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Follow Your Arrow Coloring Page: Free Download

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Adult coloring pages are all the rage! Click to get your own Follow Your Arrow Coloring page! 

I am loving the whole adult coloring page thing, but I never thought I’d be making my own!

follow your arrow coloring page

I have been playing around with making all sorts of fun printables for my readers, but this was definitely a first!

Why a “Follow Your Arrow” Coloring Page?

I made this “Follow Your Arrow” coloring page after Kacey Musgraves’ new album came out and I started listening to her old stuff again. I can’t believe I ever forgot about her!

But I love the whole idea behind it. It can be applied to any area of your life!

Follow your own arrow…

In other words, do your own thing and follow the path that you’re on. It’s your journey – no one else’s.

This can easily be applied to your weight loss/health journey. It’s easy to compare our stories with those of others, and it’s even easier to compare our bodies to someone else’s.

But I continue to believe that every struggle we face is part of what makes us who we are. They are what make us unique, they teach important things, and they make us do better.

Change In Perspective

I made this “Follow Your Arrow” coloring page after realizing all of these things. Your path might not always feel like it’s helping you. You might feel like it’s bringing you down. But how you respond to the struggles in your life are what make you stronger!

So follow your own arrow and embrace the struggles as learning experience. Having this change in perspective can change your life!

Oh, and here’s the Kacey Musgraves song I was talking about, in case you haven’t heard it!

Follow Your Arrow Coloring Page: Free Download

I make free stuff for my readers, so the Follow Your Arrow coloring page is just one of the things you get when you subscribe! Here’s what else you get:

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Follow Your Arrow coloring page

Pssst! When you print this, be sure to pay attention to your margin settings! If you don’t want a blank frame around the edges, be sure to change your margins so that your printer goes to the edge.

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