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Free Body Measurement Tracker

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Get a free body measurement tracker to keep better track of your progress on your weight loss journey!

You’ve heard it before – the number on the scale isn’t the best reflection of your health.

It’s not a good reflection of your progress when you’ve started a weight loss journey, either.

free body measurement tracker download printable

You’ve heard this, but do you know why it’s true?

It’s simple – health isn’t a number.

Your heart can be healthy even if you’re wearing a few extra pounds.

You can be muscular with flab covering those guns up.

You can be skinny without being fit.

Hopefully you get the idea.

Hopping on the scale every morning (or even week) is possibly one of the worst things you can do on a weight loss journey. That’s because the number is just misleading.

Firstly, muscle weighs more than fat (it’s dense). That means that if you’ve done any weight training at all, you’re gaining muscle mass. So you may be losing body fat, but you’re replacing it with muscle mass.

If you were to only focus on getting skinny, you might be able to lose fat with a calorie deficit.

But since most of us also want to get lean and strong, we’re focused on gaining that muscle mass.

So since weight training is an important part of this, I’m giving you this free body measurement tracker.

Because you can lose inches from your body without losing POUNDS.

Take, for example, my InBody Scan that gives me a breakdown of my body composition.

If you look carefully, although my body fat was high in March 2018, my skeletal muscle mass was, too. That means that while I was still covered in fat from having a baby two months prior (and overeating in general), I was actually pretty strong.

But you probably already knew that you can be making progress without seeing big changes in the number on the scale.

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So let’s get to it.

I made this free body measurement tracker for myself, but I decided that my readers could definitely benefit from it. I preach about all the different aspects of health and making healthy, lasting changes, so this is part of it.

So go print this baby off, take your measurements, and keep this free body measurement tracker handy for celebrating those non-scale victories.

Free Body Measurement Tracker Preview

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Need help with clean eating? Here are my clean eating tips for beginners!

free body measurement tracker download printable

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