Restore The Core Home Workout Program

Restore the Core workout program

With the four-week exercise program designed by NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Chantal Steele.

Restore The Core Workout Program
  • Download Restore The Core to your tablet, phone, or computer.
  • Read the instructions for following the program (i.e. how to warm up.

  • Choose a start date.

  • Use the daily instructions and images to complete your workouts.

  • Get stronger as the workouts get progressively harder.

  • Finish feeling stronger and ready to conquer!

“GRATEFUL FOR THIS PROGRAM! Thank you Chantal for Restore The Core! It’s the perfect program for me to start exercise after having a baby. I feel confident and stronger after each workout. I needed this.”


Restore the Core program details


Program Length: Four Weeks

Format: Instant Download in Ebook Form

Exercise Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Book Length: 30 Pages

Perfect For: New moms, anyone returning to exercise after an injury or hiatus, persons experiencing back pain, anyone planning to start a rigorous exercise program in the near future, or anyone who can benefit from strengthening the core.

Not For: Persons with Diastasis Recti

Restore The Core Home Workout Program
Restore The Core Home Workout Program

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