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Top 10 Posts for Workout Motivation

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Need a little extra help finding the motivation to exercise? Here are my top 10 posts for workout motivation – I hope they help!

Hi there, I’m Chantal! I’m a mom, NASM certified personal trainer, and the owner of this little blog.

Top 10 Posts for Workout motivation

I also carry an annual pass for the exercise struggle-bus. (We’re talking every year for years now!) 🙂

To my dismay, you don’t just wake up looking like an elite personal trainer…it requires hard work!


What I mean is, all of us struggle with exercise motivation sometimes. In fact, I started this very blog and became a personal trainer to stay accountable myself!

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It’s true – it’s all about making lifestyle choices that benefit my health. I made the decision to make fitness my life so that I wouldn’t have any excuse not to prioritize health.

It’s ultimately a choice – but don’t be fooled.

Health is the cumulation of thousands of small choices over time.

That’s the truth!

Anyhow. I have been super busy revamping this blog of mine and recommitting to my fitness goals.

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I thought, you know what? I’m sure that with so many of us working on fitness goals again, a little boost in motivation couldn’t hurt.

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Why not just round up my top 10 posts for workout motivation?

I’ve written so much over the years, that even I have forgotten about some of these old posts. (Oldies but goodies!) But I’m so glad that I looked back through them…even I could use a little extra motivation right now.

If you’re looking for a little extra help too, here it is!

Top 10 Posts for Workout motivation

10 Things to Try When You’re Losing Workout Motivation

THE post you need to read if you’re needing a little boost right now.

How To Create A Workout Plan | Beginners Guide

Hopefully this post will help you get excited about going to the gym or working out at home. It’s designed to help you go from clueless to confident!

Overcoming The Mental & Emotional Aspects of Weight Loss

For those of you who still think that fitness is all about your body! You need to address mental and emotional aspects of your life if you want to have healthy weight loss.

How To Start Exercising Again After A Long Break

The perfect post for those of you who have gone months or even years without exercise. Here’s how to dip your toes in the water (or jump right in) without it backfiring.

Group Fitness 101: How To Rock Your First Class

For those of you who are getting ready to get out of those comfort zones this year. All about group fitness etiquette, how to be confident when trying something new, and what to expect in your first new group fitness class.

The Ultimate Rock Girl Power Workout Playlist

There’s nothing like a good playlist to pump up your workout! If you like rock, you’ll love this girl-power playlist. I made it myself. And yes, I actually listen to this music!

30 Great Cool Down Songs For Your Next Workout

If music drives you, this is also for you! Zone out with some of these great cool down songs during your next workout. You’ll be looking forward to your workout every time!

How Tidying Up Can Help With Weight Loss

Say what? Here’s how getting organized and tidying up your home can help you get motivated to work out and lose weight. Since it’s almost spring, this is a good one to keep good momentum on your journey.

What To Do When You Fall Off The Weight Loss Wagon

Tired of throwing in the towel after each little mistake? Do working out and weight loss feel like an emotional roller coaster? Here’s what to do instead of making drastic changes based on emotion.

Why Self-Awareness Is The Missing Piece Of Your Weight Loss Journey

Here we are again – reminding you that working out and weight loss are very emotional things!

This post will have you digging deep to find out the root cause of your eating habits, self-esteem issues, and more.

That’s it for now folks! I hope that one of these top 10 posts for workout motivation can help you out.


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