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10 Free Home Workouts To Do During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Looking for free home workouts to do during coronavirus outbreak? Staying healthy in these crazy times is important! Here’s a list of free at-home workouts to try during the COVID-19 outbreak.

home workouts to do during coronavirus outbreak

Finding home workouts to do during coronavirus is a topic I never thought I’d be writing about!

But as a “gym” type of person, I feel for other personal trainers and everyone with personal fitness goals. Since gyms are typically sweaty, warm, germ-breeding swamps, most of us are staying away!

This is an uncertain time and I don’t know about you, but my stress levels are a *little* elevated.

For the first two weeks of hearing about the coronavirus outbreak, I was basically skipping workouts anyway.

I was preoccupied with the thought of “prepping,” worrying about my daughter in school, and wondering how I should treat this threat on a personal level.

Home workouts to do during coronavirus was NOT on my mind.

I feel lucky to have a nice NordicTrack stationary bike, which makes for a great cardio workout at home.

But I invested in this some time ago, and I realize that so many people don’t have access to the things I do! As a personal trainer, I have spent the last few years obtaining all sorts of cheap home exercise equipment, and I am pretty decent at creating my own workouts.

I realize that that’s not the case for everyone.

home workouts to do during coronavirus outbreak

Plus, there’s the boredom factor!

If you’re trying to stay fit amid the coronavirus outbreak, I get it!

I know that riding my bike every day is going to get old. And I know that my kids won’t always allow me to ride safely (I have a needy 2 year old) since they are stuck at home too.

So, I wanted to figure out other ways to work out at home amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Even though I already have 25 free workouts to try listed in another post, I wanted to create an updated list with the situation in mind.

I know that my personal stress levels and mental health are directly related to a lack-of-exercise, so let’s stay on track together.

Exercise at Home to Avoid the Gym During COVID-19 Outbreak

By now, you should already be skipping the gym. Hopefully you understand that even if you are healthy, staying at home will help to curb the outbreak. It’s not just to protect yourself, it’s to protect others, as well as the doomed healthcare system.

I’m not really here to argue about the legitimacy of concerns regarding the coronavirus, or how you should stay home as much as you can.

I just ask that you use your better judgement here!

I’m here to share home workouts to do during coronavirus so that we can continue to have some sense of health, normalcy, and control in this situation. So let’s hop to it.

10 Free Home Workouts To Do During Coronavirus Outbreak

1. Anything by Nourish Move Love.

Nourish Move Love is owned by Lindsey – a personal trainer who is rocking the YouTube workouts and whom I admire a bunch as a fitness blogger. She has some great workouts, but if you’re looking to keep it short and effective, I recommend some of her HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training). Here’s one to get you started:

2. Any Lauren Gleisberg workouts.

Lauren is another personal trainer and fitness blogger who always has a good workout to try! She has a whole category of home workouts using a variety of modalities. Here’s a good one to get you started. 

3. My bodyweight booty killer.

I have a few free at-home workouts of my own, and they will do nicely for home workouts to do during coronavirus. You can try my bodyweight booty workout here.

4. My Laundry Day Workout

Since I am a stay-at-home mom (and personal trainer), I am used to staying home a LOT. I know that it can be tempting to binge Netflix and lay around every day. I decided to create this workout to add more movement and activity to my day-to-day activities.

So check out the laundry day workout and see what it’s all about!

Laundry day full body workout by Ironwild Fitness

5. Wildcard Workout Card Game

Print, cut, sweat! I created this workout game as one of the very first freebies for my readers. (You may have done something similar with a deck of cards with a personal trainer.)

The beauty of this game is that you’ll never get the same workout twice! You can get this freebie when you sign up for my email newsletter. (Along with all sorts of other fitness and nutrition freebies.)

6. Pumps & Iron Bodyweight Workout

Nicole, a fitness instructor and blogger (do you see a trend here?) has a BUNCH of free workouts to try during the coronavirus outbreak. You can click here for all of her bodyweight workouts, or start with this living-room friendly tabata workout:

7. 15-Minute Tabata by BeFitDavis

Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training. You can get effective, short workouts by doing this style of exercise! BeFitDavis has a great 15-minute workout to try, along with many others on her website.

8. Fit As A Mama Bear Workouts

Fit As A Mama Bear is a fellow mom/fitness blog, so naturally I have to include her many home workouts on this list. Shelby, the author of this blog, is a certified strength coach and nutrition coach (and she’s totally fit-mom goals). So go check out her blog, budding Youtube Channel, or start with this home workout:

9. This 12 Minute AMRAP From StayFitMom

AMRAP means “As Many Rounds As Possible.” Set a timer for 12 minutes, and do as many rounds as you can with this workout from StayFitMom. To make it more fun and challenging, you could do the same workout several times per week to see if you can increase the number of rounds!

10. Christina Carlyle Workouts

While most of Christina’s workouts require a set of dumbbells, they can also mostly be done at home. Since most of us do have dumbbells (or something we could use as dumbbells, like canned food), these make this list for home workouts to do during coronavirus. Check out Christina’s workout database, or start with this full body workout:

At-Home Workout Tips And Tricks If You’re In Self-Isolation

Before you go, I want you to know a few things regarding home workouts to do during coronavirus. These tips will help you stay healthy and keep your workouts effective.

  • Go for effective. Staying active during this time is important, but remember that not all workouts are created equal. If you want to biggest bang, opt for high-intensity workouts. Longer isn’t always better!
  • Allow yourself some grace. This is NOT the time to worry about your body fat percentage. Consider it a maintenance phase.
  • Nutrition will ultimately be your biggest weapon (or downfall). It’s harder than ever to get *some* foods, but you can still eat well. Frozen fruit and veggies will be your best friend when everything else is gone!
  • You are supporting a blogger or small business owner every time you watch a YouTube video, read a blog post, or buy a digital product from them! Everything counts to us, so don’t hesitate to load up on the free content!

Looking for an entire workout program you can do at home? I’ve created both a 21-day postpartum workout/clean eating challenge, plus a monthlong core-strengthening program. Check them out!

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