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Side Hustles For Moms | 5 Things I Actually Do

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Looking for a few side hustles for moms to pay for bills or other expenses? Here are the five legit side hustles I use every month. They help me pay for my gym membership and more! Please note that this post contains referral/affiliate links. 

What is the best stay at home job for moms? Among the flexible side hustles I want to share with you today might just be the mom hustle you’re looking for!

Before I started a fitness blog, I started out with a blog focused on moms, blogging, and frugal living. I actually found blogging when I was researching side hustles that could help me afford to be a stay at home mom when my daughter was born. Over time, I’ve combined my little side hustles with my blogging game and now they pay me monthly.

How can stay at home moms make money? It can be daunting to find legitimate side hustles online. I did hours of research and a lot of testing before I found things that work. Now I’ve found little hustles that are both legitimate and enjoyable and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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I’ve been using most of these side hustles for at least a year, if not several. They make fun little side jobs for extra money. I love awesome side hustles for busy moms. Some of the require quite a bit of work, while others are more passive income streams. If you’re blogging or you’re on social media, most of these side hustles can be used in conjunction with your online presence for a boost in revenue.

Extra Income Ideas + My Side Hustles

Side hustles are exactly what they sound like: they aren’t full time jobs that will make you rich. But when you’re a stay at home mom or someone in need of an income boost, they can be really valuable. Plus, some of them are actually fun ways to make extra money!

To give you some perspective and to stay honest, know that my gym membership costs $39 per month. If you add in the childcare that I pay for so I can take my kids to the gym with me, my total monthly gym costs are $54.

Most months, I am able to make more than enough to cover this expense with the side hustles I’m going to share with you. However, most of the time covering this cost requires combining my revenue from multiple sources. (Most of the time I need to use more than one of my hustles to cover the expense for one month.)

Other months, my side hustles not only pay for my gym membership, they cover quite a bit more. I use my hustles to help pay for more expensive organic groceries, justify my workout clothes addiction, etc.

No More Excuses – Try These Side Hustles

You may find that some of these hustles aren’t for you – but you also might enjoy them! Here we go! But no more of those, “I can’t afford a gym membership” excuses!

P.S. If you’re not a gym person, these hustles can easily pay for some affordable home gym essentials (link) or pay for workout apps or program subscriptions. There are many healthy investments that could be made here!

side hustles for moms at home extra money

5 Side Hustles For Moms (Working or SAHM!)

1. Ibotta

iBotta is a fun app that I use on my phone. It’s kind of a couponing-style hustle that you use primarily for grocery shopping. (There are other eligible stores and travel options, however.) You can earn cash back (then redeem for cash or gift cards) by using the app after you shop. Simply load your rebates/cash back based on what you bought at the store, then scan and submit your receipt for verification. I forget to use the app sometimes but if you use the app every time you shop, you can rack up big money! The cool thing is that you can turn on alerts that let you know about rebates when you walk into a store! Most major grocery stores are compatible with iBotta. This hustle does have a referral program so be sure to let your friends and family know that they can start earning with your link after signing up! Bonus: Get a $10 credit for signing up and then $5 for every person you refer after that. It can really add up and make this a profitable side hustle!

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a survey-style site, except that it offers so many other ways to earn! You can play games, watch videos, take quizzes, use their browser to surf the web, and more. You can also earn when you use Swagbucks when shopping online. With Swagbucks you earn gift cards, but since you have the option to get Visa or Amazon cards, it’s just as good as cash! I don’t know about you but I’m an Amazon Prime enthusiast so those gift cards are as good as money for me. 🙂 Sign up for Swagbucks and start earning now! One of the easiest side hustles for moms!

3. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars was the first side hustle I ever discovered and I still use it almost daily. That’s because it’s a legitimate “survey” site. But just like Swagbucks, there are ton of ways to earn so you never get bored with surveys.

You can earn for just clicking open emails, surfing the web, playing games, entering sweepstakes, and more.It’s a fun way to make money. To give you a little perspective, I’ve earned up to about $35/month with Inbox Dollars. Definitely not making me rich, but it pays for almost my entire gym membership, making it a good side hustle for moms. Try it out!

4. Ebates

Ebates is the original “cash back” site. It started with earning cash back when you shop online (I highly recommend installing the browser extension if you sign up). But now you can use the app for in-store purchases to maximize your earnings. I have so many apps I’m using for cash-back and couponing that I just use the browser to remind me to claim my cash back when I’m shopping online. (Which is a lot.) Ebates Coupons and Cash BackAnyway, using Ebates can be especially lucrative around the holidays when you’re doing a lot of gift shopping. Other perks: Ebates cuts special deals with retailers so you can get exclusive sales and coupons if you shop using Ebates. Plus, there’s a killer referral program so be sure to share it with family, friends, and followers.

5. The Grove Collaborative

I like to vary my income and try all sorts of hustles, so this might be something that works for you if you want to earn money towards things for your home. A few years ago, I started looking for easy ways to create a healthier home and focused specifically on eliminating harsh chemicals. I found that using The Grove Collaborative for all of my cleaning product and personal care products is one of the easiest ways to go. Plus, I have fun discovering new safe and sustainable products all of the time. They have a program where you can earn store credit towards products, and they have one where you can earn cash instead. (I use both because I’m spending money on cleaning products and such regularly anyway.) Simply tell your family, friends, and followers about The Grove Collaborative and earn $10 for each signup. If you sign up now using my link, you’ll instantly receive a $10 store credit.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Own Side Hustles For Moms

  1. Scour Pinterest to find hustles or blog posts like this one for ideas.
  2. Give each hustle a good try – some take some time to get rolling and a little while to pay out. I’d give each new hustle at least one month before giving up on anything.
  3. Use your social media accounts to refer others and let them know about your hustles. Almost every hustle I’ve done has some sort of incentive program that can help you earn faster.
  4. Always weigh your opportunity costs against your hustle, assuming you’ve given each hustle an honest go. In other words, some hustles just aren’t worth the time m. It’s up to you to decide whether there are other things you could be doing or if your time could be spent more wisely.
  5. Read up on every hustle you’re considering. All of the hustles I’ve feature here a legitimate and I actually receive money from them. However, there are still a lot of scams out there!

But Let’s Not Forget About My Favorite Hustle of All!

You know some of my fave side hustles for moms, but not my absolute favorite. If you hadn’t already guessed, that would be blogging in general! I’ve made several hundred dollars per month blogging, and I know tons of bloggers making 4-6 figures monthly. Yes, Monthly! I am not quite there obviously (read my latest income report here) but considering that this is a new blog and I just had a baby, I’m not worried.

I was able to go from nothing to making up to $900/month with my last serious blog within 6 months. So I know I can do it again.

If you’re interested in learning about how I use this blog to make money, I have some blog posts just for you! Check these out:

It is seriously one of the best things because blogging allows me so many freedoms and has such unlimited potential. The more work I put into it, the more money I see. It’s all just a snowball of fun and extra income! There are, however, a few other perks besides the money.

Here are a few:

    • Freedom to work anywhere I have internet.
    • The ability to work intermittently and whenever I need.
    • The ability to choose what I work on and what topics to cover. I only write about things I enjoy!
    • The ability to connect with other moms and women on health journeys all over the world.
    • The accountability I get by using my blog to share my fitness journey.

Seriously, if you’re contemplating starting ANY side hustle this would be my top recommendation. But if you’re on your own weight loss or mental health journey, I’d recommend it just for the accountability. And if you’re a fitness professional, I would recommend it as a way to boost your income and reach/educate your clients. Let me help you get started (it’s easier than you think!)

I hope that these side hustles for moms work for you! Do you have any favorite hustles for a little extra monthly income? Have any more ideas of how can I earn extra money from home? Tell me your extra income ideas below, especially if you have side hustles perfect for moms!

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