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What Happened My First Week As A Beachbody Coach

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Are you thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach? Can you really make money being a Beachbody Coach? Here’s what happened my first week as a Beachbody coach!

Update: I am no longer a Beachbody coach. Find out why in this post. Now, I am an Independent Ambassador for Q Sciences instead. There was just too much potential with this great wellness company, so I couldn’t pass it up. You can read all about Q Sciences in this post.

Guys, if you read my post about why I decided to become a Beachbody coach, you’ll be interested in this post for sure.

I am just about one full week into my journey as a Beachbody coach and I want to share it ALL with you.

I just finished my first week as a Beachbody coach. Here's what happened.

I’m actually planning on sharing my entire journey with as much transparency as possible, so if you’re curious about this, go ahead and just grab the FAQ by using this form:

The reason I want to share all of this with you is that I have been as SKEPTICAL as you can be when it comes to Beachbody.

I basically passed up Beachbody coaching as a way to earn money from home for YEARS because I thought it was a scam.

All of those times I was desperate for purpose, desperate to be my own boss, and have my income…ugh.

Anyway, I have spent several years researching this type of thing (earning from home), and I have EXTENSIVELY researched Beachbody.

I was you at some point – Googling things like, “How do you make money from Beachbody?” “Is Beachbody coaching a legit way to make money?”

However, just a week ago, I finally took the plunge after getting nowhere in my existing business and getting the invite from someone trustworthy.

working out at home with Beachbody
Workin’ out at home.

And since I am less skeptical about it, I want to share my journey with you.

But before I talk about what happened my first week as a Beachbody coach, let’s go over some backstory.

I figure that since you’re probably one of those people who likes to do a lot of research and get all of the nitty-gritty details, I can tell you a little more.

I’ll try to keep it short for this post, but if you want to read more, check my about page.

I’m just gonna throw this in some bullet points to keep it focused, otherwise, I’ll probably rant:

  • I am a certified personal trainer.
  • I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for almost 5 years.
  • I abandoned my projected career of an elementary school teacher and dropped out of college after 5 years of schooling.
  • I have been blogging for over 4 years.
  • I’m mom to a little man that is 10 months old and a girl that is 4.

Why do I tell you these things?

Because they are important parts of the story!

My family (of 6 now) has been living on one income for several years. And though I’m a personal trainer, I don’t have the heart to subject my two little ones to the crazy schedule that trainers have.

So Beachbody seemed like the perfect fit. Plus, I want you to know who I am in case you can relate to being any of those things and think you might be a good fit for my team.

(P.S. No, you don’t have to be a personal trainer to be a coach.)

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

Okay, anyway, here’s what happened my first week as a Beachbody coach. (PSST. Remember that I quit Beachbody coaching. Read why I quit coaching in this post.)

Here's what happened in my first week as a Beachbody coach.

What Happened My First Week As A Beachbody Coach

1. I Got Really Super Excited About Life

After Thanksgiving, I just felt this urge, like, “Yeah, let’s do this!” I contacted my momma friend who I knew was already a Beachbody coach and said, “I’m ready to sign up!”

It was exciting! I felt more committed to fitness than ever. (Still do.) I ordered my challenge pack (this is the one I got), which waived my business startup fee, plus a sampler pack of Shakeology.

I didn’t sit there asking, “How much does a Beachbody coach make on a challenge pack?” I was so excited about the fact that I could get a whole year of workouts plus tools to help me on the nutrition side for less than the price of three months at my local gym. Holla!

Anyway, then I jumped into training.

There are a ton of business growth trainings provided and getting into those was kind of fun. This week has been a whirlwind of personal development and working out!

2. I Got Overwhelmed & Panicked

Both Beachbody and my team offered a TON of training for new coaches. For most people, this is a good thing.

For over-achievers, this basically leads to overwhelm. I barreled through what was meant to be two 30-day trainings (one from my team and one from Beachbody) in TWO days.


I will say that I learned a lot – the income and commission structure finally made sense and the Beachbody lingo was finally something I understood.

But man, did I get overwhelmed.

Actually, I had a mini panic attack and canceled my coaching account. I was worried I couldn’t do Beachbody and be a personal trainer at the same time.

Thank goodness my coach got in touch and said, “Hey wait, I can address all of those questions and concerns you have!”

I had a conference call with her and hit her with my notebook full of questions. That made me feel so much better and I restarted my biz account. Whew!

If you join as a coach on my team, I PROMISE to help you get through those doubts and questions.

3. I Put My Head Down & Started Going After It

After I decided to recommit, I decided to set myself up so that I could get to work. For me, this meant:

  • Making some cheat-sheets full of links, usernames, and other important info in Google Drive
  • Watching a few social media trainings in the Beachbody training area
  • Watching a few FB live videos from the coaches above me so that I could better understand the team component and my responsibilities
  • Making a list of things I wanted to do in the coming weeks (like write this post)

(This might sound like a lot but if you decide that coaching is for you, I will hold your hand through everything. I have been blogging for almost 5 years and I know a lot of great growth strategies.)

4. I Modified My Site & Social Channels

I knew from the beginning that I only wanted to become a coach if it would work with my current business (this blog).

If you don’t run a blog or some other business, don’t even worry about it. For me, in order to make Beachbody work, I did have to make some modifications to my site.

Things like updating my disclosure, adding a few legal tidbits, adding a coach inquiry page, etc.

I also had to update my social media accounts to include links to my Beachbody coach website. I also invited some people to my first challenge using the accountability app, and I’m excited to get more people involved!

5. I Started Running My Own Challenge Groups

I think that these are probably my absolute favorite thing so far. Beachbody has a challenge app where I can invite people to join, then set a goal or do a program with my challengers.

I can see who has logged a workout, who drank Shakeology, who is doing certain programs, and I can chat with my people.

You can also upload before & after pics, weight, measurements, and a personal bio.

I’ve been using this to check in with women who wanted accountability and motivation, and I have 10 people in my first challenge!

If you want a taste of how these challenges work and what the app is like, join my challenges and take a peek at this post!

6. I Was Surprised By A Few Things

During my first week as a Beachbody coach, I was pleasantly surprised. So many of my misconceptions were busted!

At some point plan on writing an entire post about that, but the two biggest surprises were the team aspect and the flexibility.

The team attitude and support (everyone helps everyone) and how we’re all in it together are really attractive. I like that my team is all women supporting women. Like that just gets me so excited to have my own tribe in that way.

I was also surprised that the business is truly flexible. You can just be a coach for the discount on Shakeology if you want!

If I you want to hustle your way to 6 figures, you can!

I thought that to be a Beachbody coach, I had to be a hard sales type of person. I thought that I didn’t make a certain quota, I couldn’t participate. These aren’t true!

While you are encouraged to invite people to participate in fitness challenges or to coaching, you can do it however you want and as often as you like.

That’s my favorite part! 

personal trainer lady
Personal trainer lady.

Why What Happened My First Week As A Beachbody Coach Is Important

Honestly, these things will probably happen to you, too! If you’ve been researching ways to make money from home or side hustles for moms, you might go through the same things!

I have been constantly researching and testing ways to make money on my own schedule since my daughter was born in 2014.

I literally went through so many blog posts about Beachbody income, the workouts, Shakeology, and more.

And it took me a LONG time to finally take this leap.

But something in me just said, “Do it.”

And when I panicked and wanted to change my mind, something said, “Keep going.”

It was a huge leap of faith but I felt compelled to take it!

If you’re in that spot of “I just don’t know,” I want you to know that I’m here to answer your questions!

You can either leave me some comments below, or check out the FAQ by using the form below.

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I hope that sharing what happened to me in my first week as a Beachbody coach helped you somehow!

Disclosure: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity.

Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located at http://tbbcoa.ch/TBB_SOICE for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.

Update: I am no longer a Beachbody coach. Find out why in this post. Now, I am an Independent Ambassador for Q Sciences instead. There was just too much potential with this great wellness company, so I couldn’t pass it up. You can read all about Q Sciences in this post.

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