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The ZYIA Activewear MLM: Everything You Want To Know

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Curious about the ZYIA activewear MLM? This post is for you! I recently joined the company and am eager to share what I’ve learned with you.

My name is Chantal and this is my little blog, Ironwild Fitness. Welcome! I sincerely appreciate you being here. 

I’m a mom of two, a certified personal trainer, and a new ZYIA Active rep. Since I’m new and ZYIA is too, I wanted to write a big, long post about the ZYIA activewear MLM as a whole. 

I know that ZYIA is still completely unheard of (literally) for most people, so I wanted to do a super-detailed post about what it is and include everything I wish I’d known before I got started. There’s a lot to learn, so grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and buckle up!

First of all, using the term, “ZYIA activewear MLM” seems kind of weird to me.

MLMs get a bad rap, and I think that’s probably why you’re here. Direct sales companies can seem a little scary, even if they have a great product line. You’re doing all of your research up front so that you don’t get burnt – right?

No worries, I was you just a short while ago. I am alll about the research, and I want to help you understand why I ultimately jumped in, then left. (I’m with Q Sciences now, no regrets! Learn how to join as an ambassador here.)

But what I found was that there really isn’t that much info out there just yet. So this is me giving you curious people all of the ZYIA activewear MLM info you could possibly need.

(At least as much as I can fit in one blog post without losing you.)

I want to start by addressing that big, scary, “MLM” thing. First off, MLM stands for “multi-level marketing.”

It’s also known as a direct sales company, but some people will call it a “pyramid scheme.”

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

In truth, it is structured like a pyramid when it’s executed as intended, but the word “scheme” makes it sound fraudulent. Real pyramid schemes are actually illegal, and ZYIA is perfectly legal, so we’ll stay away from that term from now on, okay? 

I want to clear that up a bit. I’ll start by explaining why you shouldn’t be afraid of MLMs in general, or at least think twice before writing them off completely.

the ZYIA activewear MLM exposed

MLMs use individuals to market their products. They rely on teams of people that are built by word-of-mouth. (AKA direct selling.) They reward people by allowing them to compound their earnings by onboarding others.

This is where that “multi-level” concept comes in. Income is compounded by levels. The MLM business model is just a hard concept to understand if you’re new to it.  

What’s important to note is that the success of the company relies on the individual’s success.

And to break it down even further, the success of each individual is dependent on his/her team’s success.


So really, it benefits everyone when an individual is successful. That includes everyone “beneath” you on a given team.

There are bigger bonuses and higher commissions the bigger your team is. And you can earn commissions on the sales of the reps “under” you. If you help your team be successful, you’ll earn more, too.

The more one person makes, the more the whole company makes. Rank advances are where it’s at to make the big bucks.

That’s part of why there’s a lot of pressure to sell in some MLMs, but it’s there for a reason. It helps everyone grow.

But let’s explore why I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.

Businesses that don’t operate using the multi-level marketing strategy / model need to market themselves in other ways.

Big corporations (LuLuLemon, for example), in particular, can spend millions of dollars per year on marketing campaigns. They also spend millions of dollars per year housing their brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Rather than pay for the overhead of having a physical store and spending millions in advertising, direct sales companies like the ZYIA activewear MLM hand that over to their independent reps.

I look at it like this – MLMs benefit everyone because they save millions for the company, but they also give regular people like you and I the chance to run our own businesses and earn money.

I didn’t have to save up for a bunch of overhead costs, and I don’t have to keep inventory at home in order to sell.

The product is ready to go! That’s amazing for people like me, who don’t have tons of startup cash but also want opportunities to run a business. 

So – you can think that MLMs are the absolute worst thing in the world – or you can realize why they exist and that they have actual benefits.

Honestly, I tell everyone that there are way worse things people do for money. Most of us could use the extra income. Guys, it’s not like us direct sales people are over here selling drugs, committing insurance fraud, or worse.

Plus, so many people are selling things they don’t even believe in or like! At least with an MLM, you get to choose the products you’re selling and for the most part, how you do it.

I don’t know about you, but I know tons of people selling crap they don’t even want to sell just because it’s a job.

So next time you hate on an MLM, just think about the fact that they are actually helping tons of people.

Anyway. Rant over. 

Let’s talk about the ZYIA activewear MLM in particular.

What is ZYIA Active? The ZYIA activewear MLM is actually just called ZYIA Active. We already established that it’s a direct sales company – and obviously – ZYIA is all about activewear! Now that we’ve kind of explored the whole idea behind direct sales, we can get into more specifics. 

Their leggings for women are considered the “bread and butter” of the company, but they also have all kinds of other workout clothes.

There are sports bras, shorts, casual/athleisure products, men’s activewear pieces, and activewear for kids, too.

They are also in the accessory game – but it’s all about that active lifestyle. (If you’re on a weight loss journey, or you want to have more healthy influences, or simply want to be more active, this is a great alternative to companies like Beachbody.)

ZYIA Active muscle tank

As you know, I’m a ZYIA activewear MLM participant (known as an independent rep) but I am relatively new to the game. My hope is that I can share basically everything you could ask about the ZYIA activewear MLM so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

We have so much to talk about, so let’s keep going. 🙂

ZYIA Active business opportunity

ZYIA Activewear MLM Products

The first thing that you should know about ZYIA’s products are that they are super-high quality. People love them because they look and feel like Lululemon or Athleta quality wise, but they run at a cheaper price point.

(However, another thing you should know is that their sizes run a little differently, and go up to 4XL for women. So they are more inclusive and body-positive compared to many other brands in my opinion.)

Anyway, something cool and different about the ZYIA activewear MLM is that they release new products EVERY. SINGLE. WEDNESDAY. Aside from their “staple” products and most popular items, they release unique, limited-quantity items each week!

That means that people who are looking for something unique have the chance to own something totally different, spunky, and new regularly.

This really helps to keep people’s interest since a lot of people love to have things others don’t.

In the end, for me, the leggings weren’t that special compared to any other top brands. The price kept a lot of people from buying. 

ZYIA Activewear MLM Product Quality

ZYIA’s quality is a lot different than what you might get at your brick-and-mortar store. (They are also now releasing recycled/eco-friendly products which I’m excited about.)

There’s information about ZYIA’s technology and the actual fabric and design on this page, but I’ll give you the rundown:

  • Most product fabrics are a 4-way stretch
  • There are different levels of compression
  • They are anti-odor & wicking for best performance
  • Think Spandex, but not
  • Waistbands come in different rises – I think the high-rise ones are super flattering!
  • ZYIA leggings are known to be “squat proof,” meaning your unders don’t show through when moving

So, you have the gist of the quality. If you live in workout gear like I do, you’re surely into high-quality stuff. The ZYIA activewear MLM is where it’s at! Let me just show you a few of the items, though. Here are some of my favorite products:

Black Kettle Moon Tank

ZYIA’s classic “Light ‘n’ Tight” legging

And a few favorites from newer, limited-stock releases…these are where they get really fun! (I didn’t link to them because they are part of those “new releases” that fly off the shelves really fast.)

Leopard Print Sports Bra & Legging Set

ZIYA activewear mlm
Black Camo Set 

Anyway, those are just a FEW of the items that ZYIA features – to give you an idea of what the ZYIA activewear MLM is actually selling. There are also, of course, seasonal colors and products, on top of the regular “staples.”

Let’s move on to the details of how you can sell ZYIA, how it works for reps, and the business opportunity as a whole.

How Do You Earn Money In The ZYIA Activewear MLM?

Obviously the most important question in this whole thing, right? You want to know exactly how people make the moolah. It’s one of the main things I looked at, of course. #noshame

Well, it’s hard to say exactly how much money you can make with ZYIA. Actually, no one can say for sure how much you’d make because it all depends on how hard you work.

And since you’re basically like a small-business owner as a rep, any income a rep makes is before taxes (or gross income). I personally never saw any rank advancements or income from it. Even with personal sales, I never ever got paid.  

So if you see some rep spewing numbers out there, they may or may not be accurate. Anyway, point is – I can’t tell you exact numbers.

But I can tell you what the commission rates are, what the current bonuses are, and how ZYIA reps go about making that cash. (Take note that the ZYIA commissions are higher than many other MLMs, right out of the gate. Go ahead, do your research.) 

Firstly, understand that in the ZYIA activewear MLM, you can make money two primary ways. Here they are:

1) From the retail sales you make (a commission on the sales of the actual clothing) during parties or from your rep website.

2) Commissions and bonuses on the sales that your team is making.

So it’s not just like you are trying to advertise the clothing as an affiliate and making a commission. Even though it feels similar to selling any other product, there’s more opportunity to earn.

If you build a team, you have the opportunity to make a commission off of every sale your teammates make too! (That’s the whole pyramid, multi-level marketing thing.) It’s a legit way to make extra money.

So knowing that, you could potentially be making money passively once you build a team. Once your team is making money, so are you – even if you aren’t making a lot of retail sales. It can compound and “snowball,” if you will, into a LOT of money.

Here are the exact, current commissions and bonuses as of June 2020:


If you look closely, there are lump-sum bonuses up to $15,000! So this could be a full time job for people who are serious.  

That doesn’t include all of the member perks (25% discount on clothing), incentives (like goodies and trips) and other fun rewards the company adds when they feel like it. Lol.

It’s actually kind of fun because the company will run holiday bonuses and other incentive on top of what they already offer for a little friendly competition.

Back to the money.

To explain this a little further, let’s explore the MLM structure for ZYIA a little more. You can get your regular commission of up to 25% of YOUR sales, as well as commissions on the sales that your team makes up to 10 levels down. (If you want to see how to this compares to Q Sciences, read this post. You’ll see why I jumped ship.)

So that means that if you have team members below you, and they make a team, for 10 levels, you can make money when they do. It seriously can compound so quickly if you choose to build a team beneath you. Help your downline earn, and your personal commissions increase. 

The potential is literally limitless!

And yes – the ZYIA activewear MLM totally does those classic once-in-a-lifetime team trips like many other direct sales businesses. 🙂 Take a look at this graphic:

ZYIA’s growth has been incredible!

ZYIA’s growth had been steady for its first two years, but has started to spike in 2020! We were just told that ZYIA now has more sales in a single “New Release Wednesday” than it did in it’s entire first year! Lol!

So people are loving this opportunity and the clothing, and it’s apparent it the company’s growth.

Ways To Sell In The ZYIA Active Business

I can think of at least a few different ways to sell ZYIA products, but the most popular ways are Instagram and Facebook. (AKA online sales.)

That sounds weird, and it might seem confusing, but those are the top two ways people sell. People literally just do FB events and share their ZYIA experience on Instagram – but if you were on my team, I would help you get that set up. 🙂

However, there are several more ways to sell ZYIA Active and be successful in the ZYIA business opportunity.

I am personally a blogger and Pinterest girl, so I rely heavily on those two avenues for my own ZYIA business. I do Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and FB casually. (I am choosing to play on my existing strengths, and love to share those alternative strategies with my team.)

On top of those things, people also share ZYIA with others via in-person parties, pop-up events, and by setting up shop in gyms, boutiques, bazaars, markets, and more.

The possibilities are limited to what you can think up!

The trainings that ZYIA provides will tell you about how to do Facebook parties and Instagram strategies. They will also help you learn how to set up live events (think Pampered Chef style).

From PDF guides to YouTube videos, we have a bunch of resources for you.

However, on my team, we also touch on using Pinterest and using a personal website for marketing.

I believe that these are mostly untouched avenues for your ZYIA business since it’s still new, so there’s tons of potential there if you want to try it that fun way.

I’m busy putting together some trainings on this (I will seriously hold your hand through it) so no worries if you don’t have experience. 

No matter which way you want to sell, you will always have your personal ZYIA rep website at the end of the day. This is where your customers will place orders, join as reps, see new products, etc.

*You get your first two full months of website use included in the starter kit fee. After that, the ZYIA website and business tools are $15/month. You do have the opportunity to have your website fee waived if you make at least $600 in sales each month though!

How Much Does It Cost To Join The ZYIA Activewear MLM?

Before we discuss the current cost of the starter kit, I want to answer any questions you may have about its contents and value.

Let me start by saying that it costs an average of nearly $30,000 to start a brick-and-mortar business. That doesn’t include the monthly overhead (how much you pay each month for your shop space, utilities, taxes, inventory, etc.).

Also, I want to point out that since ZYIA reps are independent, you are almost immune to things like Coronavirus hurting your business.

So in my mind, if you don’t want the hassle and work that comes with starting a physical business, ZYIA is a great option to start your own business. Okay, here’s what’s in the current starter kit:

ZYIA Activewear MLM Rep

When you become a ZYIA activewear MLM rep, you get several staple pieces like a pair of leggings, a $100 gift card (plus 25% off products), and a handful of handy business resources to help you get started. (Like the website on which people will place orders.) You also get immediate access to marketing assets and trainings to help you be the most successful.

On top of all this, you’ll have access to support groups on Facebook, team-specific support groups – and you’ll be joining a fun, empowering community!

(I’m in the process of making my own communities and video trainings JUST for my team.)

Either way, the point is that you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running with ZYIA. 

So – here’s the answer to your question about the cost of joining – it’s currently $295 plus shipping. (Since you get a bunch of clothes!)

Honestly, I thought that this was a ton of money at first, but once I got my box and saw how much clothing I actually got, I felt better. 

I told myself that even if I didn’t like being a rep, the amount of clothes I got totally justified it all. (I think most reps think that at first if we’re being honest!)

But really, I think that once you figure out your size and try on some staple items, you’ll see what all of the buzz is about.

Why I Hopped On The ZYIA Active Business Opportunity

I actually wrote an extensive post about why I joined ZYIA. At the end of the day, I just felt that the opportunity was too good to pass up. The fear of missing out was just too strong – no other company is doing this! (A huge benefit.) Plus, the company is still so new that reps aren’t in every corner of the earth yet. But in case you don’t want to read that other post, here’s why I did it (in a gist):

  • Super flexible – I can work when I want.
  • Perfect for stay-at-home-moms, like me.
  • Diversified income – I can add this to my other side gigs easily to increase revenue.
  • It fits with my desire to live an active life!
  • Community – I need more friendships.
  • The opportunity is too good to pass up since the company is new. Not a lot of reps yet! Get in now and you’ll be glad you did!
  • I love clothes. Lol. 
  • It fits perfectly with my existing blog and market. Fitness + moms = magic. It’s perfect for personal trainers.

(Again – I am no longer with ZYIA in 2021.)

One more thing before I go!

ZYIA recently released a marketing app JUST for its reps. It helps you keep track of leads, features a ton of marketing materials (like FB and Instagram images), easy ways to link to products and help customers place orders, etc. All good things!  

It’s optional – but it’s just another great business tool. It costs a few bucks a month (I think it’s $7). 

Also – one last thing for full transparency – ZYIA doesn’t do free shipping (most of the time). They are still a “small” business so they really can’t afford to send these heavy physical products for free. But don’t despair, they do offer free shipping promotions from time-to-time. Just wanted to give you full disclosure! 

Have more questions about being a ZYIA rep?

I hope that this answers a bunch of your questions about the ZYIA activewear MLM and the direct sales company structure overall. If you’re interested, I’m onboarding a couple of new ZYIA reps on my team per calendar month. 

I honestly don’t want to take more than four new reps on per month because I want to give plenty of one-on-one support to everyone.

But I’d love to talk to you about my plan to make money with this business opportunity and how I can help you jump in!

In the future, I’d love to be able to get together with my team IN REAL LIFE (instead of just on social media) and have some fun girl time and business planning. (That makes me so excited!)

Whether you want to work from home as a full-time job or are interested in ZYIA as a side gig only, I have faith that you can do this. It’s truly a unique opportunity. I know you’ll love the leggings, the people, and the company. Trust me!

Anyway, if you have more questions, please email me at ironwildfitness@gmail.com. 

– Chantal 

Update: I am no longer a ZYIA rep. While I believe in direct sales, it just wasn’t the best match for me. The party plan / model just didn’t work for me. I’m now an independent Q Sciences ambassador instead! If you’re curious about a direct sales opportunity in health & wellness, check out my personal Q Sciences website here


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