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5 Signs You Need to Go Shopping for A New Sports Bra

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Think it’s time to go sports bra shopping? Here are five signs you need to go shopping for a new sports bra. 

The Importance of a Good Sports Bra

All of your workout gear is important if you’re planning on sticking to a consistent routine. Whether you’re in it for the endorphins, weight loss, or you have other goals in mind, the right gear will always be important.

But a good sports bra is just as important as your regular bra. Even though you normally wear a sports bra for a fraction of the amount of time you’d wear your regular bra, being uncomfortable during your workout can be a deal breaker.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever started a workout and felt the need to cut it short because of something going on with your outfit. Yeah, it’s no fun!

Your sports bra shouldn’t make you self-conscious or uncomfortable. It’s job is to hold everything in without hurting you.

My Personal Criteria for a Good Sports Bra

    1. It cannot be so strappy it makes me feel like fat or skin is showcased in rolls. You know what I mean!
    2. It has to hold things in but not cut off my circulation or hurt my shoulders.
    3. My sports bra has to be comfortable enough to forget about, at least for the duration of my workout.
    4. My bra can’t make me sweat more (i.e. needs to be performance fabric).
    5. It has to be more functional than it is cute. But both is preferred. 😉

If you aren’t holding your sports bras to these standards, you definitely need to up the ante here! Anyway, here are five signs you need to go out and get yourself a new sports bra.

Is it time for new activewear? I love shopping for cute sports bras, but how do you know when it's time for a new sports bra? Here are a few good signs.

5 Signs You Need to Go Shopping for A New Sports Bra

1. Your Lack of Sports Bras is Affecting Your Workout Schedule

It might be time to go shopping for a new sports bra if you have to do a load of laundry before you’re able to work out. This used to happen to me all of the time. I didn’t have enough sports bras, so when I started to get serious about exercise, I had to wash my outfits immediately. Sometimes I’d forget to wash my workout clothes so I’d wake up ready to hit the gym the next morning and realized I didn’t have any clean sports bras! If you don’t have at least enough sports bras to get you through one week of workouts, it’s time to make some investments!

2. You’re Getting Boob or Under-Boob Acne

If you’re starting to get a few bumps and zits under or in between your boobs where sweat collects, it might be time to get a new sports bra. Over time, even sports bras that smell and look clean can continue to harbor nasty germs and oils. If you have a sports bra that you’ve been using for years, it’s time to ditch it for a new sports bra.

3. Your Shoulders or Neck Hurt After Every Workout

This can happen for a few different reasons. If your sports bra is hurting you after just an hour or two of being worn, it’s time to shop for a new sports bra. Here are some reasons you might experience shoulder or neck pain related to your sports bra:

  • Overly strappy – like with trendy sports bras that cut into your skin
  • Too wide – sometimes extra wide straps can limit your range of motion during upper body workouts
  • Too small – if you\’re big-busted, this can be pretty common
  • Not enough real support – depending on your workout preferences and bust size

4. You’re Constantly Adjusting Your Bra During Your Workout

If you’re pulling on your bra often during a workout, it might be time to shop for a new sports bra. Your bra shouldn’t be something that you’re thinking about during your workout. If it’s a distraction, it’s time to find something that fits you better. Plus, it needs to provide the right support for the type of workout you’re doing. More intensity generally requires more support.

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5. Your Boobs Hurt After High Intensity/Cardio Workouts

There are usually three levels of support when it comes to sports bras. Low, medium, and high-impact is what you’ll normally see.

For high-intensity workouts that involve a lot of running, jumping, or bouncing, you’ll definitely want high-impact bras. (If your boobs hurt or move around a lot during your workout, you’re past the point of needing a new sports bra!)

Your bra should be appropriate for the activity you’re doing from day-to-day. (If you’re in gentle yoga, you can opt for less support.)

High-impact bras will generally have thicker straps, more padding, wires, or be double-lined. They should generally be less strappy and offer more coverage. When you try them on, you\’ll be able to feel the difference in being “held in.”

Do you have any other criteria for a new sports bra? Have you ever experienced some of these workout woes? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below!

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