Looking for my personal and blog goals for November 2017? Read on! 

Last month I started giving you a more personal look at my fitness and blog goals. This month I’ll continue to do that in hopes to connect with you and inspire you.

But I’ll be honest – I’m really looking forward to February 2018’s report, because that’s when I’ll be able to share my postpartum goals and journey. At this point in time I’m close to 7 months pregnant, and while I am trying to stay active and healthy, it’s harder than ever.

While I’ve maintained overall slow weight gain and have so far had a totally healthy pregnancy, I’m not lifting more than 5 lb. dumbbells and walking at this point. I wish I had some crazy fit pregnancy where I ran and lifted heavy until the bitter end – but that’s just not me! So I’m excited to have my “last” baby and embrace the postpartum journey!

Getting Big

During my first pregnancy, it was realllly hard to watch the scale climb. In the end, I went from weighing 130 lbs to weighing 179 lbs on the day I checked into the hospital. (Yeah, do that math!)

To be honest, I never completely made it back down to that original weight. As I mentioned in last month’s post, I got really depressed and that hurt my journey. It’s something that I was working on when I got pregnant this time, but since I’m on baby number two, it’s been very different. I’ve embraced “growing” since I know it’s only temporary and I feel a fire to get healthy for my family, my job, and my self this time around. Crazy, right?

So this pregnancy I was about 154 lbs to start and I’m currently sitting at 168 lbs. That’s a gain of 14 lbs at 28 weeks along, which feels like a lot to me but is actually right on track. However, this is the time that I really started to put on weight last time – and I can really feel that urge to “EAT ALL THE THINGS” right now. But knowing that this is temporary, I plan on enjoying the holidays and embracing it all! Next year I hope to look back on November 2017 fondly but with new ambition.

Weight Gain Goals

Say what?? I’ve never had the luxury of setting weight gain goals other than in pregnancy, so this is kind of nice. However, since I started out a little overweight at 154 (I’m 5′ 4″) I’m aiming to finish this pregnancy without toppling over the 179 lb threshold. Oddly, that’s exactly how much I weighed at the end with my daughter, but this time that would only mean a gain of a normal 25 lbs instead of the whopping 49 I gained last time. That means I have about 11 weeks left and can gain up to 11 more pounds. That is so perfect!

Excited to Motivate

I can’t ever remember being so excited to start lifting and running again. I already have a postpartum gear list going – some new Asics are at the top of my list. I really fell in love with being at the gym and seeing changes in my body in the last two years or so, and I feel like I took my ability to do that for granted. For now I’m enjoying being without my daughter for a few hours a week (completely alone!) while she is at preschool before I have an infant to haul to the gym (and everywhere else) with me. I can’t wait to start sharing postpartum workouts, c-section recovery ideas, and before and after pics with you all!

Becoming a Personal Trainer

It feels like odd timing, but I’m still working on getting certified as a personal trainer before baby gets here. I have less than three months. But I feel like if I don’t do it now, I won’t have time or energy to study while I have a tiny, needy baby. So even though I don’t look or feel like a personal trainer right now, I’m still on that grind…

Update: Mission accomplished! Click here to read about how to become a NASM certified personal trainer.

November 2017 Blog Goals

As for the blog, I am still in “building” phase. I am trying to get some evergreen content up and get some of my “fitness business” posts up (like the ones about how to blog) before I switch focus completely. After the baby is here, I want all new posts and videos to be 100% health-related. But until then I am trying to keep building my post bank, social media accounts, and planning 2018. Because honestly, until this baby pops out, I’m a little uncertain that any of my workouts would be of any challenge to most of you. 😉

Because I finally have a little patience and understanding about how blogging works (unlike with my other blogs), I am not setting challenging numerical goals for now. I’d like to keep seeing my page views and social stats grow, but for now I know that laying a foundation is most important.

What are your goals for November 2017? Do you have any questions for me? Feel free to comment or email me any time!

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