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7 Healthy Hobby Ideas For A Happier Life

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Exercise and nutrition both play a part in a happier life! Here are 7 healthy hobby ideas for a happier life. 

healthy hobby ideas for a healthier and happier life

Sometime after I became a mom, I found myself a little lost and unkempt. It’s true! I needed to find exciting active hobbies. So, I found myself looking for healthy hobbies ideas wherever possible.

Today’s post is a compilation of healthy hobbies that will improve your life. Enjoy!

Honestly, I have experienced a lifetime of wondering, “How do you know what your hobby is?”

Yep, I’m one of those restless types, always switching things up, eager to try new things, but not typically settling on one thing. It’s as true for hobby ideas as it is anything else in my life!

So when I found myself quite a bit overweight after my first child was born, I knew I had to grow up a little and find some healthy hobbies. Not just for myself, but for my kids, too.

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Are hobbies good for your health?

I reckon that there are obviously benefits to great hobbies for physically active people, but that also, all hobbies are beneficial for your mind and soul!

However, there are some of us who have been the unhealthy, lethargic people that WANT to become the people who make fitness a hobby.

healthy hobbies for women

I am sure that there is research out there, but I think we can all agree that hobbies are good for us. Picking up healthy hobbies that will improve your quality of life would just be that much better.

Does that sound like you? (It was definitely me before I became a personal trainer.)

So, what are good hobby ideas? More specifically, what are the best hobbies for a health boost? 

Well, I may be a little biased as a personal trainer and semi-active person (even I struggle). But I have done a lot of research and soul-searching after pondering, “What are fun ways to exercise?” for years before being active on a semi-regular basis.

So today, I want to “thought dump” a bunch of fitness hobbies and ideas on you. But first, we have some important questions to address.

Can exercise be a hobby? Are there really ways to exercise without realizing it?

Yes! And yes! Here’s the thing about exercise hobbies and such though. You have to keep trying new things, and you have to keep at it.

I personally had to try a lot of things I didn’t like before finally realizing what I did enjoy. And as much as it sucks to hear, creating new healthy habits and getting consistent at your active hobbies can take years.

healthy hobby ideas
Annie taking a rainy-day hike!

Yep. There, I said it. Some things are just HARD the first several times you do them. Hobbies are often skills that need to be built. But that’s half the fun. Challenges are what keep us interested, I think! But of course, the best hobbies for fitness are ones that are realistic but also challenging.

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I don’t know about you, but I am not always going to be about super creative hobby ideas if they’re complicated.

And as a mom, hobby ideas to do alone are important as well as healthy hobby ideas that the whole family can enjoy. So, let’s get to it.

7 Healthy Hobby Ideas For A Happier Life

What are some good hobbies to pick up? Let me share the great physical fun hobbies that I’ve discovered so far.

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

1. Vegetable Gardening

You may think I’m a nerd for this one, but this is my FAVE hobby ever. It’s at the top of my list of healthy hobby ideas for a reason. I know, I’m supposed to be a personal trainer whose fitness hobbies include lifting heavy things and making people sweat.

While I do enjoy that, nothing hits the mind, body, and soul for me like gardening. I feel so strongly about it, I even wrote a post about vegetable gardening for weight loss. Not only is gardening good exercise, it also helps you appreciate and grow healthy food. Plus, anyone can do it in some capacity.

2. Dog Walking

Dog walking isn’t just a healthy hobby idea, it can also be a good side hustle! The thing is that even if you don’t own a dog, you can surely borrow time (and even charge for it) with one! If you’re thinking this is a weird healthy hobby idea, think again! Studies show that owning a dog makes you happier, so surely spending time with one walking is good for your mental, emotional, and physical health!

Plus, studies also show that people who own pets live longer. You’re welcome. (Hey, I’m giving you a GREAT reason to go adopt a dog, right?)

healthy hobby ideas

3. Riding Bicycles

Get your heart pumping, legs moving, and feel the wind blowing in your hair. I remember taking 5-15 mile casual bike rides on country roads as a kid. Nothing felt better than an easy ride past fields at dusk.

Taking in the sweet smell of warm summer berries as the sun goes down? The absolute best. Obviously, riding bikes is great exercise. But it’s also some good time to relax and enjoy yourself while taking in the scene.

You don’t need an expensive bike unless you’re planning to trail ride or get into cycling, either.

4. Yoga

Yoga used to sound totally dumb to me (just being honest) until I tried a restorative class that erased all of my hip and back pain. I am into high-energy workouts myself, but if you look at yoga from a stretching/relaxation/restorative perspective instead of a calorie burn, it’s actually amazing.

You don’t have to become a huge yogi, rather, you can use yoga to ease back pain, relax, and stay limber! Check out these beginner yoga tips and try a class for yourself!

5. Reading

I know reading doesn’t sound like something that would be good for your physical health, but it actually is!

Reading actually helps keep mental health and brain health in check, per this study. And as we know, having good mental health is a key component in physical health. So pick up a book and read, even if it’s only for 20 minutes per day!

6. Traveling

Do you ever get the travel bug like me? When I travel, I find myself off screens more and walking a LOT.

But on top of that, the adventure that is learning about a new place is good for your mental and emotional health.

When you fuel your mind and soul, the body often reaps the benefits! It doesn’t matter if you take a day trip or a big international trip. Just try to plan a little exploring several times per year. If you’re in Oregon, check out these day trip ideas!

7. Hiking

Hiking has obvious cardiovascular benefits. But I can think of a few other things that put hiking on my list of top active hobbies ideas.

Firstly, there are thousands of hikes that are 100% free! When they aren’t free, it’s usually $5 or less for a day pass at state or national parks.

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If you are a serious hiker, you can even buy annual passes that make hikes a lot cheaper.

Plus, hiking allows us to enjoy fresh air (especially in the forest or along the coast) coupled with incredible scenery/views. If it’s endorphins you’re after, hiking is always a good call!

exercise hobbies
Just out here living that Oregon life!

How’s that for healthy hobbies that will improve your quality of life?

Do you have any favorite healthy hobbies you want me to add to the list? Share any exciting active hobbies with me by leaving a comment below!


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