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To submit a guest post in the health and fitness niche, please read this page fully. (To make sure that you submit your guest post properly.) I won’t accept pitches that are incomplete. 

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Interested in Guest Posting on Ironwild Fitness? 

Guest bloggers wanted! Looking for a health blog contributor opportunity? I am now joining the ranks of health blogs that accept guest posts. I would like to give other bloggers the opportunity to guest post in the health, weight loss, and wellness niche. 


As part of my own strategy, I am always on the lookout for places to submit a guest post in health and fitness communities like my own. I do it both for SEO and back-linking purposes, as well as for traffic and brand awareness. 

Whether you are looking for traffic or back-linking, you may submit your guest post below. But first, please be sure to read the requirements. This is not one of those health blogs to accept guest posts that aren’t 100% original and top-notch! 🙂

I don’t really care about your domain or page authority, but I do like to gravitate towards allowing guest posts for established sites. It’s likely that if you submit a guest post, I will check out your writing style before getting back to you.

guest posting for health bloggers

Guest Post Health Blog Submission Requirements

As I serve the interests of a pretty specific demographic, guest posts are limited to the general topics of health, wellness, and postpartum/motherhood. More specifically, Ironwild Fitness is interested in weight loss guest posts, workout posts, nutrition guest posts, healthy recipe posts, and related. We are very female-oriented. 

Guest Bloggers Wanted – ORIGINAL POSTS ONLY

Your post may not be published anywhere else – not even your own site. This is largely because cross-posting diminishes your posts’ ability to rank in search engines. (And it’s just yucky.)

If you are willing to contribute a guest post that is 100% original, keep reading!


You will be allowed ONE backlink within the post, as well as ONE backlink at the end of the post in your “author bio.” This means that you have the opportunity to send readers to a specific blog post or page, as well as your root domain. 

Submit A Guest Post On Health & Fitness

By submitting a guest post pitch, you agree to let me do minor tweaks before publishing the post. For example, I may add headings, fix spelling, or break paragraphs up a bit before publishing. 

You also agree to share your published post on your own social media platforms when it is live. 

More importantly, you also agree to write a post that is at least 2,000 words in length. This is for SEO. If you cannot do that, please do not apply! 

You should also make an earnest effort to implement SEO best practices in your guest post. (If you don’t know anything about SEO, please do not send me a pitch.)

Lastly, please understand that it may take a few weeks to get your post published. Many health blogs that accept guest posts are like this to ensure quality content. 

Submit A Guest Post For Fitness Bloggers

Are you ready to submit your health-related guest post? Please use the form below send at least 2 pitches, including your hypothetical keywords and title for each blog post.

(I would encourage you to take a look around Ironwild Fitness before doing so to help you get an idea of what kind of content we publish.)

Once you have submitted your pitches, I will email you back with more info. If I accept one of your guest post pitches, I will also request an author bio and a photo that you are okay with me using on this site. 

So – don’t forget to include the following with your guest post pitches:

  • Blog post titles
  • Keywords
  • At least two ideas
  • A brief explanation of where you plan to “go” with your post if it isn’t obvious from the title
  • A bit about who you are/your website

And, don’t forget that you’re agreeing to:

  • Create original content
  • Submit a picture & short author bio
  • Write at least 2,000 words
  • Use your best SEO mojo 
  • Allow me to make “tweaks” if necessary

I am pretty strict about the quality of guest posts I allow, so please be sure that you can write quality content. Need a sample? Here is a guest post I wrote on another blog, complete with my writing and her tweaks.

Thank you and good luck!  ~ Chantal