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51 Keto Gift Ideas For Amazing Keto Gift Baskets

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If you’re looking for keto gift ideas, you’re probably no stranger to the benefits of the keto diet. I hope that this list of keto-themed gifts will help you or a loved one stay on track and motivated!

Keto gift ideas for people doing the keto diet

I’ll admit that I didn’t really even know what “keto” was until about two years ago. I thought that it was just another fad diet that I was 100% prepared to ignore. 

But once I learned a little bit about it, I figured out that it really wasn’t as crazy as it sounded. 

So don’t let the name scare you – it’s not anything crazy, really.

Since you’re here, I’d be willing to bet that you already have at least some idea of what keto is anyway. 

If you’re not on a keto diet yourself, you might know someone who is. 

If that’s you, all you need to know is this – the keto diet is based on high-fat, low-carb nutrition. 

It’s a big deal right now because so many people are seeing success with it.

It’s helping people burn fat and lose weight at a much higher rate than in comparison with a moderate-carb diet. 

Keto is also known for helping people with energy, blood sugar issues, mental clarity and more. 

So – even if you’re not a keto-dieter, you’re here because you know someone who is. Right?

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Create Awesome Keto Gift Baskets With These Keto Gift Ideas

When you want to support someone or show that you care about them, it can be easy to get them a gift that includes food and sweets. You’re here because you want to avoid that, right?

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or some other celebration, America’s go-to gifts tend to involve a lot of sugar and carbs. 

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But if you want to support someone on the keto diet, you may want to opt for useful keto gifts, or maybe funny keto gifts to help them keep their spirits high. 

On any fitness journey, support from family and friends can mean the world!

So thank you, in advance, for thinking of keto-inspired gifts for your loved one. 🙂

find the perfect keto gift on my keto gift guide

Keto Gifts For Healthy Moms

You don’t know me, but I am a mom and personal trainer. I have been struggling with my own postpartum weight loss since having my first baby over six years ago. 

Even at two years postpartum with my second baby, I still have quite a ways to go. (About 30 pounds!)

I am the kind of person who doesn’t struggle with working out as much I struggle with food. (It took me many years to teach myself to love exercise and make it a regular part of my life, mind you.) I like to think that’s really relatable. 

I have tried many diets and struggled with most of them.

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In the end, I know that low-carb really does work.  (I do believe that there is a place for healthy carbs, though.)

There’s an art to eating healthy. I am a recovering “carboholic”, if you know what I mean. 

While I don’t consider myself full keto, I do try to eat a mostly low-carb diet. So that means that I do like to have healthy, high-fat foods on hand. 

When I eat low carb, I see immediate benefits like reduced bloating. 

Anyway, if you were to take a look around my blog, you would see that my blog is 99% about supporting moms who are on their own fitness journeys.

So, this is the perfect place to put keto gifts for mom – but you can use it for anyone of course!

find keto gift ideas on this huge list of low carb keto diet gifts

Keto Gift Guide Fun

I have to admit that I had fun putting together this list of keto low carb gift ideas because I discovered lots of keto gift ideas that were both fun and useful. I’m eager to try many of them myself!

I put together a cheap fitness gifts guide awhile back, but this is more specific and super helpful in a different way. I hope you like it!

I’ve tried to put together a wide variety of keto gift ideas, and the result is this mega list. From keto chocolate gifts, keto Valentines day gifts, to keto friendly Christmas gifts and funny keto gifts, this list has it all. 

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I had heard of people putting together keto gift baskets and also keto subscription boxes, these are in there, too.

I hope that it helps you find the perfect keto gift for someone you love. Enjoy!

keto gift ideas and fun keto products
Keto gift basket ideas!

51 Keto Gift Ideas For Low-Carb Lovers

1. Avocado Slicer
keto christmas gift ideas

Avocados contain one of the healthiest fats you can eat. That’s why they play a big part in the lives of most keto dieters. Give them a fun gadget for all their adventurous avocado eats!

P.S. These make great keto stocking stuffers!

2. Premium Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also high-fat but “good fat”! Many keto dieters add it to their coffee and many other foods.

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3. MCT Oil Powder

“Medium-chain triglycerides” help the body go into ketosis and burn more fat!

4. Ketone Testing Strips 

These can help a keto dieter know if they’re in the state of ketosis or not for optimal fat burning. One of the best gifts for keto-dieters just starting out!

5. Keto Sampler Sweets Box

These make keto-themed gifts for people who want to find new keto snacks to try.

These make great keto Valentine’s gifts!

6. Bacon Microwaver

“Microwaver” might not be a real word, but this gadget makes cooking bacon faster and easier!

7. Keto Shakes

These pre-mixed shakes are perfect for backup keto snacks. If you try them, let me know which ones are best!

8. Keto Brownie Mix

For the keto dieter who is missing those high-carb sweets! (This would totally be my fave among keto gifts for mom.) 

9. Keto Weight Loss Support Supplements

Most people on the keto diet are trying to lose weight, after all. That’s what puts these supplements on the list of gift ideas for someone doing the keto diet!

10. Keto Bread Mix

This one seems like one of those obvious keto low carb gift ideas. For the keto-er who misses sandwiches and toast! I know I miss fluffy bread sometimes. 

11. Keto Chips

Low-carb chips? Yes ma’am! I love chips, and Quest is known for mastering low-carb goodies.

12. Almond Keto Bark 

Read: Chocolate. A no-brainer keto chocolate gift. These are high on my own mental keto gift ideas list (for myself, of course)!

P.S. These make great keto stocking stuffers and keto Valentines day gifts too!

13. Keto Pancake Mix

You’ve heard of protein pancake mix, but keto? You have to try this! They even make keto-friendly pancake syrup

14. Keto Collagen Peptides

To supplement the keto dieter’s meal plan! I have never tried these, so I feel like I need to do a little more research on the scientific health benefits, but I know a lot of keto dieters talk about these. 

15. Keto Protein Powder

Like regular protein powder, but with added healthy fats to help you get into ketosis. One of the best keto gift ideas for people just starting on keto!

16. Keto Diet Cookbook

keto Christmas gift ideas

For beginners who lack creativity in the world of keto-friendly eating!

17. Keto Meal Plan/Challenge

Take the guesswork out of meal planning while still keeping it keto. I have seen anything from 21-day keto challenges, to books of recipes for each meal. 

18. Keto Meal Delivery Kit

One of my favorite gift ideas for someone doing the keto diet. Perfect for busy keto-dieters, new moms, and people who need a little extra help. If you really want to go big, this is a great keto-friendly gift idea. 

19. Keto Cereal

It’s worth a try for quick and easy keto breakfasts! They have chocolate keto cereal, keto oatmeal, keto granola, and more. Perfect if you’re looking for keto gift basket ideas. 

20. Keto Mug Cakes

Satisfy the keto dieter’s sweet tooth without all that extra sugar and carbs. This four pack sampler looks perfect!

These make great keto Valentines day gifts and are fabulous keto stocking stuffer ideas as well!

21. Keto Almond Butter w/MCT Oil

I love nut butters and they are already mostly keto, but added MCT oil is a bonus!

22. Air Fryer

Air fryers are all the rage because they give food a fried texture without all the extra breading and excess oil. The Instant Pot brand air fryer is very popular.

23. Keto Coffee

Yep, this is a thing too! Keto coffee like this the one from this brand often has added MCT oil. 

24. High-Quality Avocado Oil

Olive oil is one of the best oils to cook with – whether you’re keto or not. (Read about the types of fats that are good for you.) Check out an organic olive oil if you want to go the extra mile. 

25. Curated Keto Care Package

Have someone who is new to keto and has yet to find favorite go-to snacks? A keto box is perfect! (I love this on my list of keto gifts for healthy moms.)

26. Bacon Grease Container

Many keto-dieters keep their bacon grease to cook with and help them go into ketosis. Get them a cute bacon grease container to house their extra drippings. 

27. Recovering Carbo-Holic Shirt

This is a thing, and now I have proof! So cute. Comes in tanks and t-shirts!
keto gift ideas for mom

28. Grass Fed Beef Jerky Sticks

High protein, high fat, low carb. What more could a keto dieter want?

These are a super easy keto stocking stuffers and go perfectly in keto gift baskets!

29. Prepackaged Fat Bombs

Struggling to get enough fat to go into ketosis? Try a fat bomb to help you get there! These Mint Cup ones look yummy!

These make great keto Valentines gifts!

30. Keto Pork Rind Crumbs

To help add a little flavor (and fat) to your keto meals. Perfect for keto gift baskets!

31. Club Keto Shirt

A fun shirt and conversation starter for keto-dieters. There are actually quite a few keto shirts out there

32. Keto-Friendly Spices

Some spices and sauces are high in carbs and sugar. Try this low-carb spice gift set!

These make great keto Christmas gifts!

33. Keto Air Fryer Cookbook

One of the more useful keto gifts. Perfect to pair with your gifted air fryer. This cookbook is for keto + air fryer recipes only!

34. Body By Keto Shirt

Shout your commitment to the keto lifestyle to the world with this cute long-sleeve T!

35. Fun Keto Apron
funny keto gifts

This fun keto apron also comes with some reusable mesh produce bags. 

36. Nut Sampler Gift

Still looking for keto gift basket ideas?

Most nuts are naturally high in “good” poly and monounsaturated fats. Give the gift of a nut sampler! Also perfect keto stocking stuffers!

37. Keto Pop Tarts

A great “backup” breakfast for the keto-dieter in your life. These are super-low-carb “pop tarts.”

These make great keto Valentines gifts!

38. Keto Mexican Food Cookbook

Love Mexican food? Try this cookbook chock full of Mexican recipes that are also keto-friendly. 

39. Keto Gummy Bears 

A fun little snack – and perfect for keto gift baskets. 

40. Keto Biscuit Mix

keto gift basket ideas
Looking to get creative with your keto gift ideas? Love biscuits and gravy or just biscuits in general? Try this keto biscuit mix!

41. Southern Keto Cookbook

Does the keto-dieter in your life like comfort food or Southern food? Try this keto cookbook that only features “Southern” recipes. 

42. Keto Booty Mug

Still looking for keto gift basket ideas?

This cute keto-themed gift is perfectly paired with your keto coffee! Also makes a good funny keto gift. 

43. Keto Coconut Macaroons

Looking for keto gift ideas that include keto-friendly treats? Try these low-carb coconut macaroons. 

These make great keto Christmas gifts!

44. Keto-Friendly Pasta

For any pasta-loving keto dieters out there! 

45. Cauliflower Pizza Crust

A big part of going keto is figuring out how to replace favorite high-carb foods. Cauliflower pizza crust can be a life-saver!

46. Keto Cheese Crisps 

These are basically just baked cheese chunks. Full of crunchy flavor!

47. Keto Friendly Mojito Mix

Love being on the keto diet but don’t want to give up drinking? Try a cocktail mix that’s zero-calorie and keto-friendly. Great for keto gift basket ideas.

These make great keto Christmas gifts!

48. Keto Friendly Margarita Mix

This is a winner for me! Add this to your list of great keto gift ideas. This low-carb margarita mix is sugar free and keto-friendly. 

49. Keto Coffee Creamer 

Can’t have coffee without creamer? (Me too!) Try adding flavored keto coffee creamer. I’d put this on my list of keto friendly Christmas gifts for stocking stuffers.

50. Keto Friendly Salad Dressing

Many salad dressings are high in carbs and sugars. Made with avocado oil, this keto salad dressing set will help keto dieters stay on track. 

51. Keto Grocery List Pad
Another useful keto gift. Keep your grocery list keto-friendly with this grocery list notepad! Good for keto Christmas gift ideas too!

Phew! That was a lot!

Now you have plenty of keto gift ideas for amazing keto gift baskets!

There you have it, friends – my own keto gift guide! 51 keto gift ideas for the low-carb lovers in your life. Now you have no excuse to get some lame generic gift for your loved one! 🙂

Do you have more gift ideas for someone doing the keto diet? Share what you think are the best gifts for keto dieters (or just say hi) below!

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