5 Places to Find Cute Maternity Activewear

Looking for cute and comfy maternity activewear? I’ve scoured the mall and the web to find you the best picks. 

If you’re like me, sitting around all day waiting for 9 months to pass is just not an option. Moms, even pregnant ones, need fitness. But depending on your pregnancy and your body, however, you will go through times where working out is just not an option.

But most of us know that continuing to move (even if it’s just walking) is one of the best things we can do for ourselves during pregnancy.

But if you’re like me, you have a hard time finding maternity clothes you like, let alone maternity activewear.

Seriously, I went to Motherhood the other day and was just BUMMED at their selection. I don’t want to spend very much money on something I’m only going to wear a few more months. I’m cheap and I just felt the need for maternity activewear NOW at almost 7 months. So I’m not about to spend money on more maternity clothes unless I like them and can wear them comfortably for awhile postpartum.

For those of us who have a drawer full of regular activewear to begin with, it can be easy to make it several months into a pregnancy without feeling a huge need for maternity activewear.

But somewhere along the way, sometimes suddenly, everything will feel tight and uncomfortable just to wear – let alone work out in.

Need cute maternity activewear? Find cute and affordable workout clothes here.

I knew that I was going to want cute maternity activewear from the beginning of this pregnancy – because during my last pregnancy I couldn’t work out at all. I knew that this time had to be different. So, when my last comfortable pair of workout capris finally got just a little too snug, I was on the hunt.

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Make Me Look Cute, I’m Pregnant

I’m generally pretty cheap, and I am 95% sure this is my last pregnancy. So I couldn’t justify buying maternity gear with the, “I’ll use it next time, too” excuse. So I wanted to be careful. Honestly, it’s been tempting to wear my husband’s big sweat pants and oversized T-shirts to the gym. But I am a sweaty person and actual sweats are so gross for me to work out in. Plus, I ditched cotton T-shirts once I realized that they made me sweat even more by inhibiting the airflow during my workouts. SO. My hunt for maternity activewear had some criteria.


My maternity activewear had to:

  • Tell any questioning eyes that yes, I am indeed pregnant. No, I didn’t drink a case of beer right before coming to the gym.
  • Be cute enough to wear anywhere. Preschool pickups? Grocery store? No problem.
  • Be versatile enough to wear with any athletic shoes. No outlandish patterns or colors for me, please. I’d be wearing those babies several times per week so I needed to be able to mix and match.
  • Be cheap enough to be justified. I don’t know about you, but for me, anything over $50 just can’t be justified for something temporary.

My Maternity Activewear Picks

Note: I’m an affiliate for PinkBlush. It’s closest to my style and I’ve worn their clothes through both pregnancies. Their stuff makes me feel cute and like myself instead of making me feel like I’m wearing things that don’t suite me. 🙂 

  1. PinkBlush Maternity

    Number one for a reason, PinkBlush is among one of my favorite brands for maternity clothes and regular stuff. Their styles just suite me! I own a ton of their regular clothes and a handful of their maternity items, including the comfiest-ever yoga pants I bought last time and still wear. I get compliments on them all the time. Since my last pregnancy, they have totally expanded their activewear selection and I WANT IT ALL. The best part? Nothing in their maternity activewear selection is priced at over $45.

    How cute are these?

    How cute are these?

  2. GapFit Maternity

    In true Gap fashion, you can find sophisticated but simple styles as far as maternity activewear is concerned. Almost everything on the site was under $50, but those items that went above weren’t extremely overpriced. Just keep your eye out for a sale and everything is pretty affordable here! If you’re looking for those basics like grays and blacks to go with everything, GapFit Maternity should be one of the first places you look.

  3. Old Navy Maternity

    I know that Old Navy and Gap are kind of the same brand, but Old Navy is at a completely different price range and they usually feature more sizes. Even though there is a smaller selection as far as styles, almost every single item listed was under $30! Plus Old Navy always have sales that make you feel like you’re stealing something. So if you’re going cheap, go Old Navy.

  4. BeyondYoga Maternity

    I’m throwing in BeyondYoga maternity activewear for those of you who want to invest in just one or two really nice items. This brand is at the top of my price range, but with a good sale, you can make out great. This is for those of you who are into the athleisure trend and want to splurge a little – because only a few items are priced at $50 and under.


  5. Lucy Maternity

    Lucy activewear is typically way out of my price range, even though I know it’s high quality stuff. I have a few regular Lucy items that I found on clearance or at the thrift store, so I know that their stuff really lasts and the fabric quality is high. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found all of Lucy’s maternity activewear collection online for $20 or less. Sizes were a little bit hit and miss, but I’m willing to dig a little to find just the right thing. Find leggings and tops that are simple or have a cute pattern!

Where is your favorite place to find maternity activewear? Use the comment form below to let me know.

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