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141+ Fabulous Fitness Blog Post Ideas (No More Writer’s Block!)

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Looking for fitness blog post ideas? Whether you are in search of blog post ideas for personal trainers or just general health blog ideas, you’ll definitely find some ideas in this massive list! 

health and wellness blog ideas
Here are my best fitness blog ideas!

Hello friends! I’m Chantal – a mom, fitness blogger, and personal trainer. Welcome to my blog!

I have been blogging for over six years, and while it is super fun and rewarding, it can be HARD sometimes! It’s not always easy coming up with health blog ideas.

I’m not a full-time blogger (though I do make decent money fitness blogging), but I do write pretty often and work on my blog in waves.

Sometimes, inspiration and motivation is through the roof, and other times, writing does NOT come easy.

Fitness blog topics come to me easily sometimes – and sometimes they do not. Haha.

Writer’s block is a very real thing, people! Health and wellness blog ideas are no exception.

So what do you do when you’re out of fitness blog post ideas?

If you’ve been blogging for even a hot minute, you surely know that the more you work, the more traffic and money you can make.

There’s always one more thing to knock off the blogging to-do list, and there is always room for improvement. 

But sometimes, it can be a lot of work upfront before you see results in your traffic or income. It’s easy to get discouraged once you realize that blogging is long-game.

I GET IT. (Trust me, I do.)

I go through several weeks of inspiration followed by full-on months of discouragement sometimes.

I’m not always super disciplined, and I’m not always full of fitness blog post ideas.

Maybe if I were a full-time, “this-is-my-day-job” blogger, things would be different. *sigh*

Anyway, if you’re reading this post, you’re probably working on establishing yourself online – personal trainer or not. 

I love telling people (especially personal trainers) about blogging and how valuable it can be. And I love supporting other bloggers.

So whether you are here for general health blog ideas for your personal blog or you are looking for blog post ideas for personal trainers, I’m YOUR GIRL. 

Get ready for a wave of inspiration and fitness blog ideas! Lol.

But first, I want to make sure you read this important rant that’s coming next…

Psst! I recently created an online nutrition course jam-packed with information on food mindset, exercise science, and nutrition education so that I could pass that knowledge on to you. Check it out!

P.S…If you’re new to blogging check out my posts about how to start a fitness blog, or read about how I made over $900 last month with my blog!

What should I post on my fitness blog? Tips for Your fitness posts ideas

If you’re serious about using your blog to get leads or earn a full-time income, you have to stop and read NOW.

You need to start taking the question, “What should I post on my fitness blog?” seriously. 

You should also stop taking shots in the dark with your fitness blog post ideas

What do I mean by that?

For the longest time, I was just writing about whatever I wanted. I would just come up with some topic and title, post it, and cross my fingers that people could somehow find it. 

I would literally not do anything SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related, and I would just hope that my Pinterest strategies would carry me through. 

Well, when Pinterest changed their latest algorithm (I get most of my traffic via Pinterest), things got a little scary. 

My traffic started to drop and become really inconsistent. 

I used to get “viral” Pins that would sometimes give me thousands of visits per day to a given blog post, and that element totally disappeared.

My Pinterest efforts, big and small, waned. 

For years, I had relied on Pinterest to get people to my fitness blog ideas. In recent years, I realized that I just couldn’t do that anymore. 

So, I finally started learning about SEO and how to use it with my fitness blog post ideas. 

I admit that I took a few spendy courses and did a lot of tweaking and measuring to get to this point, but I am finally starting to see decent traffic coming from Google, not just Pinterest.

I use a tool called Keysearch to help me pick my fitness blog post ideas. With this tool, I feel so much more confident in the consistency of my traffic. 

In fact, I was able to increase my organic traffic enough to get into the elite ad network known as MediaVine. I credit that 100% to my SEO tactics and picking fitness blog ideas that would pay off.

(I had previously applied to MediaVine and they said I didn’t have enough organic traffic and rejected me for having “too much” Pinterest traffic!)

Anyway, the point is this: select your fitness blog post ideas carefully if you’re aiming to be a serious blogger. 

If there’s no strategy behind your fitness blog ideas, expect it to fail.

There, I said it. 

While it’s important to write blog posts with the intention of simply connecting with your audience, you should definitely be writing in a purposeful way.

How you go about it is dependent on your market/niche, and of course, your goals as a blogger. Here are a few posts about how to start getting “serious” about your fitness blog: 


Back to the fitness blog post ideas. 

Because I wanted to make a MASSIVE list of health and wellness blog post ideas, I am going to have to separate things into various categories within the health/fitness niche.

Hopefully, they work whether you are a personal trainer, health coach, or just a regular ole fitness blogger. Are you ready for my fitness blog ideas?

You’re about to have tons of fitness topics to write about! Let’s get motivated! 

fitness blog post ideas 2020
Fitness blog ideas

141+ Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Nutrition Blog Post Ideas

Obviously, your scope of practice as a personal trainer is related to fairly general information regarding nutrition.

Of course, this varies based on your credentials and you can always give personal input with disclaimers. (I’m working on my NASM Nutrition Coaching certification right now, but am currently limited as far as specific nutritional information.)

So take these ideas with a grain of salt and make sure to let your readers know that you aren’t a registered dietician or doctor. 🙂 

Intermittent Fasting Information

Keto Recipes

Whole 30 Recipes

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Alcohol + Weight Loss

Macro Info/Tracking Info

Low-Glycemic Information

Gluten-Free Recipes

Gut Health & Probiotics

Hydration & Weight Loss

Meal Prep Tips

Food Journaling

On Protein Synthesis & Digestion

Vitamin/Mineral Spotlight


Supplement Review

Exploring Fad Diets

Intuitive Eating Tips

When To Consult A Registered Dietician

Sports Nutrition/Endurance Nutrition

Physiological Responses To Sugar

Fat Types & Benefits

Recovery Nutrition

Pre-Workouts & Stimulants

Green Smoothies

Workout Blog Post Ideas

Still need fitness blog ideas? Share your favorite workouts with your readers!

The sky is the limit here with fitness blog ideas – don’t worry about not being overly creative.

Not everyone is looking for a super unique workout. Most people are just looking for something they can do at home with minimal equipment or things they can do with a short amount of time.

Pictures or videos are always great to add into your posts. 

HIIT Workouts

Upper Body Strength Workout

Lower Body Strength Workout

Bodyweight Workouts

Yoga Routine

Home Circuit Workouts

Barre Workouts

Flexibility Workouts

Baby & Me Workouts (i.e. stroller workouts)

Plyometric Workouts

Speed Drills

Favorite Warmups

Foam Rolling

Ab/Core Workouts

Pyramid Workouts

AMRAP Workouts

Crossfit-Style Workouts

Hotel Room Workouts

Hypertrophy 101/Explanation

Beginner Weight Lifting

Endurance Tips

Cycling Tips

Trail Running

Beginner Running Tips

Kickboxing Workouts

Running In Various Climates (Hot/Cold)

Pilates Workouts

TRX Workouts

Favorite Local Races

Obstacle Race Training

How To Breathe While Running

Stability/Yoga/Exercise Ball Workouts

Martial Arts

Hiking Workouts/Training

Bootcamp-Style Workouts

Pro Tip: Don’t forget that most people who show up looking for workouts need step-by-step instructions. You’ll want to provide in-depth information and instructions.

People want to know why the type of workout you are sharing is beneficial, what muscles they’ll be utilizing, and more. If you can, always provide progressions and regressions so that people at varying levels of fitness can enjoy your workout/blog post!

You’ll also want to provide instructions on how often you recommend doing the given workout, and what other types of training might complement it.

If you want, turn your workout into a series of workouts (themed or not!) based on your target niche.

This can help bring back repeat visitors and also help display your expert programming. 🙂

Personal Trainer Blog Post Ideas

Need more fitness blog ideas?

Whether or not you’re targeting other trainers, some posts that are related specifically to personal training might be a good idea.

This will help to give you some credibility and set you up as an authority as a trainer.

I find that most people reading fitness blogs are just regular people looking for some help or knowledge regarding fitness and weight loss.

Give yourself a little credit and write some high-quality info with your knowledge and expertise. Here are some trainer-related fitness blog ideas:

Why You Should Hire A Personal Trainer

Things To Look For In A Trainer

Governing Bodies

Favorite CEUs/CECs

Exercise & Programming For Aging Adults

Stretching Tips

Tips For New Trainers

Exploring BMI

Learning About Body Fat & Other Metrics

How To Use Calipers To Determine Body Fat

Local Gym Reviews

Increasing VO2 Max

Your Journey To Becoming Certified

Best Online Personal Training Program (i.e. Trainerize)

Starting A Fitness Blog

Training Style-Specific Posts (Hypertrophy/Pyramid/Etc)

Running Tips

Best Gym/Client Management App

Injury Prevention

Unique Workouts (SUP/Goat Yoga etc)

Assessment Types & Instructions

Gym Etiquette

On Becoming A Group Fitness Instructor

Exercising On Your Cycle

ZUMBA Instructor Information

Favorite Group Fitness Playlists/Sources

How To Design A Workout/Bootcamp/12-Week Program

It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting other personal trainers or not on your blog. I think that in order to establish some authority in the world of fitness, you’ll want to share personal training-specific blog posts if you are one.

This will help your readers see you as someone who really knows their stuff!

Fitness Gear & Tools/Products 

Still on the hunt for fitness blog ideas? Here are a few more:

Best Fitness Trackers 

Best Home Workout Equipment

Favorite Workout Streaming Website

Best YouTube Channels For Exercise

Top Workout Gear For Training Type

BeachBody Info/Experience

Favorite Meal-Delivery Service

Top Protein Bars Etc

Best Headphones Based On Workout Type

Favorite Paid Apps For Fitness

Best Hand Chalk

Favorite Crossfit Shoes

Lifting Gloves Review

Best-Selling Fitness Books

Favorite Fitness Subscription Boxes (i.e. FabFitFun)

Personally, in-depth reviews and “list” posts do really well on my site.

Add in your expertise and authority as a personal trainer, and you have the potential for some really good “money-making” posts if you are recommending products using affiliate links.

(My post about “cheap fitness gifts” ranks #1 on Google for that search term and does really well around Christmas when coupled with Amazon links!)

Weight Loss-Specific Blog Post Ideas

Need more fitness blog topics? I have your back!

Everyone is obsessed with weight-loss topics these days, so if you still need fitness blog ideas, it’s something to consider.

(Especially on Pinterest and the web in general.)

Give some of your best tips coupled with your knowledge as a personal trainer and you’re sure to get a good response.

Just make sure that you include disclaimers and introduce yourself with your credentials in your posts so that there isn’t any confusion. You’re not a doctor, after all!

Tools For Weight Loss (MyFitnessPal, etc.)

Weight Loss Motivation

Measurements/BMI/Body Fat Info

Low-Carb Information

Calorie Counting

Behavior Change Information

The Role Genetics Play in Weight Loss

Sugar/Trans & Saturated Fat Information

Weight Loss Product Spotlight

Non-Scale Victories

Healthy Shopping Tips


Weight Loss Stories/Before & Afters

Habit Trackers

One thing to stay away from when writing about weight loss is making any big or unsafe claims like, “How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks.”

Avoid click-bait titles and make sure that safety is your priority. You’ll only make readers roll their eyes if you make up crazy titles without delivering on the promises you make.

Choose your weight loss blog ideas carefully so you don’t get blacklisted by potential readers!

Fitness Blog Post Ideas For Mom Niche

If you’re a mom, there are endless fitness blog topics you can write about while being super relatable!

I have pretty much always been in the “mom fitness” niche. I find that when it comes to health or fitness blogging, you need to “niche down” a little more to see success.

That means that you have to find a specific person to target. Since I’m a mom and I started this blog while having babies, the prenatal/postpartum topics have been huge for me.

Stick to things that are true to you on a personal level for the best chances of really connecting with your audience. 

Postpartum Weight Loss

Prenatal Exercise

Weight Loss/Exercise While Breastfeeding

Stroller Workouts

Exercising With Little Kids

Family-Friendly Healthy Meals

Core Restoration/Ab Rehab

Breastfeeding-Friendly Healthy Meals

Milk Supply + Health

Pre/Postnatal Nutrition & Supplements

Again, be sure that make the proper disclaimers when giving nutritional advice and postnatal tips.

I find that sharing your personal experience and what helped you is a better approach than prescribing anything specific.

Always be sure to encourage new moms to consult with their doctor or physical therapist before doing anything crazy. 🙂 

General Health and Wellness Blog Post Ideas

When in doubt, general fitness blog topics work, too!

Not every blog post has to have some super-specific topic! Write about whatever strikes you as important, and run with any motivation you have.

I find that writing about my own weight loss struggles and personal fitness journey helps me connect with readers the most.

That being said, I highly recommend that you sprinkle some more “personal” posts into your regular content calendar. This helps you earn your readers’ trust and makes you more relatable. 

Share Your Own Fitness Journey

Spotlight Other Fitness Bloggers or Trainers

General Fitness Tips

Healthy Hobby Tips

Fitness Motivation Tips

How To Save Money When Eating Healthy

Lifelong Healthy Habits To Build

Drinking More Water

Holistic Health/Self-Care

Hormones & Weight Loss

Family Fitness & Activities

Cheap Ways To Get Fit

Weaning From Sugar

Bulk Meal Prep Tips

Healthy Snack Ideas

Favorite Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

Exercising On Vacation

Stress + Weight Loss

How To Start Exercising As A Beginner

Weight Loss Plateaus + Tips

Mental Health + Exercise/Weight Loss

Better Sleep + Weight Loss

Natural Skin Care/Chemicals 

Outdoor Fitness Ideas

Other Places To Find Inspiration For Fitness blog topics

As much as I’d like to think my ideas should be provide plenty of writing topics, I know that there are more fitness blog ideas out there.

Sometimes using other sources for inspiration will help you stay on top of the trends and fads. Here are a few more places I check for inspiration myself:

  • Pinterest (find my profile here)
  • YouTube
  • Health & Fitness Magazines
  • My Personal Training Textbook
  • Online Forums (like Reddit)
  • Newspapers
  • Instagram/Facebook
  • Cookbooks
  • Motivational/Inspirational Books
  • Podcasts (I love Natalie Hodson’s Podcast, “Pulling Back The Curtain”)

The sky is really the limit here! If you can think it up, chances are that there are other people wondering about a given topic, too.

Hopefully, with this list of fitness blog post ideas, you’ll fend off writers’ block for good. Then you’ll have the best chance of growing a successful health and fitness blog to help you with your health coaching, personal training, or whatever else you have in mind. 🙂

Keep The Inspiration Flowing By Checking Out These Posts:

Have more fitness blog post ideas you want to share or add to the list? What’re your favorite fitness topics to write about? Leave me a comment below!

Best of luck, 


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