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17 Spring Cleaning Tips For An Amazingly Clean Home

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Nothing says spring better than a big spring clean up! Need spring cleaning hacks? Check out these spring cleaning tips for a fresh home.

Much like nesting when a new baby is on the way, spring cleaning happens naturally for me.

The sun starts shining again, days get warmer, and I just have the natural urge to start tidying.

easy spring cleaning tips

I love to purge first (Christmas junk, anyone?) then start decluttering. Next comes the deep cleaning. I turn up the music and can find myself cleaning for hours at a time.

But I know that’s not the case for everyone! If you’re researching deep cleaning hacks, chances are you need a little inspiration.

Some of you need a little help getting started with deep cleaning your home – that’s why I bring you these easy spring cleaning tips.

In any case, I’m glad you’re here!

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When To Start Spring Cleaning

Honestly, by Christmas, I am OVER IT. You know, winter just sucks after a few weeks. Plus there’s the fact that my kids are always getting gifts that I would consider garbage.

(I know that moms can relate!)

Call it wishful thinking, but I start spring cleaning at the slightest hint of spring. I start looking for DIY cleaning hacks ASAP.

Be it some sun on my face or an unusually warm day, I just get the urge to move on from winter. Again, call it wishful thinking, but my spring cleaning starts rather early.

However, my spring clean up tips can begin whenever that urge strikes.

What are you gonna do?

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How do you spring clean fast?

Well, “fast” is a rather subjective term, isn’t it? I mean, realistically, if you’re going to do a good job, it’s going to take you all of spring to deep clean and declutter an entire house.


I have days where I’m on FIRE with motivation to deep clean the house, and other days I take one small area at a time. Some days no inspiration hits, and that’s okay.

But if you really want to get a good handle on spring cleaning, I’d take a whole day to blast music and power clean.

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Don’t worry, some of my great spring cleaning hacks will help you get more done, faster.

Can you really help me?

It took me a few years to believe that there were really any cleaning tips and tricks that would save me any grief. (I mean, dishes are dishes, right?)

Actually, I was a terrible homemaker for the first four years or so of my marriage. I hated dishes, laundry, and cleaning the floors. I had a tendency to let the work pile up until I was chronically overwhelmed by it.

But there are actually helpful spring cleaning tips that help me stay at a certain level of tidiness throughout the year, and that really pays off.

Now I feel like cleaning is almost second nature, and I even sometimes find comfort in it.

So today I bring you my top spring cleaning tips, but you can certainly use them any time of the year. Stay tuned, because I’m even gonna share my grandma’s hacks for a super clean home. 😉

17 Spring Cleaning Tips For An Amazingly Clean Home

17 Spring Cleaning Tips For An Amazingly Clean Home

1. Enlist the whole family.

If you think that little people can’t make things happen, it simply isn’t true! I find that when we work together, we have a lot of fun and definitely get more done.

Your enthusiasm can rub off on other people! Just be sure to celebrate or reward yourselves at day’s end.

My kids love to feel accomplished and love listening to their favorite tunes while working. Even the little guy!

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2. Make it fun.

In my opinion, music makes everything better. But did you know that listening to music can also make you work faster (because you get into the rhythm).

I recently discovered a great cleaning playlist on Spotify, and it helps even the little ones get moving!

Try it out!

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3. Map it out.

I like to make a list of all of the things that need cleaning, and sometimes even draw a room-by-room map.

Why? It makes it easier to get strategic and intentional about what I clean. It also feels great to check something off the list!

Just don’t make your list too long in comparison to your time-frame. You need to be realistic in order to really get things done!

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4. Create a schedule.

Yep, a schedule. There is NO way you’re cleaning your entire home in a few hours. I mean, you can do a big superficial clean, but it’s going to involve just moving junk around.

Thing is, we can get really carried away with one project and totally lose steam by the time we need to move on.

Avoid burnout by setting a time limit and creating a schedule for each major area that needs cleaning. I love doing these month-long decluttering challenges where you clean one thing every day for a month!

5. Prioritize the messiest spaces.

It can be fun to micro-organize small spaces, but they won’t help your home feel cleaner overall if you skip the big tasks. So dive into the messiest places first, then you can organize that craft cabinet (that no one can see).

It will help you feel like you’ve accomplished more to have the visual satisfaction of a clean floor and counters. I promise!

6. Be ruthless at toss/donate time.

When it’s time to purge, only keep what you need or truly want. Don’t overthink it – go fast! The more you can get rid of, the more satisfying it is.

If you need inspiration to clean and purge, try to do it Marie Kondo style. (Check out Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix!)

7. Bring on the caffeine.

Obviously, one of the best spring cleaning tips. Coffee makes you have a short burst in energy. So make a pot of coffee and sip as you go!

Not a coffee drinker? Opt for green tea or a Cola if necessary.

8. Plan for breaks.

I am the queen of getting burnt out, and let me tell you – breaks are necessary. Just don’t take a long one, or you’ll run the risk of losing all cleaning motivation.

For me, a break longer than 10 minutes causes my motivation to dwindle big-time.

9. Invest in a safe all-purpose cleaner.

It’s annoying and unnecessary to use a different cleaner for every room. Except for the toilets, you can get away with one cleaner for most rooms/areas. (In my opinion.)

I love the safe cleaners I get from The Grove Collaborative! This is where I discover most of my favorite new cleaners.

10. Bring out the toothbrushes.

I find that window tracks, caulk, and moulding are best cleaned with a toothbrush or something similar in size. To get the best clean, make sure you get down close!

Just don’t forget to mark your cleaning toothbrushes so that you don’t accidentally use them in your mouth. LoL.

11. Disinfect everything you’ve neglected.

Sponge? Scrub brush? Door knobs? They need to be cleaned too! Pro tip: Get your sponges wet, squeeze them out, and microwave for one minute!

This kills the bacteria, plus it steams your microwave. It’s the perfect opportunity to deep clean that, too!

12. Organize the “catch all.”

We all have those spaces that collect unnecessary items left and right. (For me it’s the office desk and kitchen counter.) It’s time to get some organizers, people!

I got this great office drawer/paperwork rack and things are looking much better now.

Why didn’t I do that sooner?

I think that clean counters and floors make a HUGE difference.

13. Buff all the things.

When was the last time your glass cooktop was buffed? When did you last clean the face of your stainless steel fridge? Have your wooden floors been waxed lately? It’s time!

A good shine is very satisfying.

14. Don’t forget nooks & crannies.

Window sills, behind the bathroom door, under the bed – all places where things collect!

If you’re really into deep cleaning, you’ll remember to clean the weird little spaces you typically forget.

Here are a few others: couch cushions, desk drawers, “junk drawers,” underneath sinks, dusty curtains, the kitchen tables and chairs, the toothbrush holder, the utensil drawer/holder, refrigerator door/drawer.

15. Go all out with appliances.

It’s easy to remember to clean the things we use daily – like the dishwasher or oven. But don’t forget to deep clean your coffee maker, vacuum filters (don’t forget the brush), mixers, blender, etc.

16. Don’t forget toys!

This wouldn’t be a list of spring cleaning tips if we didn’t talk about the toys.

The toy box is a scary place this time of year, am I right? (I once found a rotten apple covered in ants in my daughter’s toy box. That was fun.)

It’s time to go through the toys and phase out broken/missing/incomplete toys or things your kids have outgrown.

Or, if you’re me, all of the random Dollar Tree and McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that are absolutely useless.

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17. Don’t forget the closets.

It’s time to go through your wardrobe once again and get rid of things that you don’t wear.

I have to admit, this was hard for me to do after having kids. I wanted to keep all of my “early 20s” clothing in hopes that they would all fit again some day.

You know how this story ends, right? So sad.

If you have kids, this is a good time to take inventory of what they’ll need when warm weather hits. (And donate what they’ve outgrown.)

There it is, friends! I hope that you have gleaned a few tips, and maybe a little inspiration for spring cleaning.

Have any other spring cleaning tips and tricks you’d like to share? Let me know below!


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