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31 Cheap Fitness Gifts for Anyone on a Health Journey

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Looking for great fitness gifts under $30 for fitness gift baskets, the holiday season, or just for fun? Here are 31 cheap fitness gifts for the healthy junkie in your life.

As a personal trainer, people often ask me about gifts for fitness lovers. So, what do you buy a fitness fanatic?

cheap fitness gifts for fitness lovers

What do you buy a gym junkie? If you’re making fitness gift baskets, what do you put in them?

Finding cheap fitness gifts for the people in your life doesn’t have to be hard. It also doesn’t have to be a financial hardship!

Whether you’re planning for the holidays, the new year, a birthday, or just in the gift-giving mood, it’s always nice to have some low-cost gift ideas in mind.

So, what to get someone who likes to work out? Is there even a such thing as affordable fitness gifts?

YES! Some of the best fitness gifts aren’t expensive!

Building Fitness Gift Baskets + Great Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone else, this list is for you!

If you came here as someone on your own fitness journey, I don’t blame you for looking for cheap fitness gifts for yourself.

I am constantly using cheap fitness gifts for my own motivation and rewards. As a fitness lover, I’m totally cool with it if it helps with my fitness goals.

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It’s okay to use stuff like this to motivate you and help yourself reach a goal! I mean, fitness gifts under $30? Yeah baby!

Let’s get that fitness junkie in your life a good reason to keep up the good work with some of the best fitness gifts.

It’s not only fun to shop for the latest gadgets, it’s just nice to have fresh gear sometimes.

I personally think that most things that will help you achieve better health are justified!

So go ahead, TREAT YO’SELF to the best fitness gifts!

cheap fitness christmas gifts
What’s a little more workout gear?

If you are searching for cheap fitness gifts for someone else, there are plenty of great gifts out there.

So don’t be lame and just give a gift card when you could be giving an awesome gift! 🙂

If you build and give fitness gift baskets, you’ll seriously be the coolest friend ever. 

Before we jump into my list of great fitness gifts, here are some tips on how to build a great fitness gift basket:

Select a Theme

Start by choosing a theme for your fitness gift basket. Consider the recipient’s preferences and fitness goals.

You can focus on general fitness, specific activities like yoga or running, or even relaxation and recovery.

Having a theme will help you select items that align with their interests.

Choose a Basket

Select a basket or container that complements your theme. It can be a traditional wicker basket, a gym bag, or even a stylish storage bin.

Ensure that it is large enough to hold all the items comfortably while still looking presentable.

Fitness Essentials

Include basic fitness essentials in your gift basket, such as a reusable water bottle, a towel, and a fitness journal. These items are practical and useful for any workout routine.

Workout Gear

Add some workout gear tailored to the recipient’s preferences. This can include items like resistance bands, hand weights, exercise mats, or a jump rope.

Consider their fitness level and the activities they enjoy when selecting the gear.

Healthy Snacks

Include a selection of healthy snacks to fuel their workouts. Opt for nutritious options like protein bars, trail mix, dried fruit, or nut butter packs.

You can also include a recipe book or healthy snack recipes for added inspiration.

Fitness Apparel

Consider adding a piece of fitness apparel to your gift basket. It can be a stylish workout top, leggings, or a headband.

Choose something that matches the recipient’s style and the activities they engage in.

Personal Care Products

Include some personal care items for post-workout relaxation and recovery. This can include items like bath salts, muscle balms, foam rollers, or massage balls.

These products will help them unwind and take care of their bodies after a strenuous workout.

Motivational Extras

Incorporate motivational items to keep their spirits high. Inspirational quotes, motivational books, or a fitness-themed calendar can serve as daily reminders of their goals and keep them motivated throughout their fitness journey.


Add a personal touch to the gift basket by including a handwritten note or a custom-made item.

It could be a motivational message, a workout playlist, or a DIY fitness tracker. Customization shows your thoughtfulness and makes the gift even more special.

Wrapping and Presentation

Once you’ve gathered all the items, arrange them in the basket with care. Use colorful tissue paper, ribbons, or cellophane wrap to make it visually appealing.

You can also attach a fitness-themed greeting card to complete the presentation.

Building a fitness gift basket is a wonderful way to show your support and encouragement for someone’s fitness journey.

By following this guide and tailoring the basket to their preferences and goals, you’ll create a memorable and meaningful gift that they’ll truly appreciate. Remember, it’s the thought and effort you put into curating the basket that counts the most. So get creative, have fun, and inspire someone to stay fit and healthy!

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If you aren’t “in” on the latest fitness trends, it’s okay! I have your back! It doesn’t matter where the person you are gifting is on their health journey – these gifts are great for anyone.

Whether they are into strength training, workout clothes, home workouts, or running, there is something here for them.

cheap fitness gifts for health enthusiasts

31 Cheap Fitness Gifts / Best Fitness Gifts for Gym Junkies

1. Fancy Water Bottle

We all know that water bottles and tumblers get scratched and damaged over time.

There is nothing quite like a “fresh” water bottle to motivate you to drink more water.

I personally love the colors that Iron Flask offers and I love that they are easy to clean and come in different sizes, too.

Plus, a nice water bottle is a staple if you’re building fitness gift baskets.

2. Resistance Tubes

Resistance tubes or resistance bands are great for warmups and workouts on the go.

(They also fit really well into small spaces, making them perfect for those gift baskets we were talking about.)

As a personal trainer, I love to use resistance tubes for active-isolated stretching during the warm-up period before moving onto heavier lifting. This set of resistance tubes can be used for all different levels.

IMO: This is one of the best fitness gifts.

3. Cheap Yoga Mat

As much as I love the cheap gym mats, I love the nice one I have at home!

A yoga mat is one of three things I consider to be home gym essentials.

They will make workouts of any kind more comfortable and are easily transported.

I use them for much more than yoga (stretching, pushups, planks, etc.) and recommend that everyone who exercises has one. This one is simple, thick, and comes in several colors.

4. Yoga Block

Whether you’re new to yoga or not, you should know that yoga blocks have many uses.

They can help beginners successfully achieve hard poses, they offer support where balance is needed, and they can help make stretches deeper.

They can be great as a home fitness gear item, or studio time!

So even if they are only used for stretching (and not specifically for yoga), they can be beneficial.

A great buy! This yoga blog comes in many colors and is very economical. 

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5. Set of Dumbbells

A set of dumbbells is going to help take any workout to the next level.

If you are ready to go beyond bodyweight workouts, there is so much you can do with dumbbells.

They are also one of three tools I recommend having in a home gym.

As a personal trainer, I can’t imagine life without a set of 5, 8, and 10-pound dumbbells.

If you or the person you are buying cheap fitness gifts for are a beginner, I recommend aiming for a set of 5-pounders.

6. Small Kettlebell

No matter the weight, you can do a lot with a kettlebell.

I personally like to use kettlebells 20lbs or smaller in weight, but what you opt for depends on your fitness level.

Here is a 10 lb kettlebell that is perfect for your next workout.

7. Sublingual Vitamins & Metabolism Support

Did you know that sublingual delivery has the 2nd highest absorption rate? (After intravenous.)

Yep, say goodbye to your drugstore supplements that don’t even absorb! I’ve fallen in love with these sprays that go right under your tongue for quick & high absorption.

There’s one for vitamin D, C, B12, and even a metabolism booster with Garcinia Cambogia.

8. Exercise Ball

Also known as a Swiss ball or stability ball, exercise balls have many uses.

They are most often used for stability exercises because they offer instability when used for any purpose (they are wobbly).

They can use to strengthen pretty much any muscle, but I love to use them for core work.

On top of that, they are just fun to have!

A great option to add to your gift list. This exercise ball is economical and comes in several colors.

9. Sliders

When I think of cheap fitness gifts, sliders are at the top of my list for any fitness enthusiast.

If you haven’t used sliders before, now is the time to try them!

Sliders are small and flat, which makes them perfect for a workout on the go.

(Another thing that fits great into fitness gift baskets.)

As a personal trainer, they are my go-to for killer ab work.

These sliders are perfect because they come in a lot of colors and work on both carpet and hard floors. (Actually, those are the ones I have at home!)

10. Workout DVD

Before live streaming was a thing, workout videos were IT. I still use a the occasional workout DVD and they are still a great gift!

I personally love Jillian Michaels (you either love her or hater her) so here’s a great three-pack of DVDs that she created.

11. Wobble Board

Wobble boards are flat on one side with a half-ball in the middle on the other side.

They are awesome for improving balance and activating small muscles that wouldn’t otherwise be targeted.

They are great for beginners who need to work on overall mobility and are a great choice to make normal exercises more challenging.

This wobble board is just a hair under our $25 budget, which is a great deal since it’s primarily solid wood.

12. Pull-Up Bar

If pull-ups or overall upper body strength are goals you have in mind, a pull-up bar is a must!

These things typically go in a doorway or mount to a wall without the need for a big gym-style setup. Here’s Amazon’s affordable pull-up bar.

Cheap fitness gifts and ideas for anyone on a health journey!

13. Quest Bars

I discovered Quest products a few years ago at my local gym.

Their protein bars are so yummy that my daughter begs for them when we leave the gym!

(My favorite ones are the chocolate chip cookie dough.)

They also just came out with protein cookies, which are actually pretty dang good, too! P.S. These are both WAY cheaper if you buy them by the case!

Throw these into your fitness gift baskets for a fun little filler. Or put these in stockings! The best fitness gifts!

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14. Yoga Socks

I never understood the need for yoga socks until I went to an evening yoga class at my gym.

Not only do they help with gripping during various poses, they keep your feet clean! (Imagine how dirty your local studio floor is by the end of a sweaty, busy day!?)

They are a must-have for anyone who is practicing yoga, barre, or pilates regularly.

15. Foam Roller

A foam roller really should be at the top of my cheap fitness gifts list.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (my certifying body as a personal trainer) recommends foam rolling 5-7 timers per week.

However, most people I know still don’t foam roll at all!

Give this gift to ANYONE you know who has back pain, hip pain, or is exercising regularly. Here’s an article I wrote about foam rolling, and here’s the affordable foam roller I have at home!

16. Massage Ball

A massage ball works similarly to a foam roller for muscle recovery and pain, but it’s small enough that you’re able to target many different hard-to-reach muscles.

I use a tennis ball or lacrosse ball for targeted myofascial release (which is sort of like self-massage) and have noticed a HUGE difference in muscle soreness and reduced back pain.

It’s another must for people who are exercising regularly. (Seriously, one of the best gifts.)

17. Compression Socks

I have personally never used compression socks, but I see avid runners and other athletes wearing them all of the time.

If one of your goals is to run marathons or you’re getting shin splints on your runs, I think they’re worth a try! These ones are a cute find!

18. Jump Rope

Jump ropes are great for cardio, but they’re also great for coordination.

They are nice to have because they are small and highly portable, which is great for backyard or park workouts.

I like to use mine in my backyard while the kids play.

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19. Ab Wheel

Ab wheels are a great way to work the whole core because they can be used at all levels without involving any full planks or crunches.

However, I don’t recommend them for people with wrist problems as they require quite a bit of wrist and forearm strength.

20. Acupressure Mat

Recovery is an important part of sticking to any exercise routine. If soreness is a chronic issue, acupressure mats might be something you could consider for great fitness gifts.

I have personally never used one but if Physical Therapists use them, they might be worth a try for sore muscles!

21. Silicone Ring

If you’re on the hunt for great fitness gifts for someone who lifts weights a lot, a Qalo ring is at the top of my recommendations.

I’ve had my eye on one of these rings to replace my wedding ring during lifting sessions.

These rings save your hands from extra callouses and protect your ring from scraping against other metals at the gym.

They come in a ton of colors and styles, both men and women’s.

22. Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is mostly used by avid lifters, but it’s handy to have even if you just weight train every now and then.

With how inexpensive it is, liquid chalk something worth having in your gym bag for warm or sweaty days.

23. FlipBelt

A FlipBelt is like a tiny fanny pack for your personal belongings when working out or running.

It’s meant to hold your ID, keys, or phone. It’s super convenient for running without having to hold anything.

Get your FlipBelt in pretty much any color and size. This is great to add to fitness gift baskets for hikers or runners.

24. Kettlebell Earrings

It’s totally okay to be proud of your progress and show it to the world with something you wear.

These kettlebell earrings are more great conversation starters!

cheap fitness gifts for health enthusiasts

25. Unique Yoga Pants

There are a million and one styles out there when it comes to yoga pants, but somehow most people are still sporting just black!

Stand out with some unique yoga pants! Here are some cute ombre ones that are super affordable!

26. Small Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are an easy way to make tons of exercises just a little bit harder by adding weight or instability.

Even a small, affordable ball can make even the fittest people break a sweat!

27. Lifting Gloves

Save your hands from calluses with an inexpensive pair of lifting gloves. They come in handy if you are a sweaty person or lift more than once or twice a week.

I get calluses after just a few lifting sessions, so for me they are a must-have!

28. Bluetooth Headphones

If you are still fighting with chords when you’re working out, it’s seriously time to upgrade to some Bluetooth headphones.

These are the ones I have and for the price, I can’t say enough good things about them.

They stay in my ears way better than any other headphones, and they come with a great little carrying case.

A must-have for fitness gift baskets!

29. Fitness Magazine Subscription

You can get several magazine subscriptions for under $25, and they come in Kindle editions or print!

My favorites are Women’s Fitness and Fitness Magazine.

30. Pre-Workout Powder

I didn’t try pre-workout until just a few years ago, but it’s now something I keep in the cabinets at all times.

I don’t recommend taking it every day, but it’s so nice to have on those tough days when your energy is just low.

Try it out! This pre-workout is highly rated and the flavor sounds like a good one!

One of the best fitness gifts!

31. Shaker Bottle

I LOVE shaker bottles and if you’re using protein powder, pre-workout, BCAAs, or meal replacements, I highly recommend having at least two.

They make a great fitness gift.

This is a classic shaker bottle that is affordable and comes in many fun colors.

That’s it! What other cheap fitness gifts would you recommend? Do any of these affordable fitness gifts make your cut? Tell me your great ideas below!

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