This page contains links and information about the products I use and love for fitness, blogging, business, and beyond. *Some of these links are affiliate links. 


Supplement RX is only brand of fitness & weight loss supplements that I use and recommend. Their meal replacements and protein powders are delicious, smooth, and pharmaceutical grade! Click here to check out Supplement RX on Amazon.

I also love the following home-gym essentials:

 ZIYA Active – Cute & Functional Activewear For All Sizes
I recently became a ZYIA Active rep. Since I live in activewear, why not? ZYIA makes it easy to go from housework, to the gym, to Kindergarten pickup without changing my clothes! 
If you are interested in becoming a ZYIA rep on my team (earn money and discounts!) please email me at or go to my ZYIA website:


I have invested in many blogging-related ebooks and courses to help me expedite growth. Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation Guide was one of the first books that really helped me grow. She shares all of her growth hacks in a convenient ebook. Click here to get more details on the guide. 

Lena also has a guide that will help you create YOUR OWN profitable ebooks. Click here to check it out. 

I also get a lot of questions about which WordPress theme I have. After testing many, I use and recommend the Maggie Theme from Bluchic. Their tutorials and customer service is unparalleled! Click here to check out the Maggie theme. 

I have recently started to work on my podcasting, YouTube, and photography game. After a lot of research, here are the main tools I’m using: 

Adventures in SEO

I recently took a leap of faith and invested in Lena Gott’s Adventures In SEO course. I was stuck as far as traffic, even after reading many books and blog posts about how to improve my website traffic. Since taking Adventures in SEO, I have been able to break my own traffic records month after month consecutively. Yes, I have only seen my traffic get higher and higher! Take a look at this course if you’re ready to get serious about your blog. 


As you know, fitness and business are BOTH very mental. To keep my mindset and productivity positive, I love to read books, keep a journal, and listen to podcasts. Here are my favorites: