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What Are You Waiting For? Make This Your Best Year Yet

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Consider this your wake up call to make 2021 your best year yet.

I woke up this morning at 4 AM – the baby has been waking up at this time for a few days now.

But strangely, he decided to sleep in an I had a little extra time.

your best year yet

I felt compelled to write this post in my spare bit of time, and it reminded me of days where all of my blog posts were simply personal rants and stories.

As we near the end of 2020, most of us are thinking about things we’d like to accomplish in the New Year.

And while I am not always going to be around to motivate you, I figured that you could use a little wake up call.

In most of my posts, I try to give you super helpful information. Action steps you can take when you’re struggling with weight loss. The science behind foam rolling. Things I learned while studying for my personal training certification.

Basically, I am always trying to write to be helpful for the person I’m trying to reach.

But I always try to write in a “bloggy way.” Meaning I have optimized my posts, made sure that they are monetized where appropriate, making sure to break up the text with images or lists, etc. I am always trying to make them casual and reader-friendly yet professional at the same time.

But sometimes I want to write JUST. TO. WRITE.

And what I love about blogging is that at any time, I can go from super professional to conversational – or anywhere in between.How to have your best year ever healthy

Today I am writing just for fun because I feel like I have a message to get across.

Or more like a question…

What are you waiting for?

You’ve heard it before – it’s very cliché.

But really, what are you waiting for?

You can make this your best year yet.

Guys, I have a long history of being paralyzed by depression and uncertainty.

I have spent many years of my life being depressed, and therefore not moving forward.

I spent so much time feeling sorry for myself, wondering why I couldn’t just be happy or why my life was so terrible.

The thing is that my life wasn’t terrible. EVER.

But I let my idea of what I thought my life should have been versus what it actually was bring me down.

The things that I thought I should be – thin, successful, a mom who transitioned to motherhood easily – weren’t.

And I let that go to my head day after day for YEARS.

Now, I am not saying that it’s easy to just “snap out of it” when you are in a rut, especially if you have a long history of depression.

But you DO have a choice to make the most of it. You DO have a choice to improve. You DO have a choice to fight back, get help, and make a change.

The tables turned for me when I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

make this your best year yet - it's your choice!

I asked my doctor for anti-depressants long enough to feel clear-headed again. During this time I hired my own personal trainer and started exercising again. I realized that I could use exercise to combat my depression. Once that happened, I ditched the anti-depressants and made working out non-negotiable. Ultimately, I decided to become a personal trainer so that my career would always involve being healthy.

I made these choices to keep myself accountable. I knew my history and I practiced self-awareness.

Now I’m not looking back.

During this time I also decided that I wanted to start a business. I was a stay-at-home mom, so I needed something flexible. A way to combine my personal training experiences with a way to make money.

I started this fitness blog. Recently, I’ve added the coaching component.

And while I am still not my lowest weight of 124 pounds, I feel the healthiest I have ever been mentally and emotionally.

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

I feel like I know who I am and what I want.

So what happened?

I stopped letting my idea of a picture-perfect path ruin the rest of my life.

I had struggles, and they threw me way off.

Not anymore.

The thing is that life will always throw you curveballs.

Issues will always arise.

But if you always let those things stop you in your tracks, you will never truly move forward.

You have to develop a healthy response to life’s stressors. You have to come back stronger.

So first of all, get rid of that idea of “What was SUPPOSED to happen” in your life.

I thought I was supposed to graduate from college and go on to have a successful career. I thought I was supposed to transition to motherhood easily. Plus, I thought I’d be an incredible homemaker immediately upon getting married.

None of those things played out that way.

But looking back, those struggles each contributed to what I am now…in a good way.

And letting go of my picture-perfect path is the best thing I have done for myself!

It can be that for you, too.

What did you THINK your life had to look like? Who did you THINK you had to be?

Let that shit go.

You can still be whatever you want, but you have to act.

Make some changes. Take some leaps forward, whatever they may be!

For me it went like this:

  • Quit letting your depression diagnosis define you and fight back with exercise.
  • Start that business.
  • Become a personal trainer.
  • Fight to get fit.
  • Join that coaching team.

All things that I was afraid of. All things that were hard, and all things I’m glad I did.

If you have been waiting around for a sign for whatever reason, let this be it!

That thing you’ve been wanting to do? DO IT.

That struggle you’ve been facing? LET IT MAKE YOU STRONGER.

That past you’ve been holding on to? LET IT GO.

Make this your best year yet.

You don’t have to do it alone.

I’m here. Join me. Those things that I did? You can do them, too. Just reach out and I’ll help you get started. Otherwise, consider this your wake up call to make this your best year yet!

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