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How to Use Flipboard to Boost Your Site’s Page Views

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Wondering how to use Flipboard to increase your page views? This is the post for you! Stay tuned to find out how I’ve had over 5,000 page views per day with Flipboard and learn how to use Flipboard to drive traffic to your own site!

In business and the blogging world, it’s important to keep trying new things. Keeping up with change can be hard, but experimenting with new technology and marketing techniques is essential.

You can only stay in the game if you’re playing along.

This is especially true with social media.

On my last blog, most of my blog posts were about my experiences as I taught myself how to blog. I learned a ton and shared it with everyone. I spent two whole years in a trial-and-error phase that I shared publicly.

I found myself Googling things like, “How do I set up Flipboard?” and figuring out how to use it to drive traffic. I enjoyed doing it and saw a huge response from my readers. (As if you all need more blogging tips!)

Learning how to use Flipboard was one thing that I wanted to share with you all but never got around to.

Note: This post contains an affiliate link. If you use it to start your own blog, I might get a commission at no extra cost to you. 

Now that I’m blogging again, I want to help you reach your page view goals and reach higher in your business.

That’s why I’m going to tell you how to use Flipboard to increase your page views. And if you’re asking, “Is Flipboard safe to use?” the answer is definitely yes!

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WHAT IS FLIPBOARD? How do you drive traffic on Flipboard?

I like to think of it like Pinterest and StumbleUpon combined. It’s just another social platform that sort of works like a virtual magazine. When you use Flipboard, you are basically surfing the web based on your chosen interests.

You can browse all topics or narrow down your interests and “flip” through recently added articles all over the internet.

I say that Flipboard is similar to Pinterest because you can make a “magazine” that keeps your saved articles handy, just like the boards you create on Pinterest.

So in short, Flipboard is just an app/website that will help you find new content across the web.

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WHY USE FLIPBOARD? Is Flipboard free?

As I mentioned above, I’m always looking for more ways to get my site in front of new eyes. In less than a few weeks of using Flipboard, I was able to add up to 5,000 extra page views referred by Flipboard in one day.

While my extra page views were hit-and-miss (no real pattern there), I am always thankful for more page views. Some days when I was just getting started, I’d have an extra 20 page views from Flipboard. Soon it became 600.

Then, BAM!

Suddenly in one day, I’d hit 5,000 page views from FlipBoard alone. I’d never say no to more page views. And yes, it’s free.

how to use flipboard - flipboart tips for bloggers

Because if we’re telling the truth, more page views = more email subscribers and more income. 

Because that’s what this is about, right? If you’re here, reading this post, you’re blogging with the intention of earning. Blogging is a business.

(It is my favorite business, with uncapped income as the biggest motivator for most. Start your own blog with the help of this post. You can get started for as little as $3.95 per month!)

SO HOW DO YOU USE FLIPBOARD? How do you drive traffic on Flipboard?

Flipboard works just about the same as StumbleUpon as far as I can tell so far. (SU is now defunct. Sad face.)There’s no exact strategy.

But the more followers you have (follow me, now!) the more likely you are to get a “flip” from someone else onto their own boards. Then, hopefully, their followers see and click on your story and snowball from there.

Think of it the way pins are shared on Pinterest. One person adds a pin. It gets saved to the follower’s board. Their followers then see it. It spreads. Your blog grows.

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As far as I have been able to tell so far, you should only flip your content once (like with StumbleUpon.) I will be playing around with this more to see if Flipboard’s algorithm works more similarly to Pinterest or not (where you should repin your own content often).

How do I set up Flipboard?:

  1. Sign up on your phone, tablet or computer.
  2. Choose your interests (based on your blog topics).
  3. Start making relevant magazines (like boards on Pinterest).
  4. Start following other users. Follow me and we can support each other!
  5. Flip content you like.
  6. Start flipping your own content. You can add it manually or with a social share button.


  • Follow others in your niche (or with similar interests) regularly. They’ll follow you back sometimes and that’s a big win.
  • Update your topics/interests regularly
  • Try to keep your magazines to relevant topics only.
  • Try to flip content from other bloggers regularly. I try to “flip” a few minutes per week and make sure that my content is among a ton of other great content on my magazines.
  • To make it easy to add your content to Flipboard (and easy for readers to flip), add Flipboard to your social sharing bar or buttons. I added mine in SumoMe on the side.


I spent some time working on Flipboard before it really paid off. Learning how to use Flipboard to drive traffic was definitely an investment. Like with anything in business and blogging, it takes some time!

I followed others hoping they’d follow me back and I “flipped” content from other bloggers for a few minutes per week. I also added my own content every time I published a new blog post.

I recommend working on learning how to use Flipboard for three months. Just keep flipping content, adding your own, and following others.

Then take a look at your analytics.  If you don’t see a boost in page views, you may need to switch gears and focus on other social media platforms.

That’s all for now – I hope that if you decide to use Flipboard, you let me know how it goes! Good luck and happy blogging!

PSST! Don’t forget to follow me on Flipboard!

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