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Free Goal Setting Worksheet (Printable)

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Looking for free printable goal sheets? As many of us go into the New Year with all sorts of resolutions, it is helpful to have some way of tracking our goals. Here is a free goal setting worksheet that will help you map out a clear plan for your biggest goals. 

I talked about ways to make this your fittest year ever  a few days ago, and y’all have been eating that up!

I also wrote about how to make New Year’s resolutions so that they actually stick and that seems to be something you guys really needed too, because it’s a really popular post right now.

Free Goal Setting Worksheet

So to make sure that you actually follow through with your plans, I wanted to make sure I gave you a tool to stay accountable and plan.

I came up with this free goal setting worksheet so that you could actually have something written down.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am one of those people who has to plan and make lists and actually write things down on a piece of paper. Then those things are easily looked back on so that I can refocus whenever necessary.

I have learned that if I make a goal, it is A LOT more likely to be met if I do this.

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I have also learned that step-by-step mini-goals are critical in achieving bigger goals. You have to have a plan broken down into actionable steps in order to make one big plan work!

You know the saying…


Yep, life isn’t just gonna magically make your dreams come true. But you know that. You’re not going to just wait around until opportunities arise. That dream house? Not gonna magically appear. Right?

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So you’re a goal-setter. A go-getter. I made this free goal setting worksheet for you.

Personally, I have printed out two of these same worksheets – one for my fitness goals and one for my biz goals.

I am looking to drop the final bit of baby weight in 2019, and I am also looking to focus on building Team Ironwild while my husband is on deployment.

I don’t know what your goals are but I find that most people that come to my site are setting goals that are really similar to mine.

You want to lose weight. Or maybe you want to make money. Maybe you want to recover from having a baby, or maybe want to be a better parent in some way.

Goal Setting Worksheet

I also want to extend the invite to any ladies who are READY to start 2019 with a bang to my team. I am building a community of ladies who are eager to get in the best shape ever and make money while doing it. If that’s something you’re interested in, please don’t hesitate to email me at ironwildfitness@gmail.com.

Otherwise, please enjoy the free goal setting worksheet and have a GREAT year!

Free goal setting worksheet

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