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Ironwild’s Top Weight Loss Articles of 2018

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Looking for top weight loss articles from 2018? Here are my top 20 weight loss articles & fitness related posts from the year!

As we are finishing back on the year, many of us are setting goals for 2019.

I personally set goals for fitness, my blog, and everything in between!

Top weight loss articles of 2018

But you can’t effectively set goals without reflecting on the accomplishments you’ve made in the current year, right?

So I was looking back on the blog posts that you guys loved the most, and the ones that didn’t do so well. That was important to me because I can totally see a few trends going on in my top weight loss articles. That really helps me going forward!

Anyway, since I am a personal trainer, I will always focus on weight loss & fitness stuff. But I have recently added the Beachbody coaching component and my posts about that have already been really popular!

This tells me that a lot of you are curious about coaching and want more of that info. When I look at my top weight loss articles and other blog posts, this truly helps me as I move forward and plan my year!

So here are Ironwild Fitness’ top weight loss articles of the year!

Top weight loss articles of 2018

Ironwild’s Top Weight Loss Articles of 2018

1. Before and After Weight Loss Pics @ 8 Weeks PP 

This is the post in which I shared my postpartum pictures and my “starting point” for my postpartum fitness journey. It makes the list of top weight loss articles with almost 11,000 views!

2. 3 Things All Moms Should Know About Postpartum Weight Loss

I wrote a post about recovery and weight loss after having a baby, and I still think it’s a must-read for expecting or new moms. It’s one of my top weight loss articles with over 6,000 page views.

3. 10 Things To Try When Losing Weight Gets Tough

This was SOOO popular when I posted it! It’s for anyone who is hitting a plateau or needs a little encouragement if they aren’t seeing results. This post garnered close to 4,000 views.

4. 35 Ways To Make The New Year Your Fittest Year Ever

Guys, I JUST posted this like two weeks ago and it makes the top 4? Holy crap! This is about how to invest in yourself and those New Year’s resolutions.

5. 15 Small Changes to Make If You Want to Lose Weight

This post is one of my top weight loss articles because it’s all about how to make little tweaks to your lifestyle. Want to make a big life change? Watch these little changes add up!

6. The Ultimate List of Fitness Freebies

This was also a super popular post full of free workouts, free trials, free printables, and more!

7. What Happened My First Week As A Beachbody Coach

I just wrote this a week ago and it’s already gone crazy! I wrote about all of the weird and surprising crap that happened to me after signing up as a coach and you guys were super curious about that!

8. Why I Changed My Mind About Beachbody & Became A Coach

This was my personal little rant about why I went from openly against coaching to becoming one. If you’re a skeptic, this is a must-read.

9. Free Fitness Challenge Series

This was just a post about the ongoing fitness challenges I’m running. It features my schedule and how to get invited to one, etc!

10. 10 Ways To Get Back On Track After A Binge

This post BARELY made the top ten and wasn’t on track to be a top weight loss article until Thanksgiving! Lol! Seriously, on Thanksgiving you guys were looking for ways to recover from overeating and this post did really well for a few weeks after. 🙂

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

That’s it! Those are the top weight loss articles of 2018!

Now, of course I have a lot of other articles here on the blog and will continue to feature things related to motherhood and more. Be sure to check those out, too!

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