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Easy Overnight Oats With Greek Yogurt

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Looking for an easy & healthy overnight oats recipe? This recipe is for overnight oats with greek yogurt – it’s quick, easy, and you can customize it how you like!

Add this no-cook overnight oatmeal recipe to your bank of go-to healthy meals!

Who doesn’t like easy overnight oats with yogurt as an easy breakfast?

Lately the words “easy” and “fast” are music to my ears.

Most of you know that I just had a baby in January, and little man is now just barely one month old. I have planned on sharing my fitness/weight loss journey with you all from the start, and now that we’re getting the ball rolling, I’ve decided to focus on nutrition.

Although we’re adjusting well, I am still one sleepy mama.

I did quite a bit of stocking up and meal prepping the month before baby was due, and it helped a lot – but now that stuff is gone!

Easy Overnight Oats With Greek Yogurt – Now That’s Sleepy-Mom Friendly

To be honest, I’m still too tired to a do a lot of meal prepping and since I haven’t even been cleared for exercise yet, I’m okay with it.

I told myself that when I’m cleared by my doctor at 6-8 weeks postpartum, I’d start getting more serious about nutrition.

But for now I am *trying* to get back into clean eating and trying new things to nourish both baby and I. I have, however, been paying attention to my calories and macros.

That’s mostly because I am still trying to eat healthy and get to know my body’s new needs.

I’m breastfeeding, pumping, and supplementing – and figuring out how to increase my supply but continue to maintain/lose weight has been tricky. (Click here to read about my breastfeeding struggles & tips.)

So anyway, this recipe is for overnight oats with greek yogurt, and it has come into play as a quick, portable breakfast.

It’s something that I can eat while pumping or breastfeeding – plus oatmeal is known to promote breastfeeding, so that’s another plus.

I just pull out my mason jar filled with overnight oats every morning and I’m ready to go!

Simple & Easily Customized – Healthy Overnight Oats With Greek Yogurt

I came up with this easy recipe for no-cook overnight oats on my own a few years ago after looking up overnight oats on Pinterest.

They all looked so yummy, but to be honest, some of the recipes I found were either “too much” or too complicated for me.

It seemed like they could stand to be much easier, quicker, and simpler.

My recipe might not be as pretty and colorful when you see it on your Pinterest feed, but this vanilla overnight oats is just what I need right now.

Easy, healthy overnight oats recipe that can be customized easily. I would consider this a great base recipe for overnight oats.

So what happened was that I gleaned a few ideas from different recipes across the web and made my own!

This recipe is simple and helps me get my yogurt in (I’m not a fan of yogurt but I try to eat it!).

There are only three items you need and probably already have on hand. Plus, you can customize the heck out of it! You just need yogurt (I prefer Greek), milk, and oats!

Can you do overnight oats without yogurt? Sure, but I haven’t tried it!

Fiber, Protein, & Calcium-Packed

Are overnight oats healthy? If you use old fashioned oats like I do, you’re getting a great serving of whole grains with this recipe.

In that, you’re also getting a ton of great fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Oats are considered one of the healthiest things you can eat (look at this article – this stuff is seriously great for your body!) and having them at breakfast is a great way to start the day.

(You’ll be feeling full and satiated longer from the oats.)

This overnight oats with greek yogurt recipe also has a good amount of protein.  That’s due to the Greek yogurt, which I recommend for a creamier, thick texture compared to regular yogurt. (The milk itself adds protein, but it’s not a lot.)

You can find Greek yogurts that are super low in sugar and high in protein. Click here to read about eliminating hidden sugars from your diet. I personally like Oikos or Chobani, but I plan on making the switch to a lower-sugar yogurt soon. (Taking recommendations!)

Pro Tip: Want more protein? This is the BEST protein powder I have found as a personal trainer – add half a scoop to your oats for a protein boost that fits your macros! 

Depending on your choice, you can easily tailor this recipe to fit your macros and fitness goals. Plus, both the milk and yogurt contribute for a pretty decent amount of calcium.

Do overnight oats need to be in a jar? Heck no! Have a fave Tupperware? Just have a mug? Go for it!

Add Nutrients to Your Vanilla Overnight Oats With Fruit, Nuts, & Seeds

The beauty of this recipe is how versatile it can be – it’s really a base recipe. Getting the basics down for how to make overnight oats is easy.

I like it plain but you might want to switch it up.

Obviously, you can use any flavor of yogurt you want for this overnight oats with greek yogurt recipe. I personally usually only buy Vanilla or plain yogurt because I can use it for many different snacks and recipes. But that’s up to you!

Another way to make this recipe healthier, customized to fit your macros, or add variety is to add nuts, fruit, or seeds.

Once you’re ready to eat (after your oats have soaked), top the mixture with your favorites! I’d suggest berries, some flax seeds, sliced banana, almond slivers, etc.

It’s a great way to add healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals, etc. Whatever your body and taste buds need!

So let’s get to the recipe! You’ll know how to make overnight oats in no time!

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Easy Overnight Oats Base Recipe

A quick and simple overnight oats recipe. Make these overnight oats with Greek yogurt or your yogurt of choice!
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword easy overnight oats, healthy overnight oats, no cook overnight oats, overnight oats, vanilla overnight oats
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 120kcal
Cost 2


  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt


  • Mix all ingredients together in a portable container w/lid.
  • Cover and let sit overnight or 6+ hours. 
  • Enjoy!


This easy vanilla overnight oats is easily tweaked to change the thickness, flavor profile, or nutrients! Switch things up a little to make this no cook overnight oats recipe to your liking. 

A few notes:

In the recipe, I’ve used plain Greek yogurt. When I do this, I generally use 1/4 to 1/2 cup of milk.

The consistency ends up PASTY.

As in, looks-like-I’m-eating-Elmer’s-glue pasty. I like it this way. If you don’t want it to be thick and creamy like that, it’s as easy as using more milk! Also, I find that using a Kerr wide mouth jar of the 16 oz variety is easiest.

Any smaller of a container and you’ll have a hard time stirring things up. I have the reusable lids so that makes it easy and convenient if I want to take my overnight oats on the go.

If you’re meal prepping, it makes things way easier, especially if you need to pop that into the fridge at work. 🙂

What are your favorite things to add into your overnight oats? Feel like you know how to make overnight oats now? Tell me below!

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    Well, now I can not stop myself from making such delicious Oats With Greek Yogurt. Amazing article with simple and unique recipes of overnight Oats. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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