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Free Printable Weekly Weight Loss Tracker

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Looking for a free printable weekly weight loss tracker? This is for you! Also see my first weigh in using my cute little tracker. But if you want to know my top tip for weight loss accountability for myself, it has been writing this very blog. Start your own fitness blog using Siteground!

free printable weekly weight loss tracker

Hi gang!

If you are checking in after last week’s post in which I announced the weight loss progress chart that I’d made, I’m so happy to see you!

I have to admit though, that as I sat down to write this post, I was a little embarrassed. You see, in last week’s post, I wrote about accountability and having the realization that I needed visual reminders of my goals, and so on.

My plan was to do a weekly weigh-in using the free printable weekly weight loss tracker I made (you can use it monthly if you want, too).

I was dead-set on publicly sharing my weight and body composition using the Renpho Smart Scale I go, as well as writing it down on my cute little weight loss chart.

And I still plan to. 

But I did a dumb thing by starting this accountability thing the week before my birthday.

Actually, today is Monday, AKA weigh-in day, AKA my birthday. (28!)


The reason I am a little embarrassed is because well, since my birthday fell on a Monday, and my husband works out of town, we decided to celebrate over the weekend.

We also happened to celebrate my step-daughter’s birthday this weekend.

So we had back-to-back birthday celebrations this weekend and mannnnn… what a weekend. LOL. Click here to read my tips for eating healthy at restaurants. 

Weight Loss Tracker Woes

When I woke up today and hopped on the scale, I was like OH SH**! I gained!

I need a weight loss tracker
Living the bloated life?

And for a second I was a little ashamed, like, “Why can’t I just lose for once?”

But then I remembered that it was in fact my birthday, and I wasn’t going to be a slave to the scale or MyFitnessPal on my birthday weekend. I just wasn’t. (I kind of pretended that yesterday was my birthday and have been totally back on track today.)

But I did work really hard last week, working out several times, meal planning, and being in a small calorie deficit four days of the week.

And while the scale certainly doesn’t reflect it, my clothes feels better and I feel less bloated. I also feel a lot better mentally – I feel more motivated and positive.

I also feel like I have more energy! So while the update I’m giving you today reflects a 0.6 pound gain, it definitely doesn’t reflect all of those awesome non-scale victories I’ve been having.

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

free printable weekly weight loss tracker

Why Is She Telling Us All Of This?

Good question. I am telling you this because as you use your cute free printable weekly weight loss tracker, I want you to remember that things fluctuate. OOOHHHH, DO THEY EVER.

And, if you weigh yourself more often than once per week, you WILL get down on yourself. And it’s also silly. Water happens. Bloat happens. Birthdays happen. You know. 

Also, since I am doing all of this in the spirit of accountability and motivation, I am laying it all out on the table to let you know that your journey does not have to be perfect.

Not perfect ≠ no progress.


Back to what’cha came for, that handy-dandy free printable.


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Free Printable Weekly Weight Loss Tracker

I know that I published this free printable weekly weight loss tracker last week, but I wanted to make sure that access to it was easy. So I’m probably just going to add the sign-up form for it to every weigh-in post.

The nice thing is that when you get the weight loss chart, you’ll also get a ton of other stuff. My exclusive freebie library also has:

  • A water intake tracker
  • A meal calendar to help you plan dinners, etc.
  • A body measurement tracker
  • A printable workout card game
  • A weekly meal plan + shopping list
  • A daily food log and;
  • A blogging ebook to help aspiring bloggers get started

(Plus I am adding more stuff any chance I get!)

My Weigh-In + Body Composition Results

As some of you may know, I got the Renpho Smart Scale to track my body composition at home. (I did write quite a bit about the scale features in this post.) This is something I did to be able to track more than just my weight at home, rather than having to pay for a body scan.

I like it because it comes with an app that shows you charts and graphs of everything. It also shows you where you are on a spectrum of “healthy” or not from a medical perspective.

So for today, as I mentioned, I gained a TINY bit. But being that it’s my birthday, I am not going to ugly cry over this, because I know it’s not a normal day/week.

Anyway, here is a snap shot of today’s results:

As I mentioned, I am up less than a pound from LAST Monday. (I did weigh myself several times this week to see what it would look like in the app.) I’ll consider that a win because I could have turned this whole week into my “birthday week,” if you know what I mean.

Anyway, here is what the free printable weekly weight loss tracker looks like (so you can track your weight loss progress in a cute but simple way):free printable weekly weight loss trackerfree printable weekly weight loss trackerfree printable weekly weight loss tracker

Now granted, I am no graphic designer. But this is weight loss progress chart is just supposed to serve as a visual motivator/reminder of my goals. You should, too!

If you want this tracker, you can either go to this page to see my freebie library, or just sign up below!

The form you have selected does not exist.

Enjoy and see you guys next week!

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