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27 Delicious High Protein Meal Prep Ideas

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Looking for delicious high protein meal prep ideas to help you lose weight and gain muscle? Check out this list of protein-packed meal prep recipes!

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High Protein Meal Prep Ideas
Delicious high protein meal prep ideas in this post!

Hi there – I’m Chantal.

Welcome to my site!

For context, I’m a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I’m also a busy mom of two!

If it isn’t already obvious by the title of my site and this post on high protein meal prep ideas, I’m pretty dang into health and fitness.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t need some ideas on high protein meal prep for weight loss myself.

Getting organized and planning your meals out is arguably one of the most difficult things about hitting your fitness goals, so today I want to make sure you have all of the high protein meal ideas you could possibly need!

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Everything You Could Possibly Need to Get Started With High Protein Meal Prep

I tend to overshare and write a lot, so let me quickly go over what you’ll find inside this post:

  • Why having a list of easy high protein meal prep ideas is super handy for your health & fitness goals
  • How I personally do my own meal prep for weight loss
  • List of all the high protein meal prep ideas you could possibly need to get started

Let’s jump in!

high protein lunch meal prep
High protein meal prepping recipes!

Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss or Gain

Regardless of whether you’re interested in gaining or losing weight, protein is probably a key piece of the puzzle.

In my online nutrition coaching course, I get really into all of the reasons why you need more protein in your everyday diet.

(Regardless of whether you’re eating low-calorie or not.)

While I won’t go that in-depth in this post, I definitely want to share some important protein facts with you.

First up, protein helps you stay full longer. Your body actually takes longer to process protein, meaning that the energy it delivers is actually more of a “slow release” and is delivered over time.

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Because of this, you should know that eating more protein can actually increase your daily caloric “burn.”

Your body actually expends more calories just to process protein compared to fats and carbohydrates. In other words, you’re going to “spend” more calories just by eating more protein!

Not to mention that there are fewer calories per gram in protein than in fats! (Protein has 4 calories per gram and fats have 9.)

Lastly, proteins are super-duper important for muscle growth and retention. If you aren’t consuming enough protein, your body will start stealing it from your existing muscle mass rather than contributing to it. Yikes!

So if your goal is weight gain in the form of muscle mass, it’s not gonna happen unless you eat more protein!

Hopefully, you can see why high-protein meal prep ideas would be handy to have on hand!

Protein = super important!

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meal prep ideas for weight loss
A protein packed meal prep!

How I Personally Do My Own Meal Prep for Weight Loss

I’m not personally in need of gaining any weight (although I’ll take muscle mass), so when I meal prep, it’s with weight loss in mind.

I have learned that obsessing over food typically backfires for me, so my compromise is to meal prep a *few* things each week instead of everything little thing I eat.

Learning how to be flexible with your eating and making smart decisions while also enjoying life is important.

Low-calorie isn’t always best depending on your goals!

I’m not into complicated meal preps, so I often reach for my easy ground turkey meal prep recipe.

However, it’s easy to get bored with high protein lunch meal prep (and dinners, too), so here are a few other things I like to do to switch it up:

  • Meal prep healthy snacks – here’s a list of healthy meal prep snack ideas to try out.
  • Bulk prep (wash and chop if needed) fresh fruit and veggies. I find that they stay edible longer if they get fully dried and stored in sealed glass containers.
  • Use online grocery shopping pickup or delivery to cut down on impulsive buys that don’t fit my goals.
  • Switch up the meal that I prep – sometimes I meal prep breakfast instead of lunch for the week.
  • Plan out dinners a week in advance. This really helps!

The key is to just keep troubleshooting and trying new things until you find a system that works for you.

But figuring out some easy high protein meal prep ideas that work for you is a worthy investment for your health!

Onto the recipes!

protein packed meal prep
Chicken taco meal prep!

27 Delicious High Protein Meal Prep Ideas

1. Spicy Pineapple Chicken Meal Prep

Love a little sweet and sour flavor?

This recipe is a great high protein lunch meal prep for anyone who loves a little tang and really wants to switch things up.

Add it to your ideas for a protein packed meal prep! You probably already have chicken breasts on hand anyway!

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2. Easy Ground Turkey & Veggies

Need to keep it simple and quick? My recipe for this ground turkey meal prep is perfect for you. Seriously, it’s a really easy high protein meal prep with super simple ingredients..

Use frozen or fresh veggies to make it a breeze.

Another great one for your protein packed meal prep ideas!

3. Turkey Feta Breakfast Egg Cups

Looking for a recipe specifically for breakfast prep?

This turkey feta breakfast egg cups recipe is actually super versatile. It’s perfect as an easy high protein meal prep for weight loss.

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4. High Protein Lasagna Stuffed Shells

This is easily one of my favorite high protein meal prep ideas because it’s a little different and it involves pasta!

(Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as regular lasagna.)

The macros for this delicious high-protein meal prep are:

Protein 43g – Carbohydrates 41 g – Fat 17 g

If you’re looking specifically for low-carb meal preps, you can do chickpea or cauliflower pasta to cut down a bit.

5. Southwest Steak Salad Meal Prep

Need a little red meat in your life? Have a can of black beans and corn on hand? Give this southwest steak salad a try!

You’ll get a few more greens in, won’t need to heat anything, and it’s pretty dang easy to make!

This is seriously such a good high protein lunch meal prep! Yum!

6. Honey Sriracha Chicken Recipe

If you’re looking to spice things up with your low-calorie high protein meal preps, look no futher!

This honey sriracha chicken meal prep from Gym Shark is sure to take the boredom out of your healthy eating plan.

When talking protein packed meal prep, this is a great one to try!

7. Greek Chicken Bowls

This protein packed meal prep is a delicious twist on gyros and classic Greek flavor. It calls for yummy tzatziki sauce and has about 43 grams of protein per meal.

Tweak the recipe just a little to omit the rice and you’ll have a great low-carb prep idea, too!

8. Ground Beef Butternut Squash Prep

This is the perfect fall meal prep recipe, and it’s easy to make!

Ground beef is easy to source and stays relatively affordable, so why not give this nourishing ground beef butternut squash meal prep a try?

9. Steak Fajita Roll Ups

This is another great low calorie high protein meal prep. It’s also super low-carb!

If you love fajitas and you’re trying to branch out a little when it comes to preps, give this steak fajita roll ups recipe a try.

It features the classic combo of bell peppers & spicy meat without the carbs of flour tortillas.

It’s sure to be on your protein packed meal prep list of favorites!

10. Spinach Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

Need another high-protein breakfast meal prep idea?

Make these spinach & egg breakfast sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them for busy mornings.

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11. Big Mac in a Bowl

If you love a good cheeseburger but you want to eat healthier, you’ll definitely want to check out these low-carb Big Mac bowls!

(Like a hamburger without the bun!)

This recipe is super easy to make, is keto diet friendly, and will surely help to satisfy any juicy burger cravings!

It’s perfect for a high protein lunch meal prep too.

delicious high protein meal prep ideas
27 high protein meal prep ideas.

12. Low-Cal Turkey Taco Bowls

Still need meal prep ideas for weight loss? Not feeling burgers?

Give this low-calorie, low-carb turkey taco bowl recipe a try!

It’s also Paleo, gluten-free, and it’s super easy to throw together. This recipe is super versatile – tweak it to your liking!

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13. Taco Breakfast Scramble

Going back to breakfast meal preps, this taco breakfast scramble looks too good to be true.

Skip the boring hard-boiled eggs and create this delicious meal instead!

It’s also Whole 30, Paleo and keto-friendly.

If macros and protein are on your mind, this taco breakfast scramble is the perfect fit!

14. Korean Beef Bowls

If you’re going along with the ground beef theme, you’ll definitely want to try these healthy Korean beef bowls for your next nutritious meal.

Give them a try and let me know if they make it on your list of best delicious high protein meal prep ideas.

(Because the last thing I want for you is a boring meal after a long day!)

15. Mediterranean Salmon Bowls

I love having this recipe on my list of high protein meal prep ideas.

Why? Because salmon is one the most nutritious proteins you can get your hands on!

It’s full of healthy fats and is perfect for meal prepping!

If you’re looking for something a little different for a high protein lunch meal prep, definitely check out these salmon bowls.

16. High Protein Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Freezer meals are basically the ultimate when it comes to meal prep ideas for weight loss.


Because they save you from yourself when you’re low on time or energy. (Seriously, such a good protein packed meal prep!)

Set aside some time to make these high protein freezer breakfast burritos and you’ll be glad you did!

17. Slow Cooker Carnitas Burrito Bowls

This protein-packed meal prep has me drooling since I’m a huge burrito fan.

If you’re looking for any easy recipe, this might be the one for you!

The actual protein (carnitas) is a breeze to prep in the Crockpot, and everything else comes together pretty quickly too!

Click here to try these high-protein burrito bowls out!

18. Healthy Shrimp Protein Meal Prep Bowl

Have some frozen shrimp you need to cook up? This is the meal prep bowl you need!

This high-protein meal prep recipe calls for pasta, but you could easily swap it out for cauliflower or brown rice depending on your carb / macro goals.

(Cauliflower rice or a bed of green would be better for a low-carb meal prep!)

19. Slow Cooker Butter Chicken Prep

Need a meal prep idea that you can lean on for busy weeknights and easily tweak to fit your macros?

This is a really good idea & recipe!

While this recipe calls for chicken thighs and full-fat coconut milk, you can easily switch to skim milk and chicken breast to change the fat content up.

Add it to your list of high protein meal prep ideas to try out!

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low calorie high protein meal prep
A delicious high protein meal prep idea.

20. Baked Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs

If the pictures of this meal prep don’t have you drooling, there’s something wrong. 🙂 Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, friends!

It’s naturally gluten-free, takes about half an hour to make, and is easily tweaked to work with the ingredients you already have on hand.

Give these yummy honey garlic chicken thighs a try for your next high protein lunch meal prep!

21. Sloppy Joe Meal Prep Bowls

Love the tangy flavor of sloppy Joe’s but want to cut back on carbs? This is a great low calorie high protein meal prep for you!

This is a great way to get the same tangy Sloppy Joe flavor sans the bun to make it low-carb. Then add some veggies and sweet potatoes to make it the perfect prep.

Click here for this great high protein meal prep recipe!

22. Baked Herb Chicken Breast with Couscous

Still on the hunt for meal prep ideas for weight loss? Want to switch it up a little on your high-protein diet?

Grab some couscous and veggies for roasting for this easy high protein prep.

It’s packed with protein due to the low-fat chicken breast and makes a great high protein lunch meal prep.

23. Paleo Salmon Meal Prep Bowls

As far as high protein meal prep ideas, this one is probably one of my favorite combos. (Remember, salmon is a great source of protein!)

It’s the classic protein, veggie, and grain combo, but it uses cauliflower rice instead of actual rice!

This helps to cut down on carb intake, but you can choose brown rice if you need to.

You can also easily swap out this recipe’s asparagus selection (I’m all about green beans) as well!

24. Protein Oatmeal Meal Prep Breakfast

Still stuck on what to meal prep for breakfast? This protein-packed meal prep might just do the trick!

This high protein breakfast meal prep features oatmeal, protein powder, and dairy-free milk. Give it a try!

25. Easy Buffalo Chicken Rice Bowl

This easy high protein meal prep honestly looks sooo good!

If you’re a fan of tangy buffalo flavor this is the perfect prep for you.

Make it with or without rice depending on your macro goals.

Get this easy high protein meal prep recipe here!

26. Gyro Turkey Meatball Grain Bowls

Still need meal prep ideas for weight loss? Love Greek food but trying to eat high-protein meals?

This gyro turkey meatball grain bowl could be one of your new favorite high protein preps!

If you have Greek yogurt and red onion on hand, give the recipe a try over at Joyful Healthy Eats!

27. High Protein Jambalaya Meal Prep Bowls

Add a little Cajun flavor to your life with these high-protein jambalaya bowls.

Since jambalaya normally already has a mixture of different proteins, it’s the perfect way to switch things up!

(This flavor-packed recipe calls for chicken, turkey sausage, and shrimp.)

Keep it low-carb by using cauliflower rice, and this is truly the perfect low carb high protein meal prep.

It’s also a great high protein meal prep for weight loss since you can really get your macros dialed in.

How’s that for high protein meal prep ideas?!

Phew. That’s a lot of protein!

I hope this helped you with ideas on high protein meal prep for weight loss. (Or gain!)

Now go to the grocery store and get cooking one of these high-protein meal prep recipes!

Until next time,


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