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The Ultimate Rock Girl Power Workout Playlist

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Looking for a girl power workout playlist with rock music? Here’s my rock workout playlist for women! It’s perfect for tough workouts and heavy lifts!

If you can dig a little rock in your life, you’re going to love this workout playlist. It features some of the best girl power songs to pump up your next workout!

I’m sure you recognize the power a great playlist can give you during a workout. Most people I know struggle to workout without music on, and it’s for good reason.

Music gives you energy and encourages your brain to keep a steady pace and increase intensity.

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Music to Move To – Girl Power Songs

I used to work out to whatever pop mixes were on Pandora or my gym’s radio.

It was okay but eventually, Pitbull and Usher get a little old (okay, I’m dating myself here). Especially when you’re trying to dig deep and lift heavy.

I discovered that a little angry or intense music goes a long way for me when I’m trying to get in the zone.

I like it so much, that eventually I’d like to pioneer a weight-lifting fitness class set to rock music. Think PUMP class, which involves a lot of repetitive lifting but with a little Rock & Roll in the background. (Someday!)

I love girl power workouts!

No matter what kind of music you listen to, it can be fun to find new music that gives you energy and makes you feel powerful. F

or me, that’s usually 90’s grunge, early 2000’s rock, or new hard rock. (I love everything from Soundgarden to Deftones to Sleep Token.)

But lately, I have also been loving the rocker-chick category – it makes me feel badass as I bust through to new personal records and lift heavy. (Pump up your workout playlist!)

If you’re looking for some girl power workout songs to switch it up with during your workout, I hope you like this playlist.

It’s a fun way to stay motivated and get laser-focused.


The Ultimate Rock Girl Power Workout Playlist

The Ultimate Rock Girl Power Workout Playlist – Fun Girl Workout Songs


Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

Magic Man – Heart

Zombie – The Cranberries

Take Me Down – The Pretty Reckless

Familiar Taste of Poison – Halestorm


Raise Hell – Dorothy

Fully Alive – Flyleaf

I Am The Fire – Halestorm

Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

Take it Off – The Donnas

Unbreakable – Fireflight

Mayhem – Halestorm

Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless

The Void – Spiritbox


Decode – Paramore

Let Me Go – Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger

Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies

Don’t Speak – No Doubt

Dear Daughter – Halestorm

What are your favorite girl workout songs? Do you like this girl power workout playlist? (I hope you like these empowering workout songs.)

Let me know below!

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