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5 Fitness Industry Lies & Fails You Need to Know About

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fitness industry lies and failures

Today I want to open your eyes to some big fitness industry lies & failures that may or may not be affecting your journey to health.

Focusing on these fitness-industry fails may sound negative – but because I’m all about being honest and exposing the truth, I’d love for you to hear me out.

If you have any experience with your own weight loss or fitness ups and downs, you’re probably going to relate to a lot of this. For others, this might be an eye-opener.

If you make it through this and you find yourself nodding your head with me, please tell me about your experience in the comments!

(Of course, keep in mind that these do not apply to all fitness professionals…just a whole bunch of them!)

I love to hear from you all.

fitness industry lies exposed

5 Fitness Industry Lies & Fails You Need to Know About

1.  They make it all about looks.

The fitness industry has a way of making things look sexy…or all happy and cute. But we all know that’s not what working out looks like. And that’s definitely not what fitness should be about.

The fitness industry uses sex appeal and makes it all about looking great – but there’s so much more to being healthy! Fitness is about feeling good inside and out – looking great is just a perk.

But you never see companies advertise their products with words or pictures that say, “Do this and you’ll feel great inside!” Nope, they say, “Want to look sexy? Take this!” Get my drift?

The fitness industry tends to be extremely superficial. We all want to look great but the fitness industry has turned that into our biggest motivator.

It should be about being healthy and strong! That’s why in my home workout program, Restore The Core, I’m focused on strengthening your most critical muscles! This will help you make a return from a break in exercise strong and protected from injury.

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2.  They fund their own research (sometimes).

A big red flag is raised in my mind any time a company says that they know their product is effective based on the studies they performed. I can’t trust that their studies aren’t rigged or deceiving in some way.

Third-party research is best because it’s generally unbiased and scientifically based. Watch out for fitness brands or products that say their studies showed that their products were effective and safe.

Because well, of course they are. (Rolls eyes.) Please try to do your own research, especially when it comes to putting something in your body.

3.   They don’t address the real issues.

A lot of the fitness industry fails to have “real talk.” Anyone can drink a shake or complete a workout. But what actually makes a person’s weight loss journey successful?

What keeps them going? Hint: It’s probably not the product. My biggest issue with personal trainers and the fitness industry as a whole is that they act like their training or product is the only thing a person needs to lose weight or whatever.

But as those of us who have failed (hello, everyone) know, there’s so much more to it! One isolated act or one product is worthless if we don’t address the mental, emotional, and nutritional issues that cause us to repeat our bad habits.

For example, I didn’t start to really “get it” and start making strides until I addressed my mental health issues.

I started to educate myself about nutrition, depression, and the body as a whole before I was able to break a lot of my bad habits. Don’t fall into the fitness industry trap that says, “Our product = success.”

It’s just not true.

4.   They aren’t tailored to individuals.

We all know one size doesn’t fit all! Don’t assume that because one product worked for your coworker, it will work for you. Your body is different than theirs. Your metabolism is different. (Also see, “Is a Low-Carb Diet Really the Best Way to Go?“)

Much of the fitness industry fails to address that.

How could one product possibly work for everyone? I encourage you to try a lot of things when you’re on your own fitness journey but don’t be discouraged when something doesn’t work for you.

5.   They aren’t setting you up for long-term success.

Because companies in the fitness industry don’t know you or your needs personally, they can’t really help you forever. Most weight-loss products are designed for the short term.

They can be used to help you get a jump start and motivate you, but those things really aren’t sustainable. (Let’s be real, the price tag is usually not doable long-term either.)

You need to be making small but lasting changes in your lifestyle – the culmination of those changes will lead to big-time progress.

The fitness industry tries to tell you that their product will change your life – but how do explain the crashing and burning that often follows their use? People “fall off the wagon” every day. Like I said, sometimes these products kind of just “cover up” the real issues.

What do you think about these fitness industry lies & fails? Have you fallen victim?

I can’t count the number of times I have let myself think that a certain product would somehow “fix” me. But when I became a mom, looks didn’t motivate me.

Unfortunately, mental health issues were the driving force that finally brought me back to a healthy lifestyle. It was a scary time but I’m glad it all happened.

Now I feel like I can see the fitness industry in a new light – and there are some pretty big issues out there.

My hope is that when you visit this site, you won’t ever get the feeling that health and fitness are just about looks. Of course I want to look good – I know you want to look good too.

But let’s not be afraid to talk about the issues we have that led to poor lifestyle choices. Let’s not ignore the vicious cycles we put ourselves through and the way we feel when we’re making unhealthy choices.

I challenge you to take an honest look at yourself and your motivation when it comes to health and fitness.

For example, when I’m being honest with myself, everything is very mental. I let the label of “depression” get in my way.

I’d let lies circle in my head and because of those lies, I handicapped myself. The words, “I can’t” ruined me for a long time.

Now I believe that the only true way to make lasting progress is to keep these fitness industry lies & fails in mind and realize that success is within you. It’s all about the small decisions you make daily.

Ya dig?

Until next time,


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