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Easy Ground Turkey Meal Prep + Brown Rice

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Looking for an easy ground turkey meal prep? When I started my weight loss journey, these bowls quickly became my go-to for a quick but tasty and healthy meal. See why I think these will always be one of my favorite meal prepping recipes! 

easy ground turkey meal prep

I have always been a fan of simple recipes that don’t require a lot of effort from me. I’d be willing to bet that you’re the same way! (No one meal preps because they have a ton of time on their hands!)

But of course the food we cook must taste good, otherwise it makes so hard to eat healthy!

I am a big ground-turkey girl, mostly because I love turkey pretty much every which way. I think that ground turkey is super versatile and easy to use. I love it so much that I have converted my whole family to ground turkey lovers as well – they love it on pizza and in my famous enchiladas!

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However, I have recently found myself needing to go back to my weekly meal prep sessions.

Since I almost always have ground turkey on hand, an easy ground turkey meal prep session is usually the easiest, most convenient choice.

What You Need For This Simple Meal Prep Bowl

There are three main things you need for this clean eating meal prep. (If weight loss or bodybuilding is the goal!) You need your lean ground turkey, a starch or grain, the veggies of your choice, and garlic salt.

You can mix and match these choices, but these items will form the base for our recipe. I’ll go over what I personally choose most often next.
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Here’s about how much I use for each session:

  • 1-2 lbs of ground turkey (depending on how many meals I want)
  • 1-2 packages of washed & cut or frozen vegetables
  • 1-1.5 cups of brown rice (I sometimes use sweet potato too)

I also use these BPA free, reusable meal prep containers. I have tried the glass ones before, and while I liked them, I found that the rubber seal came out a lot. That caused a lot of frost to build up on my food and I don’t like freezer-burnt food!

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ground turkey meal prep clean eating

What To Pair With Your Ground Turkey Meal Prep 

I love classics like ground turkey and broccoli with brown rice. There are a lot of ground turkey and rice recipes out there, but I love to stick to the healthier yet still yummy brown rice.

You can also use pretty much any vegetable with your meal prep bowl, but I’d stick to something green if you’re really going for health and weight loss. (Think green beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.) They are full of vitamins and fiber, which will help you stay full.

Anyway, as for the brown rice, it’s super simple and surprisingly yummy. While this post isn’t mainly about rice, I definitely want to to tell you how to make this so you can have a complete bowl.

You do, however, need to invest in an extra ingredient that I find only some people keep on hand.

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How To Cook Your Rice For This Recipe

For the brown rice, you’ll ideally want Better Than Bouillon in the chicken flavor. (They do make beef, vegetarian, and organic versions too.) I typically find this in the soup or seasoning section of the grocery store.

This is going to add a lot of flavor for a small nutritional price. This will make your rice super yummy (I get compliments on my rice every time I make it this way!). For me, it is the difference between looking forward to eating my meal prepped lunch vs. getting tired of it after a few days.

easy ground turkey meal prep bowls

Cooking your rice with the bouillon is as simple as stirring it in as your water is coming to a boil For every cup of brown rice that you cook, you’ll want about a teaspoon of the bouillon paste.

So if you have one cup of brown rice, with two cups of water, one teaspoon of bouillon will add just enough flavor.

(If you read the instructions on the package, it will tell you to add one teaspoon per cup of water. Don’t do that unless you want the sodium. It will make your rice sooooo delicious but for me, it’s simply not conducive to my goals. I suggest trying my recipe first, then adding a little bit more or less to taste next time.)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Now for the veggies.

How you prepare your vegetables will depend on what’s available to you as far as time, money, and personal preference.

Sometimes I have time to prep fresh, organic green vegetables, and other times I “cheat” with ready-to-eat frozen vegetables.

Either way, I figure that it’s healthier to eat this way compared to what I might eat on a whim.

If you plan to use frozen vegetables, look for ones that are good with a light steam or raw. These ones will be the best for reheating. I choose not to season my vegetables with anything sometimes, and other times I simply sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper on them when I’m ready to eat.

If you choose to meal prep fresh vegetables, you may want to lightly steam them depending on their texture. After you have had a few different meal prep sessions, you’ll be better at judging how much cooking needs to be done, and what tastes better when reheated.

Trust me!

How To Cook Your Ground Turkey For Meal Prep Bowls

I find that about two pounds of turkey is perfect for 7 meals. Between my youngest mooching for bits of turkey and me tasting it, this seems to be about the right amount.

I am for about 3-4 ounces of cooked ground turkey per meal. (Sometimes I don’t have a kitchen scale handy, but I find that this comes out to about 3/4 cup depending on how finely the turkey is ground.)

Anyway, you brown the turkey in a skillet as you might any other time. Since I’m all about keeping it super simple and I actually LIKE ground turkey, I usually just sprinkle a little bit of Lowry’s Garlic Salt on in the last few minutes of cooking. (But taco seasoning is always a good option too!)

I don’t mess around with poultry so I like to make sure my turkey is really cooked. But, in recent meal prep sessions, I have found that super duper lean turkey (99% fat free) gets pretty dry when reheated.

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So if you like things a bit juicier, I’d opt for the 97%, 93%, or whatever similar choices you might have.

After everything is cooked and has cooled for awhile, simply portion out your meal prep bowls.

Because I’m trying to lose weight and want to pay attention to my macros, here’s how I typically portion this one out:

  • 3-4 oz. of ground turkey
  • 1/2 cup cooked brown rice
  • As many veggies will fit in the remaining space

Here’s what the final product typically looks like for us!

clean eating meal prep ground turkey

I hope this post helped you add to your meal prep recipes and ideas! Do you have any other easy meal prep recipes to share? Tell me about them below!

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