Nutrition Coaching Services

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with nutrition & accountability?

You’ve tried all of the fad diets to lose weight, but for some reason they never stick.

It’s time to get the accountability and education that will help you learn healthy eating habits for good.

Get one-on-one online nutrition coaching with a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.


Nutrition Coaching Services

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The most popular package. 12-weeks of online nutrition coaching featuring weekly check-in calls, nutrition education, mindset homework, and more. Work one-on-one with a certified nutrition coach.

option #2

All of the educational + mindset content from my full nutrition coaching program, minus the weekly check-ins. Less accountability, self-led. Get the nutrition program in the form of an online course.

option #3

The whole package. Get 12 weeks of online personal training and nutrition coaching with full support. All of the nutrition content plus weekly workouts in a convenient format. The best combo for help with fitness & food combined.

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About Me

Why I Got Into Nutrition Coaching

Hi, I’m Chantal! If you’re anything like the old me, you’ve tried everything under the sun when it comes to fad diets. But for whatever reason, nothing ever really STUCK.

Tired of losing a bunch of weight while feeling super deprived and out of control (only to gain it back again later), I set out on a journey to learn more about how to get my nutrition back on track for good.

It was the best thing I have ever done as a busy mom!

I became a certified personal trainer in 2017, and became a certified nutrition coach in 2022! Once I learned how to eat based on science (and deal with my emotions & mindset) I started to see the results I’d been looking for. No more fad diets, no more fat burner pills, no more deprivation!

Now I specialize in helping moms get fit & feel like themselves again.

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

Can you relate to these diet & weight loss woes?

  • You’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on weight-loss products – but the only thing you really lost is money.
  • You feel like you’re out of control with food. Every time you start a new diet, it feels like you’re obsessing over food and “good” vs. “bad.”
  • There’s no one in your life who really helps you with nutrition. You really need extra support and accountability.
  • You do great on a diet for several days, but after that, you’re always ready to binge. Your diet seemingly backfires!
  • You’re not sure what to do about all of the noise in the diet and fitness industry. How do you know what’s truly healthy or not?
  • You’re done spinning your wheels – you just want to get healthy and do it in a sustainable way that ensures lasting lifestyle changes.



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