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The Truth About ZYIA (From A New Rep!)

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Hey friends! This is a post to follow up on my ZYIA Active experience. I’d encourage you to read about why I decided to become a ZYIA Active rep initially.

Update: I am no longer a ZYIA rep. It just wasn’t the best match for me. 

I have been OVERWHELMED with emails and comments asking me to follow up on why I left ZYIA Active after being so public about it. So this is my response to that!

If you were following my journey initially, I was honestly very excited about ZYIA from the start.

But if you’ve been following me for a few years, you know that I did have my reservations after getting burnt by Beachbody and that whole experience.

the truth about ZYIA mlm

In my post about why I joined ZYIA Active initially, I outline some pretty specific differences between Beachbody and ZYIA as companies and their structures/products.

I would encourage you to read that if you truly want to understand why choosing your direct sales company carefully is important.

I truly believe that ZYIA could be a good option for some people, but in the end, you need to find your fit and figure out how running a business like this works for you.

So, it’s no secret that I quit being a ZYIA rep. I made it two months before pulling the plug.

(To make a long story short, I never made a penny.)

But there’s so much more to it. So let’s dive in.

The Truth About ZYIA (From A New Rep)

Let me start by saying that I’m all about being authentic and true to oneself. Many of the reasons I left ZYIA are very personal.

Most of them weren’t company issues.

At first, there were some business issues that I just couldn’t get past. Others are silly issues I just couldn’t jive with at the time.

Now that I’ve figured some things out, I want to explain. Because if you are considering direct sales, there are some things you should know about selling these types of products.

Why I Joined The ZYIA MLM To Begin With

Yes, ZYIA is an MLM. But is it one big scam? I answer a lot of FAQ’s about the company and it’s structure in my original posts about it. Here’s one about my first month with them.

You’d think I’d learn my lesson after failing miserably in the world of Beachbody, but I knew ZYIA was different.

That’s a big part of why I came back.

Honestly, I was looking for an easy product to sell that would align well with my blog. I’m a personal trainer and fitness blogger – but I knew that Beachbody was super overdone.

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

Like, hundreds of thousands of independent coaches, overdone.

ZYIA is a much smaller company with way smaller numbers in the way of reps. (The last number I heard was about 30,000, but it could be more now.)

But you can read all of that detailed information about them in my original post about ZYIA.

The truth about ZYIA Active from a former rep
I WAS super excited about my new gear, but figuring out how to sell it was next!

Anyway, I was tired of not making a lot of money with my business, and I was tired of having to create my own products or figure out something else to sell.

Creating products is a LOT of work that requires a lot of time (I’m a stay-at-home mom right now) and I just couldn’t find the inspiration to add to my products.

The idea of a community appealed to me, and since workout gear was a seemingly good fit, I was intrigued.

Click here to read about the company I joined instead of continuing with ZYIA. 

Short & sweet, I was wooed by the product and the potential that’s there since ZYIA is just getting started.

(For reference, Beachbody started in the 90s, and ZYIA started in 2017.)

If you want to be successful in direct sales, I think the timing is everything. You want to get started in a business that isn’t already overrun with reps and ambassadors.

But I quickly found out that you don’t run out of leggings.


The biggest issue I have with ZYIA looking back is that the products aren’t something that help people, and people aren’t constantly coming back for them.

Most people I know buy one or two good pairs of leggings per YEAR, and that’s it. So the product type is just harder to sell. But read on.

Tip: It takes more than a couple of months to see success with direct sales businesses. So take it from me and give it some time! 

As you can probably see, I quickly learned the truth about ZYIA Active. 

Let’s get into the more specific reasons why I left ZYIA originally and my personal truth about ZYIA…and why I haven’t totally given up on direct sales!

There’s so much to share. So settle in!

1. Fast-Paced!

If you’ve ever had any MLM experience, you probably know what I felt. ZYIA reps that are trying to recruit you will tell you that there’s no pressure to sell.

It’s true of some reps and not-so with others.

Now that I’ve been on both sides, I GET IT.

(Do what you want with your business! Work when you feel like it!) The truth about ZYIA is that you will see success faster if you put the “pedal to the metal.” You will get pushed to go hard and fast. 

This, my friends, is how most MLMs make it. The income of your upline (your team above you) is dependent on YOUR income.

So you might get some pressure, and at the time I just couldn’t hang. But now I understand why it’s done that way.

The more you make, the more they make. It’s the entire game.

So you might get constant pressure to book more parties, make more sales, cold DM more Instagram strangers, etc.

That’s why you need to join under the right ZYIA rep for you. But you also need to be ready to jump in.

Not all reps are going to pressure you. But of course, everyone grows with a little nudge. 🙂 You just have to see it as a means of growth!

I don’t know about you, but I DO NOT have the personality for constant sales pitches. It feels dirty, and it is NOT how I like to do things.

*The on-board trainings are designed to help you to make “big bucks” in just 60 days. It can be a bit of pressure, but it can also help you make money faster.

2. Sizing & Quality

ZYIA sizing takes a bit to learn.

Various garments are cut differently and you’ll need to learn the different styles in order to accurately recommend sizes to some customers.

(During the era of Corona, this makes sales even harder.)

I ordered things according to their sizing recommendations but still had a lot to learn since their sizing is slightly different that the typical Small, Medium, Large.

Out of my starter kit, the leggings were a bit too long on me. However, most full-length leggings are since I’m only 5’3.”

So knowing that, I like to recommend the 7/8 length leggings or cropped tights to shorter ladies.

The 7/8 length ones were a better fit – the waistband is super high-waisted which I like, and they hit at the ankle, which is more flattering.

The point is: It takes some time and troubleshooting to figure out what to recommend and what you like.

You’re not going to like EVERY SINGLE thing you try on, so you need to be able to get over that if you want to be in it for the long haul.

I guess at the end of the day, I didn’t find ZYIA’s leggings to be any more special that some good Athleta leggings.

*ZYIA’s sizing has been really hit or miss for me, but it’s improving!

After a few years of troubleshooting and listening to customers, they have become a lot more consistent with their leggings and other clothing.

Once your customer knows their size, they can simply order online again!

The tank that fit my c-section belly best –  a size LARGE – and I’m 156 lbs.

3. Local Impact

ZYIA is based out of Utah, USA. This makes me feel good and I love knowing that it was started by women. The community is a big deal to so many women like me.

The whole vibe is great and I think that everyone wants to see the community grow.

As far as empowering women to take charge of their health and finances, it has already had a big impact.

From side-gig to full-blown business, ZYIA is helping women grow financially!

4. Prices

Honestly, I expected ZYIA’s quality to be high for the price – and it is. But not exceedingly so.

When I wear my ZYIA leggings, I don’t have to worry about my underwear showing through or things pilling in the wash.

I did have to get used to some of the materials, though. A lot of the clothing feels very different than what I’ve seen in the regular retail market.

(There are some recycled materials, Spandex, etc.)

Plus, many of the patterns just can’t be found anywhere else. I do love that part.

If you’re going to the gym to get things done, going for a hike, or just running around town, they are perfect!

But then again, I’m an athleisure, activewear kind of gal. (I’ve been dubbed Sporty Spice by many, so it’s kind of just my thing.)

5. Types of Selling

Definitely pay attention NOW if you’re skimming! Because this is going to explain the truth about ZYIA in many ways.

First of all, ZYIA can be hard to sell if you’re afraid of using the internet…because it’s very virtual!

Also, since the product isn’t something you consume / use up and run out of, it can be hard to get repeat customers.

If you are unwilling to use Instagram, Facebook, email, a website, or any combination of those, your success will be slow.

People are unfamiliar with the brand, and with that comes obstacles. Many people want to try things on.

(A big obstacle if you have social distancing orders.)

That’s great if you know a lot of people and can have in-person parties regularly. Or if you go to shops or markets.

But if that’s not your thing, you can still operate online. I have my personal website, my ZYIA website, Instagram, and Pinterest as my main gigs.

I rarely do FB, and this is the biggest reason I quit ZYIA. They really push it.

I feel overwhelmed by FB for some reason, but a lot of reps use it and do well. But now that I’m further along, I feel that this business can be done without being a slave to FB.

There are some people who have success without any social media use.

On my team, we discuss that a lot more.

One more thing – now ZYIA has a marketing app that connects to your social accounts to make it easier to sell.

It does cost an extra $7 per month, but it provides you social media graphics, links, and tons of other marketing resources. It’s optional, so there’s that.

The big takeaway for me: ZYIA will push you to do lots of parties. I don’t like that. I don’t think my family and friends like it either.


6. Profit

How much do ZYIA reps make? Good question to ask before you become a rep. The earnings are explained in my original post about ZYIA Active.

I just want you to know that unless you dive in with both feet at full speed, it can take a few months to see any ROI.

(That’s “return on investment”, for you non-business people.)

In other words, you need to give this business a solid chance to take flight, just like any other business.

But with such a small startup fee compared to regular businesses, this is something you should expect.

It definitely isn’t the case for everyone, but unless you’re serious about your business, it could be slow.

It was slow for me at first, but now I am seeing a TON of interest and that motivates me to keep going. 🙂


It costs $295 to get started as a rep, then I spent money on business cards and a little extra clothing for “try ons” and personal inventory.

These were important to me because I wanted to be knowledgable about sizes and quality.

My first month, I made only about $40 in commissions. (But they never paid me out because I quit the next month.)

I didn’t use FB like most reps do, and I also didn’t pursue it super-seriously.

My mistake! You get what you put in.

They will really push parties / events on you. If you don’t want to do those, ZYIA might not be a good fit. 

7. Facebook

I have made the personal decision not to do Facebook. I might in the future, but for now I’m not.

It’s something I’d done for my mental health before joining ZYIA (and it was also not serving me at all for my personal blog fronts).

ZYIA encourages you to use Facebook if you are a rep – but you don’t have to.

Obviously, like I said, you don’t have to go there.

But a chunk of their business model is based on the use of FB, that if you don’t use it, you’re going to have to get creative with other sales channels.

That’s because basically all virtual parties are held on Facebook.

It was suggested to book a FB party once per week, so when I did try using FB for ZYIA, I spent a lot of time spamming my FB friends and spending unwanted time there.

That didn’t work for me (I hate FB and didn’t have many “friends.) So I stopped.

In the end, ONLY my family humored me and hosted parties or bought from me via Facebook.

I’ve had more success with other avenues because I’m anti-FB. But that could be different for you!

If you are anti-FB like me, you’ll have to find other ways to sell. There are several other options but they might be a little more work.

8. Creativity

This is one of those personal things.

I felt that ZYIA took all of my energy for the first few weeks – but I sort of enjoyed it. It gave me some purpose – you know, something to put my mind to.

It felt good – and then I got a bit overwhelmed.

Then I got motivated and excited again. I assume that it’s like this with any business, because I know it’s that way for blogging. It’s a cycle!

You know?

I think the key is to find some sort of balance so that you’re spending just the right amount of time and energy on things.

Before joining ZYIA, I was working on my 21-Day Postpartum Challenge. I had planned to launch it in late November.

But I got side-tracked by ZYIA and didn’t launch my product until mid-January. But that’s just me, trying to do it all! Lol.

The point is that you can expect ZYIA to take a LOT of your time and energy in order to be successful.

But if you’re trying to be balanced, like me, it can also be done with a little troubleshooting.

And you don’t have to completely stop doing whatever else you’re working on. You can still stay creative with your other ventures and find ways to integrate ZYIA.

9. Selling A Dream

With ZYIA, I initially thought that selling it meant I had to give up on my other dreams.

Mostly, I needed to find that balance.

I originally felt that I was selling someone else’s dream and giving up on my own.

But at the end of the day, my only real dream is to make good money as my own boss.

The truth about ZYIA is that you’re supporting yourself and building up others at the same time. If you’re able to balance that and your other projects, more power to you. 

If you can get with that, then you’ll love it! The team is what it’s all about.

Everyone makes more money when they work together.

If I’m being honest, I feel like I could probably rant further on the truth about ZYIA. 🙂

But at the risk of sounding a bit too passionate, I’ll just leave it at this: ZYIA takes time and hard work just like any other business.

However, I found that the product type alone makes it hard to sell.

If you are a creative or have an entrepreneurial spirit, I want to encourage you to “do your own thing” within ZYIA.

You don’t have to do exactly what another rep is doing, and you shouldn’t do anything that completely burns you out.

Explore how others are doing it.

When I started blogging 6 years ago, I had NO idea how to do it.

But I was encouraged by the fact that people in all niches, from all walks of life, were making money and doing what they enjoyed.

Now I’m doing a combo of Q Sciences, blogging, and other fitness-related stuff.

(I used Siteground to start this very blog. Affiliate link.)

That can be YOU too, my friend!

That being said, I have a bunch of free resources to help you get the ball rolling. Take a look:

I also want to let you know that I have a free blog-startup ebook and a bunch of fitness-related resources on my freebie page

So, now that you know the truth about ZYIA, how do you feel about joining?

Let me know what you think about the ZYIA MLM after your research – then maybe we can talk about your ZYIA truth!

Thanks for stopping by,


Update: I am no longer a ZYIA rep. While I believe in direct sales, it just wasn’t the best match for me.

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  1. I love your fearlessness to try new endeavors and am grateful for your transparency on your experiences! Hey I lost 6lbs and 6 inches on your #21daypostpardumchallenge, and feel so happy with the results ??

  2. Hello Chantal!
    Thank you so much for your candour.
    I really wanted an honest review about this company, ( no shade) but it sounded great but then I’m not a fan at all of mlm’s so I have to say I dodged a bullet on this one. I want to say thank you because your journalism style report on this company just opened my eyes. In all certainty it’s not for me. Thanks again and keep doing what your doing!!

  3. What other platforms did you use to find success with Zyia.? FB is not my cup of tea either, so I am curious to know.

    1. Hi Sara! I use my website, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram! ZYIA has plenty of trainings on how to use FB for sales, but I’m busy putting together trainings on the other platforms for my team. 🙂

  4. Hi, thank you for sharing your story! I’m considering becoming a rep because I love the few bras I’ve gotten and the rep discount would be nice! I’m definitely not sure about the sales aspect but it does interest me since it’s a product I feel good wearing. Was it a difficult process to quit being a rep?

  5. Oh dear…going from one MLM to another is not going to make a difference. I can’t change your mind. Please do your research and look at the income disclosure statements if the MLM posts one. If they don’t post one, huge red flag but as most statements for any MLM reveals, the odds of making a livable wage without losing money or ruining relationships are very small. I say this because I care. You are so much more than an MLM company.

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