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    12 Week Nutrition Program For Weight Loss


    Looking for a 12-week nutrition program for weight loss? It’s official – my flagship nutrition for weight loss course is now available in a self-led PDF format.

    This makes it much more affordable and convenient without sacrificing any of the educational nutrition information you need to finally start losing weight.

    This 12-week weight loss program is focused on mindset and nutrition and is not a workout program. It has been specifically designed for women and is perfect for moms! 

    Here’s what you get in this 12-week nutrition program:

    • Instructions on how to set your macros, calories, and more for sustainable weight loss. Learn everything you need to know to start feeding your body properly without taking the joy out of food!
    • Weekly worksheets or homework tasks that coincide with the weekly goals. You’ll complete mindset tasks, participate in journaling, listen to podcasts, and more.
    • Take a look at the weekly curriculum image to learn more!