Do you know what non-scale victories are? Here are NSVs you can be proud of right now! Celebrate! 

When you’re on a weight loss journey, the number on the scale can be an important way to monitor your progress. However, it should never be the only factor you look at when measuring your success. It is only a small indicator of the changes you’re making and is not an accurate reflection of all your hard work.

Knowing that, non-scale victories are super important to recognize and celebrate. These victories include all of the measures of success you may use to monitor your weight loss other than the scale. They are the little things that matter a lot.

While The Scale Isn’t Always to Be Trusted & The Non-Scale Victory Wins The Day

It’s easy to get discouraged if you’re only focused on the numbers on the scale. There are several reasons for this:

  • Muscles weighs more than fat
  • Bloating happens
  • Your monthly cycle can affect your weight
  • Sodium can cause you to retain weight
  • Your cardiovascular health isn’t measured in weight

The bottom line: Your body can slim down and you can lose fat while staying the same weight or even gaining. Your health can improve despite the number on the scale!

Types of Non-Scale Victories

An NSV can be objective or subjective. That means that they can involve numbers (other types of measurements) or they can be a matter of opinion. Whatever the case, there are a lot of ways to measure health improvements that don’t involve the scale. These things should be celebrated often, as this will help you make lasting changes. C’mon now, celebrate non scale victories with me now!

Non-scale victories are something you can celebrate on your fitness or weight loss journey.

Non-Scale Victories You Can See

Your success might not always be visible to you, but other people can see the healthy changes you’ve made. However, you might look and the mirror and think, “Dang, my arms are looking good!” (Or something similar.) That, my friend, is a victory! There are many small victories you and the people around you can see, so let yourself enjoy those things. They’ll help boost your confidence and motivate you to keep going.

Non-Scale Victories You Can Feel

Not every victory is going to be reflected on your outward appearance. If you feel better, that’s a huge victory! Plus, don’t forget that your energy and sleep may improve. Your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and resting heart rate might improve, too. These might be things that you feel or not! But if you’re in tune with your body and you take time to appreciate the changes you’ve made, you’re likely to feel different. (For example, after working on my core using my Restore The Core program, I feel back pain relief daily.)

Mental Non-Scale Victories

If you’re feeling more positive and happy, you can celebrate a serious victory! (Thank you, endorphins!) But for a lot of us, exercise and healthy eating will go a lot further than short-term happiness. You may notice more confidence, less anxiety, less depression, a stronger will-power, and more. You may notice more positive thoughts, too.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to celebrate as you make healthy changes. They aren’t limited to the numbers you see on the scale! So in case you needed some reminders or a new perspective on things, I’ve listed a bunch of NSVs. Take a look! Hopefully they’ll inspire you to appreciate your own victories.

Psst! This list is meant to help you start appreciating your progress. As you pave your own way, you’ll have your own victories. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t mark all of these things off of your list just yet – each person has a unique journey and unique goals! Let yourself enjoy your own victories and remember that others might be making progress in their own ways, too.

21 Examples of Non-Scale Victories You Can Celebrate Now

Jeans that don’t feature muffin tops anymore.

No more rolls under your bra.

Toned arms.

Compliments from others.

Extra energy.

Increasing your weight during a squat or other weight-lifting exercise.

Being able to run a mile without stopping.

Less cravings.

Relieved pain.

Being able to do a full unassisted pull-up.

Waking up refreshed instead of groggy.

The doctor’s “okay” to eliminate a medication.

Running your first 5k.

Smaller measurements (using a measuring tape).

Shinier hair.

Clearer skin.

Shaving time off of your mile.

Feeling more confident.

Increased productivity.

Not feeling winded after going up a flight of stairs.

Clothes not pinching anymore.

Having to cinch your belt a hole tighter.

That’s a lot of stuff to celebrate, right? Little things matter, folks! Now don’t forget to celebrate!

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate your victories and reward your hard work:

  • Buy a new outfit
  • Invest in some new training shoes
  • Move on to a new workout program
  • Splurge on a fun subscription box like YogaClub
  • Go for a massage
  • Get your hair done
  • Get a new protein shake
  • Go for a hike
  • Get your nails done

What are some non-scale victories you’ve celebrated recently? Are there NSVs that you think belong on this list that I missed? Tell me about them below by leaving a comment!

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