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How To Get Out Of A Funk (7 Helpful Strategies)

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Wondering how to get out of a funk? A positive mindset is hard to keep, but you can always get back on track! Here are some simple ways to get productive & positive again.

How To Get Out Of A Funk (7 Helpful Strategies)

Hi there! My name is Chantal – welcome to my website!

I won’t bore you with the backstory, but I have a LONG history with depression and anxiety. I’m also a mom, certified personal trainer, and certified nutrition coach.

(Read more about me here.)

I say all of this to preface today’s blog post because it’s important for you to know where I’m coming from.

The truth is that NOBODY is in a positive mindset 100% of the time. In fact, my personal truth is that I struggle to stay positive a LOT.

In fact, I have found myself “in a funk,” more times than I can probably remember.

So know that you are not alone in feeling like you’re in a slump. (Slump, funk, depression, low – it’s all a bad place to be.)

But also know that it is NOT REAL to always be up.

You may see family, friends, or influencers who appear to have it all together allll of the time. But my friend, that is a lie that is hurting you.

We are all humans, and some of us just hide the tough times better than others. Everyone experiences the feeling of, “being in a funk!”


I feel that it would be important to add that it is not always easy to just “pull yourself out” of a funk. On the other end of that, it is not a good idea to just wait around hoping that something will change.

If we are always waiting on external variables to motivate us or make our lives better, we are going to spend a LOT of time waiting!

So it’s an interesting juxtaposition here.

We should be able to control our mindset to an extent – but sometimes in cases of depression and other mental health issues, it’s not always possible.


I hope that you can see this.

If you are constantly finding yourself in a slump, and you have difficulty getting out of it, please consider talking to your doctor!

All of that being said, when talking about the typical everyday ebbs and flows of life, we can indeed get ourselves out of a mindset slump.

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

This post is meant to be used in such a case! So – let’s get to it. Here are 7 ways to get yourself out of a funk!

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7 Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

How To Get Out Of A Funk (7 Helpful Strategies)

1. Listen To A Podcast

I know it sounds a bit too simple, but did you know there are entire podcasts dedicated to mindset? Yep, we’re talking about positive thinking, meditation, productivity, and more!

Here are a few great mindset-specific podcasts to check out:

I absolutely love to listen to podcasts, and they are my go-to when I have no business buying another book or can’t find the one I want to read at my local library. Give it a try!

2. Find A Good Playlist

Music can be really powerful! Why not use it to get yourself out of a funk?

There are a lot of studies that support the idea that you get more done when listening to music. There are also studies that say it can indeed alter your mood!

(Learn more about that here.)

So, if you really want to help yourself get out of a funk, consider a great playlist!

What you choose might depend on what you’re trying to accomplish or what you’re lacking.

An upbeat playlist with a fast tempo can help you with energy – whereas a slow, calm, instrumental playlist might help you with relaxation and stress.

*You can find great playlists using almost any keywords/topics on Spotify! I love listening to other people’s playlists!

Again, the playlist you choose should reflect your goals! If you’re lacking workout motivation, that’s an easy one! Here are a few great playlists to get you pumped:

  • 2022 Gym Playlist
  • Ironwild Fitness Girl Power Rock Playlist
  • Feel-Good Jams
  • Type in “motivational playlist” on Spotify – you’ll be surprised at what you find!

Give it a try!

3. Talk It Out

Sometimes, get yourself out of a funk, it helps to get the thoughts in your head OUT.

If you have someone trustworthy to talk to, go for it! If not, it can still help you to talk to yourself out loud. Here are a few good questions to ask yourself:

  • What is it that I’m worrying about / anxious about?
  • What is the WORST thing that could happen?
  • What’s the BEST thing that could happen?
  • Is this something I still need to hold onto, or can I let go and give it to the world?

I know it seems awkward and silly, but sometimes the things that we are overwhelmed by are really in our heads! What we dwell on just snowballs into a bigger problem than it really is.

If you want to take it a step further, they make some great counseling apps that will help you talk things out!

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4. Go For A Walk

So simple, yet so powerful to get yourself out of a funk! If it’s sunny, you’ll get some much-needed Vitamin D (super important if you’re prone to Depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder).

If not, you’ll still get some fresh air and a little exercise – which can help to boost your mood almost instantly.

Trust me, a walk can work wonders. Even ten minutes can totally change your day! Get those endorphins (feel-good hormones) pumping and you’ll be well on your way to a better mood.

5. Get Inspiration On Pinterest

Pinterest is still a thing, I promise! (Maybe you even found this very post there.)

But did you know that there are countless motivational posts, boards, and quotes on Pinterest?

It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for Bible verses, quotes, or entire articles about how to stay motivated – use Pinterest and you’re sure to get a little pep in your step!

Create a motivational board (use it like a virtual vision board if you want) and start Pinning! Here are a few great search terms to try:

  • “Motivational quotes”
  • “Exercise motivation”
  • “Positive mindset hacks”

Once you have your board, go back to it anytime you need a little extra inspiration or motivation in life. Read a new blog post, see a new perspective, or implement a new strategy…you get the idea!

6. Start Journaling

If you aren’t already doing this, I highly suggest getting started ASAP. Go ahead and get yourself a pretty little journal to use exclusively for your thoughts. (I just use a NICE spiral notebook.)

Start each day writing about how you feel and what you intend to get done. You can also reflect on what you did or how you felt the previous day.

I personally use a journal to write down the following things each morning:

  • A sentence or two about how the previous day went. (Did I hit my goals?)
  • A sentence or two about my overall intentions for the day.
  • The three most important things I want to accomplish that day.

It might take a little time to get into the groove with journaling, but it helps with accountability when motivation is just not there. Try it out to get yourself out of a funk!

I love teaching this technique in my online nutrition coaching course for mindset in terms of food, but it works for just about any goal!

7. Give Yourself A Day of Grace

Yep – it might be time to just take a day off. No to-do lists, no expectations. Give yourself a day to forget about everything and just do what you want ALL DAY.

Maybe you’ll go to the beach. Maybe you’ll read a juicy novel and only get up to go pee. Or maybe you’ll watch Netflix all day. Who knows?!

The important thing here is to let go of any pressure you’re putting on yourself but also commit to getting back on track the following day.

That slump you’re in? It might just be that you need some mental and physical rest!

PRO TIP: Hire a certified personal trainer or nutrition coach to help you with mindset and accountability!

There you have it, friend! I hope that this post will help you and your mindset as you work to smash goals and stay positive. If you have any other favorite ways to get yourself out of a funk, I’m happy to hear them!

You can always leave me a comment below. You can also find me online here and here.

Best of luck,


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