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75 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Starting healthy habits can be hard. Where should you start? Pick from these healthy habits that will change your life!

Hi there! My name is Chantal. I’m the owner of this site, along with being a certified personal trainer and mom of two. Welcome!

healthy lifestyle habits ideas

I want to start by saying – HEY! I really appreciate every single person that stops by to read one of my posts, so thank you.

If you want to learn more about me and what I do here, you should check out this page and maybe read about why I became a certified personal trainer. (I totally didn’t grow up in the world of sports or fitness.)

Other than that, I hope you find my post about healthy habits that will change your life fun & encouraging.

I think that most of us can benefit from developing new wellness habits from time-to-time.

Myself included!

I have always shared that my health journey hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve realized some really important things along the way.

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Ready for some new, healthy lifestyle habits?

Before you get started down the list, there are some things you should know.

Firstly, health is the cumulation of many healthy decisions made over and over again.

Finding healthy habits to start (even if they are small) is important. Wellness is like a big puzzle, with many pieces, each of which is different for each human.

Starting healthy habits that will change your life, one by one, is key.

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My advice to people who are really struggling with their health is to pick a handful of small wellness habits to work on at a time.

I don’t advise any crazy-restrictive diets, and I don’t suggest taking on too much at once. (It almost always backfires!)

Once you master a few healthy habits, you will be empowered to make more healthy changes.

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Research shows that habits don’t really stick until you’ve done them consistently for at least 21 days in a row.

So, if you really want your new healthy habit to stick, you need to work on it for some time before you give up!

Don’t expect your life to change overnight. Or even from week to week. Health is always a work in progress.

Another thing to remember is that health will really vary from person to person. Our ideas of health might vary slightly, and so will our goals.

That being said, some of my healthy habit ideas aren’t for everyone. Keep it realistic to your life and your goals, and you’ll do great!

*Note – I am not a doctor or registered dietician. That being said, take my advice at your own risk. 🙂

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Healthy habit ideas to start building

75 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

In this list, I’ve put together a bunch of healthy habit ideas for those who want to start working on their health little by little. I truly believe that when combined with a healthy diet and increased movement, these are healthy habits that will change your life.

Best of luck!

1. Put screens away 30-60 minutes before bed for better sleep. (And try my fave sleep spray!) Here are more simple ways to get better sleep every night.

2. Start drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day in water. Here are easy ways to increase your water intake.

3. Invest in a fitness tracker to motivate you to move more.

4. Learn your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to know your body’s daily caloric needs. (I use my Apple Watch to figure out my daily calorie burn.)

5. Start each day with a big glass of water.

6. Switch to non-dairy and no-sugar-added coffee creamer. I like Califia Almond Milk & Coconut Cream coffee creamer.

7. Eat 3-5 servings of vegetables per day. (Here’s how to get kids to eat more veggies.)

8. Start taking a multivitamin.

9. Stop drinking soda and energy drinks. Here are some more great ways to reduce sugar intake.

10. Set screen-time limits on your phone to be more present.

11. Limit your Netflix time to 1-2 shows per day.

12. Get up and walk around for several minutes every hour.

13. Start going for daily walks.

14. Start a health blog to chronicle your journey and stay accountable.

15. Exercise 3x/week minimum.

16. Start meditating or practicing yoga before bed. (Here are some great bedtime yoga poses for better sleep.)

17. Keep a journal. I like to keep a gratitude journal!

18. Celebrate your non-scale victories instead of just your weight.

19. Join a new group fitness class.

20. Start meal planning to get ahead on better nutrition. Start simple like with my easy ground turkey meal prep.

21. Take a nutrition class to help you make better food choices.

22. Learn to cook from scratch. (Here’s my whole wheat sourdough bread recipe.)

23. Set a budget/limit for take-out or fast food. Try my clean eating tips to help you get started!

24. Invest in some home exercise equipment.

25. Practice self-awareness as a way to know your negative health patterns.

26. Learn how to keep a tidy and organized home to keep stress levels low. Keeping clean contributes to stress and health! Here’s how tidying up can help with weight loss. 

27. Start a bedtime yoga routine for better sleep.

28. Learn to snack healthier (check out these healthy snack ideas).

29. Move to weekly or monthly weigh-ins to avoid a cycle of discouragement. Here’s why I switched to monthly! 

30. Set non-weight-related goals like running a mile, fitting into new jeans, etc. Here’s how to set realistic goals.

PRO TIP: Hire a certified personal trainer or nutrition coach to help you with mindset and accountability!

31. Start taking probiotics to improve your gut health (it impacts metabolism).

32. Set goals using a tracker and breaking down the steps to accomplish each goal.

33. Volunteer for a local non-profit or other cause.

34. Make a list of ways to help a friend or someone in need. (And do them!) Here are some great ways to help a new mom in your life.

35. Stop making room for toxic people in your life.

36. Read a self-help book. Here’s a great book on the science and psychology of overeating.

37. Start listening to motivational podcasts.

38. Learn how to grow your own vegetables. Here’s how veggie gardening can benefit you on your weight loss journey!

39. Start drinking herbal teas instead of sugary drinks.

40. Learn to get up earlier every day.

41. Take time for regular self-care rituals. Here are some great, simple self-care ideas.

42. Have regular girls’ nights or nights out with friends.

43. Take advantage of your vacation days or paid time off.

44. Schedule some day trips or weekends away each quarter.

45. Try a new healthy hobby once in a while. Here are some healthy hobby ideas that could be fun to try!

46. Get 10-15 minutes of vitamin D (sunshine!) daily or consider supplementing. (Or consider Vitamin D spray!)

47. Find a good meal replacement or healthy protein bar to keep stocked at all times. Here are my recommendations.

48. Start ordering water instead of sugar drinks at restaurants and fast-food places.

49. Learn how to reward yourself with fun or play instead of food. (Celebrate these non-scale victories with non-food rewards.)

50. Spend a little extra time getting yourself ready in the morning each day.

51. Try to eat your fruit and vegetables before you eat the other food on your plate.

52. If you’re eating too much, get some smaller plates or portion containers to help you out. Here’s how to recover in a healthy way if you overeat.

53. Switch to cast-iron or non-toxic cookware. I use the Lodge brand.

54. Try weekly meal prep, such as my easy egg muffin cups.

55. Put away your phone and talk to people at mealtimes.

56. Start spending a few minutes reading each night before bed.

57. Try positive affirmations to help your mindset.

58. Identify negative thoughts and behaviors in your life and start fighting them with intention. (I preach self-awareness on your weight loss journey!)

59. Try doodling or adult coloring books to replace boredom eating.

60. Learn how to come back from binge eating safely. If it’s a real problem see a doctor.

61. Learn about the benefits of foam rolling and self-myofascial release as a way to help your muscles recover post-exercise.

62. Start getting monthly massages if you can afford them. Consider physical therapy if you need it, too!

63. Call a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while.

64. Stop watching movies or shows that affect your mood negatively.

65. Do a social media detox and cut back on platforms that are just wasting your time. (Here’s why I stopped using FB and Instagram.)

66. Try a new type of exercise every few months. Here’s how to get started in a new group fitness class with confidence!

67. Learn how to make healthier versions of your favorite recipes.

68. Learn how to make healthy grocery shopping decisions and swaps.

69. Start a health blog to stay accountable and chronicle your health journey.

70. Learn how to stay consistent and keep working out while on your period.

71. Figure out what works for you to keep up fitness motivation and bust through plateaus. (How to stay motivated!)

72. Invest in some basic home gym equipment.

73. Practice kindness and mindfulness when you interact with others.

74. Learn how to strengthen your core (and work on it regularly) to avoid injury. Here are some great beginner core exercises to try.

75. Always keep learning new things and never give up!

There you have it!

I hope you are inspired by my healthy habits that will change your life. If you pick just a handful to work on each year, you’re sure to live a healthy, happy life.

Looking for healthy morning habits to add to your life, too? Click the link to read that post and get inspired!

Do you have any other healthy lifestyle habits you’d like to suggest? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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