!

As we are finishing back on the year, many of us are setting goals for 2021. I know, for one, that I am eager to leave 2020 in the dust. 

But even though it’s been a rough year, not all of it has been bad.

I think that most of us had some serious epiphanies about our own lives, society, business and more. At least that’s what happened for me, my family, and Ironwild Fitness. 

top fitness blogs posts 2020

I’m still busy working on this blog, even though it took the back burner for much of the year. I personally still set goals for fitness, my blog, and everything in between! 

It has been interesting to see what the top fitness blog posts have been for the year. When COVID-19 started, I saw a drop in fitness-related traffic and interest.

That was honestly totally justified, as so many people were concerning themselves with seemingly more important things – like food, money, and security. 

But as the year went on, I continued to see increased interest in personal health and fitness. So. Want to know what the top fitness blog posts were for 2020? The list is below.  

You can’t effectively set goals without reflecting on the accomplishments you’ve made in the current year, right?

Some of us got way off track, and others were able to maintain. I’m truly impressed with any of you who stuck to every fitness goal you had – this year was rough!

I love looking back on the blog posts that you guys loved the most, and the ones that didn’t do so well.

Doing this every single year is important to me because I can totally see a few trends going on in my top fitness related articles. That really helps me going forward!

Anyway, since I am a personal trainer, I will always focus on weight loss & fitness stuff.

But I have recently added the homemaking/simple living component and my posts about that have already been gaining popularity!

This tells me that a lot of you can see the relationship between a healthy lifestyle, healthy home, and slowing our lives down.

When I look at my top weight loss articles alongside other blog posts, this truly helps me as I move forward and plan my year!

top fitness blogs posts articles

So here are Ironwild Fitness’ top fitness blog posts of the year!

Ironwild’s Top Fitness Blog Posts Of 2020

1. 11 Ways To Tighten Your Postpartum Belly

Y’all. This is my most popular post, ever. It got OVER 170,000 page views/hits this year. Wow! I cannot believe how much it has “taken over” and helped Ironwild Fitness grow. Thank you, Pinterest

2. Why I Quit Team Beachbody After Less Than A Month

This is an older post, but it still generates quite a bit of traffic. So many people are still curious about Beachbody and apparently still value my insight about why I quit. Still relevant! 

3. 9 Tips For Working Out On Your Period

I wrote this post after a reader suggested the topic, and it was my third-most read post of 2020.

If you are someone who struggles to stay motivated to work out while on your period, give it a read! 

4. 7 Things to Have on Hand for Easier C-Section Recovery

Not a fitness post, but it can definitely be fitness-related for moms! The sooner you recover from giving birth, the sooner you can get back to exercise.

I wrote this post after having two c-sections, so it’s definitely worthwhile if you’re a new mom-to-be. 

5. The Truth About ZYIA (From A New Rep!)

ZYIA is a new activewear MLM making a splash among fitness-minded women and moms.

I joined briefly and wrote a long post about my experience with it – and it’s doing really well on Google. Since there’s not a TON of information out there about ZYIA yet, it’s a good helpful read – even though I’m not a rep anymore. 

6. 15 Small Changes to Make If You Want to Lose Weight

This was one of the very first posts I wrote on this blog, and for is some reason gaining popularity now, in 2020.

So happy! It’s all about little habits to change/form if you want to lose weight. 

7. 11 Indoor Cycling Tips for Beginners

In 2019, I jumped on the indoor cycling train when I bought my NordicTrack bike (read my review of the bike itself here).

I was totally new to indoor cycling (never taken a class or anything) and so I had some troubleshooting/learning to do. Once I felt like I’d figured it out, I wrote the post about tips for beginners. I think it’s super helpful. 

top fitness articles of 2020 articles

8. How To Create A Workout Plan | Beginners Guide

Before I became a personal trainer, I was showing up to the gym and hoping on the treadmill for basically the whole hour.

I had no clue how to use different machines, design an effective workout, or how to set goals. This post will help you with that!

9. Core Exercises For Beginners | 5 Essential Exercises

Core work is arguably the most important thing you can do when you want to get serious about exercising regularly.

After two back injuries, two c-sections, and working with my own personal trainers, I feel this is super important!

So, I decided to write a post about where I’d start if I were a total beginner, new mom, etc. And it seems like it has been helpful to you, too! Thanks for making this one popular in 2020! 

10. 13 Easy Ways To Drink More Water Every Day

Who knew you’d all be so into making those little habits stick? Good for you! 

Drinking a lot of water is one of the little healthy habits that I’m pretty proud of, so I decided to write a post about what I did to make it that way.

These little things take time, but they’re important. Give it a look if drinking more water is part of your plan to better health!

Runner-Ups For Top Posts of 2020

21 Examples of Non-Scale Victories You NEED To Celebrate Now – A consistently popular post, despite being a few years old!

31 Cheap Fitness Gifts for Anyone on a Health Journey – I’m pretty proud of this post, even if it wasn’t the most popular of the year. That’s because if you type, “cheap fitness gifts” into Google, it’s the very FIRST post to pop up. Thank you! 

Foam Rolling 101: Tips & Techniques – I remember writing this post after learning about foam rolling myself. I had no clue how effective and important it was, and I wanted to tell other people about it. I’m glad that at least some people found it helpful. 🙂

That’s it! 

So – if you’re new here (or you’re just curious) and want to know what posts are the most popular here, now you have it.

Take a few minutes to take a look around and read a few of these posts. It really, truly is the best way to support a little mom blogger like myself. Thank you for being here!

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