Tired of yo-yo diets and want to finally learn more about nutrition?

Want to be bold and take the lead when it comes to your health?

Take the self-led online nutrition coaching course designed to help you lose weight & stop yo-yo dieting.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Atkins. Keto. Juice Cleanses. Optavia.

You’ve tried them all – only to crash and burn after short-term success.

If you’re tired of extreme diets that result in failure, this course is for you!

If you’re discouraged after years of trying different diet fads, this course is for you too.

This is the online nutrition coaching course designed to help you take matters into your own hands.

Problem 1

There’s so much noise in the diet, fitness, and nutrition industry that you don’t know what’s what anymore. What’s truly healthy and what’s just a marketing ploy? What are the tried-and-true ways to get results? If you’re overwhelmed with diet culture, this is a great place to start learning about nutrition.

Problem 2

You’ve tried a whole bunch of extreme diets or cleanses, and you’ve spent a lot of money on fat-loss products that were supposed to help you lose weight and get healthy. But at the end of the day, all of them left you feeling defeated and discouraged. You are OVER the crazy diets and products.

Problem 3

You need habit-based nutrition coaching. More specifically, encouragement and accountability for your nutrition choices and fitness journey in a sustainable and encouraging environment. You’re ready to focus on long-term results and healthy lifestyle changes that will last forever…not just a few months or weeks!

What if you could…

Learn about nutrition from the ground up without any crazy diets involved?

What if you could “reset” your relationship with food and get back on track to a healthy lifestyle?

What if you could get online nutrition coaching without the hefty price tag?

What if you could get habit-based nutrition coaching at your own pace in the comfort of your own home?


Online Nutrition Coaching Course

Get all of the content I typically offer as a 12-week nutrition coaching package – but in a self-led course. This is a jam-packed course full of nutrition education!

*Please note that I am a certified nutrition coach and do not offer customized meal plans or make any diagnoses or prescribe any specific medications, supplements, or diets. If you want to learn more about what a nutrition coach does, please read this page.

Here is what you get with My Online Nutrition Coaching Course:

  • 12 weeks’ worth of nutrition education packed into a self-led online course. Think habit-based nutrition coaching. I go over everything from diet fads to food science, as well as basic exercise science that can be useful for your journey. You get access for 120 days.
  • Instructions on how to set your macros, calories, and more for sustainable weight loss. Learn everything you need to know to start feeding your body properly without taking the joy out of food!
  • Weekly worksheets or homework tasks that coincide with the weekly goals. You’ll complete mindset tasks, participate in journaling, listen to podcasts, and more.
  • You also get my 4-week core rehab workout program as well as my high-protein recipe book with over 45 delicious recipes! (A value of $45!)

This online nutrition coaching course is for you if:

  • You’re a go-getter and consider yourself proactive. This course is entirely self-led and requires that you take action!
  • You’re ready to take responsibility for your health & quit blaming your circumstances or other people in your life for your current situation.
  • You want to be educated when it comes to nutrition and you’re ready to build a solid foundation to kick-off a lifelong journey of learning.
  • You are coachable, organized and motivated enough to follow the plan set by your coach. You are open to new ideas and strategies.

This online nutrition coaching course is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for “quick fixes” or extreme diets. This course advocates healthy and sustainable eating habits.
  • You are looking for someone else to do “the work” for you. Weight loss and nutrition are very personal and require a long-term commitment to yourself. If you want to see success, you’ll need to be a self-starter.
  • You are still blaming others for your health & circumstances. This is not the course for you if you are still playing the “victim” in your life.
  • You are not open to new ideas, strategies, and plans. You aren’t willing to try new things.


Online Nutrition Coaching Course Curriculum
Nutrition Coaching Self-Paced Course Online


If you’re ready to “reset” your relationship with food and get educated about nutrition, enroll in my online nutrition course today! Click the link to visit the course homepage & sign up.

Hi, I’m Chantal!

Thanks for checking out my online nutrition course.

After years and years of struggling with my health, I decided that I wanted to learn all about exercise and nutrition.

First, I became a certified personal trainer. It was great, but I felt like I was missing a major piece of the puzzle: Nutrition. I became a certified nutrition coach to learn as much as I could about how to lose weight and get healthy.

Since then, my desire to learn about nutrition and exercise has only intensified, and I’ve gone down a huge nutritional rabbit hole. In this course, I share much of the “NEED TO KNOW” information I’ve learned along the way. I learned so many important things that I feel everyone should know.

If you are new to the world of nutrition and fitness, it’s a great way to get back on track with your health. I designed this course with women in mind (it’s the course I wish I’d had ten years ago!) and I hope it helps you find a better path.

Best of luck!