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Printable Fitness Planner


Need a little help sticking to the plan? This beginner-friendly printable fitness planner is the perfect way to make a plan, track progress, and get the results you’re looking for!

Get instant access to your download in PDF format. Includes over 20 different sheets for you to print out and use to keep track of your fitness goals and progress.

Here’s what’s included with this printable fitness planner:

  • Initial stats worksheet.
  • Fitness goals check-in worksheet.
  • Weekly meal planner.
  • Daily food log.
  • Printable food journal.
  • Food & fitness reflection worksheet.
  • Printable grocery lists for food, household items, etc.
  • Weekly food & fitness plan worksheet.
  • A daily fitness log.
  • A running log.
  • A daily workout routine tracker.
  • A detailed weekly workout tracker.
  • Daily reflection sheet.
  • Weekly progress sheet.
  • Monthly check-in sheet.
  • Weight progress sheet.
  • Monthly and weekly weight loss tracker.
  • Weight change graph.

See below for more info about this printable fitness planner PDF!

Please note: This is not a physical product. You will receive access to a PDF file upon purchase of this product. These printable pages are intended for personal use only and may not be reproduced or redistributed. There are no refunds for digital download purchases. For more information, please see our return policy.

Printing note: All printers are a little bit different. Be sure to check your margins and color settings before printing out this fitness planner. You may need to adjust these settings for best results.



Get my newest printable fitness planner in a convenient digital file that’s easy to print. 

Losing weight and getting fit is hard. But it’s even harder if you don’t have a plan. 

Hi there!

I’m Chantal.

After years and years of yo-yo dieting, I decided to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach so that I could learn all there is to know about health and fitness. 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that failure to plan is planning to fail.

In other words, you aren’t likely to see any results if you’re taking shots in the dark when it comes to your health. The best way to make sure you reach your goals is not just to set them – it’s to track your progress!

You have to make a plan. Then you have to stick to the plan by holding yourself accountable. If you are on a fitness journey of any kind, it’s critical that you actually track your progress! 

I created this digital planner with that in mind. It’s a great way to build healthy habits. Track things like daily workouts, daily mood, food intake, and overall wellness. If you’re ready to make that lifestyle change you’ve been wanting to, this is a great tool just for that!

Here’s what’s included with this printable fitness planner:

  • Initial stats worksheet to track your starting point.
  • Fitness goals check-in worksheet – print it out at regular intervals to track overall progress.
  • Weekly meal planner. Use for an at-a-glance meal prepping tool.
  • Daily food log. Use this basic printable food log if you prefer paper tracking over digital food logs.
  • Printable food journal. Use this journal to track how you feel after eating and your mindset regarding food.
  • Food & fitness reflection worksheet. Use this worksheet to track your mental and emotional state while on your fitness journey.
  • Printable grocery lists for food, household items, etc.
  • Weekly food & fitness plan worksheet. Use this printable worksheet to write down your plan for both meals and exercise each week.
  • A daily fitness log. Use this to keep track of what you did, the duration, and more.
  • A daily workout routine tracker. Print out this weekly tracker to plan or track what you did for the week.
  • A printable running log. Use it to track mile times, total time ran, and more. 
  • A detailed weekly workout tracker. This tracker is designed to help you track sets, reps, cardio, strength, and more.
  • Daily reflection sheet. Use this sheet to practice gratitude and reflect upon what could improve.
  • Weekly progress sheet. See if you met your goals for the week and set your intentions for the next week.
  • Monthly check-in sheet. This worksheet will help you track your measurements and set your intentions for the following month.
  • Weight progress sheet. Each time you lose a pound, track it with this printable weight loss tracker!
  • Monthly and weekly weight loss tracker. Use this worksheet for an overview of how far you’ve come.
  • Weight change graph. If you want to track the ups and downs of your weight loss over time, use this printable graph!

I designed this fitness journal with women in mind.

I sincerely hope that it becomes a useful tool that helps you keep track of your workouts and other wellness goals. 

As with any digital product, no physical product will be delivered. Download this digital fitness planner to your phone, computer, or tablet before printing it out! Use the workout planner in its entirety, or just use the planner pages that suit you best. It’s up to you!

To avoid quality issues when printing, I recommend checking your margin and color settings beforehand. For best results, test by printing one page before printing the whole thing. Due to the digital nature of this product, it is ineligible for returns or refunds. It is intended for personal use only and may not be redistributed or reproduced. 

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