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25 Free Online Workouts to Try Today (No Subscriptions!)

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Looking for free online workouts you can do today? Here are 25 to choose from! Happy exercising!

free workouts to try home workouts
Try these free online workouts at home!

Hi there, I’m Chantal. Welcome to my site!

I’m a mom, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. 🙂

Whether you’re a gym-rat or prefer to do your workouts at home, sometimes it’s nice to have a workout plan that you didn’t have to create yourself. (This is especially true if you’re a beginner.)

You can find all sorts of long-term workout plans online, or you can use a personal trainer to set long-term goals.

But most of us need to break it down even further and have something specific planned for us when it comes to individual workouts.

And most of us don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on special programs or trainers, anyway.

Looking for free workouts? These workouts come from fitness bloggers - no fees or subscriptions necessary!

So if you’re not into paying for programs, subscriptions, or other workouts, this is for you!

Try Free Online Workouts

I personally like to hit the gym for most of my workouts, but I noticed that I have a tendency to focus on upper body and neglect cardio and legs.

These free workouts are a great way to force my way around that and try some new things.

It gets me out of my comfort zone and helps me learn new exercises. Using someone else’s workout can have the same effect on you! (Plus, there’s the free part!)

Using free online workouts planned by other people can not only give our brains a break, but it can also challenge us in ways we might not have otherwise been challenged

Consider every workout a learning opportunity. 🙂

I decided that it would be nice to have a quick-and-easy reference when it comes to finding free workouts.

So I decided to compile this list of links for you (and me, too) in case you’re tired of visiting Pinterest looking for a good workout. (Talk about a distraction!) I admit – it was fun finding new workouts and new fitness bloggers to follow!

Anyway, a good workout will have modifications included so that people of all levels and abilities can conquer them, so I’ve tried to make sure that most of these workouts have that.

If they don’t, just remember to listen to your body and just do your best! (Not all of these workouts come from trainers, but they do come from fitness lovers/bloggers.)

What You’ll Need For These Free Online Workouts

Most of these workouts can be done at home or with bodyweight, but some require tools like dumbbells and one workout requires a BOSU trainer. If you don’t have any dumbbells, they are a worthy investment – but start small. (I like this brand of dumbbells.)

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Don’t Forget

As always, I have to say, “I am not a doctor.” Always check with a physician before starting a workout plan and if you aren’t sure about something, be sure to ask your own doctor. If you choose to do one of these workouts, you do so at your own risk. 🙂 


Free Online Workouts to Try

The internet if full of wonderful, creative, and effective workout ideas. Here are a handful of my favorites.

Upper Body Workouts

Sculpted Arm Barre Workout – Barre is super underrated when it comes to difficulty and strength-building. If you want to focus solely on your upper body with minimal equipment, give this free online workout a try.

No More Batwings – If you struggle with jiggly arms like I do, this is a great workout to get started toning up.

10 Minute Upper Body by Nourish Move Love – Short on time? This upper body workout will have you feeling like you did a full workout even though it’s only 10 minutes!

Transform Your Arms in 6 Moves – I love a good upper body workout, and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Give this workout a try to learn six moves that will help to tone up your arms.

25 Minute Beginner Arm Workout – Great for total beginners!

At Home Boob Lift Workout – You read that right – you can get a natural boost by working your pecks and the surrounding muscles. Try it for yourself!

Pull Tabata Inspired Workout – Tabata is HIIT’s daddy. If you want to try a workout that requires all-out effort, this is the one.

Lower Body Workouts

Killer Bodyweight Booty Burner – Tone and tighten that booty with this equipment-free workout!

Home Leg Workout – Don’t just do lunges all over your house! Here’s an actually lower body workout you can do for freeeeee.

10 Minute Inner Thighs – Got ten minutes? Try this inner thigh workout for a quick little burn.

Legs & Butt Workout – Your glutes and legs want you to try this workout ASAP!

HIIT Style Workouts

Booty Band HIIT Workout  – Booty bands are inexpensive and effective. If you haven’t already begun to dabble in the world of booty bands, this is a good workout to start with.

30 Minute Home HIIT Workout – Only have 30 minutes and want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Try this workout!

High Energy Total Body Circuit – Take your preworkout and give this calorie-killer a try!

Full Body Fat-Burning Workout – If you want to hit your whole body, this is a great free online workout to try.

Cardio-Focused Workouts

20 Minute Home Cardio Barre Workout – Barre is tough and if you haven’t tried it before, you’re in for a real treat.

Sprint HIIT Cardio Workout – Do this if you’re wanting to work on running or agility.

Sprint & Lunge Workout – If you want a classic workout that will kick you in the hiney, this is the one you’ll want to try!

Free Online Workouts for Seniors

30 Minute Cardio With Cindy – Cindy has a whole website dedicated to senior workout videos and even has DVD fitness plans. You’ll definitely want to bookmark her site if you’re a senior looking for free online workouts!

Core Exercises for Seniors – This is from a site called Get Healthy U, and the owner is focused on 50+ fitness. Visit this site if you’re looking exclusively for fitness tips and free workouts online just for seniors!

Low Impact Cardio from Livestrong – Livestrong is a well-known fitness brand and there are sure to be many other workouts on their site!

Workouts for Postpartum Moms

10 Minute Abs After Baby Workout – This is from a website called Fit As A Mama Bear, which is chockfull of workouts just for moms.

Free Postpartum Workout Plan – This is actually a whole series of free workouts but. I had to include it because I just adore Nourish Move Love.

Other Free Online Workouts

Wildcard Workout Card Game – I designed this game to be printed out and used over and over again. Take it with you when you travel! The best part about it is that no two workouts will be the same.

How to Get Rid of Back Fat – No one likes pesky back fat around the bra area, so why not try a workout that will focus on your core/back and love handles?

Back & Abs – A strong back is helpful for injury prevention and so are strong abs. If back pain or other injuries are of concern, give this free online workout a try.

Total Body Towel Toning – If you don’t have any special exercise equipment, this is for you. Just grab a towel and get to work.

Shoulders & Glutes – It may seem like an odd combination, but if you’re up for trying something new, this is a good one!

Tone & Tighten Core Circuit – I love a good circuit workout because I know what to expect and can really get into it. Try it sometime!

Park Workout  – If you are brave enough to work out in public outdoors, give this park workout a try. (I may be too chicken myself.)

Total Body Bosu Workout – I love my BOSU trainer! If you have one, try this killer free workout.

If you’re looking for another way to switch up your exercise routine, consider trying a new group fitness class! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy some of these free online workouts!

Have any other free workouts you’d like to add? Let me know by dropping a comment below!


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