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10 Free Blogging Tools to Try Today

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Hey there! In this post, I share my favorite free blogging tools to keep this site up and running. Once you start your blog with Siteground, be sure to check out these useful tools. Onto the post!

When you’re new to the blogging world, it can be hard to know what investments to make and what blogging tools to use. Starting with free blogging tools can be helpful!

Luckily, there are free versions or free trials for most blogging tools. There are even some tools that are free indefinitely.

If you are blogging DIY-style, this is especially helpful as you learn the ropes and find out what works for you.

I personally do everything myself: the writing, page building, marketing, etc.

free blogging tools

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If that’s what you’re doing for your blog, you may be looking for the right social media or free blogging tools to help you build your brand.

Note: I used Siteground to start this blog. I highly recommend them if you are just starting out. 

Free Blogging Tools To Start With

I spent about two years learning how to blog before I settled down here. There was a lot of trial-and-error, and I spent a lot of time learning from other bloggers.

I took courses and read books on how to increase my page views, make my own graphics, and see a profit.

This is something that I want you to understand as a new blogger – it’s not an overnight business.


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I continuously get questions about blogging from readers, personal trainers, and family, and I totally enjoy sharing what I’ve learned.

So even though this is a health and fitness blog, I want to help you (other fitness professionals or aspiring bloggers) learn how to blog and create a multi-faceted income.

You can get started with these free blogging tools or the free trials many tools/services offer.

If you’re new here and want to get started with your own blog, check out this post featuring a tutorial on how to start your own blog.

Free blogging tools to try. Free trials or completely free services that will help you with branding, gaining traffic, graphics, and more.

Blogging For Beginners: Ten Free Blogging Tools That You Can Use Now:

1.   CANVA

A personal favorite – I use Canva for every post I write. This blogging tool will help you create beautiful graphics for your blog.

I have created anything from Pinterest images to logos with Canva.

There is a free version (I use this) or a paid version that gives you more fonts and editing options.

What I love the most is that even the most amateur of bloggers or designers can use Canva to make great images.

And, until you’re more advanced, you don’t even need the paid version.

2.   YOAST

YOAST is a plugin that you can use in WordPress to help you improve your writing. It can help you understand what you need to change in order to improve readability, as well as search engine optimization.

These two things will help your content get found, and your readers will appreciate the easy-to-read posts you create with YOAST helping you out.

It’s totally free (I have never used their paid features) and my organic traffic has improved since I stated using it.

Most bloggers you talk to will recommend this plugin, so go ahead and just download YOAST already!

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When you need free, creative commons licensed images (which is a lot), look no further than LibreStock.

You’ll pick from thousands of images across several stock image sites.

Basically, this blogging tool saves you time by serving as an image search engine. All of the images you find at LibreStock are free for your legal use without any special permissions.


Tailwind is one of my favorite blogging tools. Really, I find it invaluable – it’s something that has always been worth my time and money.

Use Tailwind to schedule pins on Pinterest and organize your Instagram postings. This will help you stay visible and see an increase in page views on your blog.

Plus, the analytics, board lists, and tribes features are extremely helpful for saving time. You can get a free one-month trial and see for yourself!

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Okay, so Creative Market isn’t really a free tool – but there are some free goodies from them that I recommend.

Actually, if you sign up for their email list, you get 6 free design elements every week! That means that you can access free-to-use images, fonts, stock photos, and more by being on their list. And there are also a ton of freebies on this site (a marketplace for digital design) that could help you a ton.

Powered by Creative Market

This comes in handy when you are new to blogging or have a strict budget.

I have personally found all sorts of great stock images, themes, fonts, and Canva templates (for Pinterest and ebooks) at Creative Market – both free and paid.


Like YOAST, Smush is a plugin you can get for WordPress. (Not sure about Squarespace, sorry.)

It’s most notable feature will help to compress and resize any images you upload to your site.

This will help things load faster, and Google likes that. The reward of a speedy site is more traffic.

Smush also offers some more advanced features that can improve your site speed even more, but I don’t recommend messing around with them too much if you’re new to blogging.


Like some of the other blogging tools I’ve mentioned so far, SumoMe is a plugin that is used in WordPress. It will help you get email subscribers and encourage readers to save and share your work with others.

On many blogs, you’ll see some social media buttons. They can be positioned anywhere on any given page.

These are often from the SumoMe plugin. If you hover on any one of the images on a blog, you’ll often see more social media buttons. Most often, this is also SumoMe.

On my blog, this plugin gives readers multiple opportunities to help spread the word (which helps with page views). However, SumoMe has quite a few other features that may be of use to you.


Most big-time bloggers will tell you that an email list is extremely important for marketing. If you’re ready to start capturing emails and compiling a list of loyal readers, look no further than MailerLite.

You can use MailerLite to collect emails and send them, too. There are a lot of email services out there, but I have personally found that MailerLite has the most user-friendly interface and best free trial.

You can use MailerLite for free until you have 1,000 email subscribers.

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9.   LATER

If you’re using Instagram for social media marketing (you should), you might want to consider using Later. It will help you plan and organize your posts to Instagram, helping you maintain follower growth and visibility.

While Later can’t post your images to Instagram for you, it can send you reminders to post your scheduled images and tell you the ideal times to post for optimal visibility.

10.   BUFFER

Buffer is one of the few blogging tools that I have yet to purchase – because the free version is just so good. I use Buffer to schedule (and automatically post) on Twitter, Facebook, and sometimes Instagram.

This is just one more way to keep your blog posts visible to your social media following and continue to see an increase in page views.

Use the free trial for your choice of social media platform and you’re sure to become a Buffer believer.

What are your favorite free (or free versions) of blogging tools? Let me know below!

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