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How To Design A Postpartum Workout Plan

It’s postpartum workout plan time! Need help knowing how to put together an effective postpartum workout plan? Learn how to combine healthy eating, pelvic floor exercises, and regular exercise to make the perfect postpartum workout plan. Hi there! My name is Chantal and I’m the owner of this blog you’re reading, Ironwild Fitness! I’m a […]

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Easy Vegan Carrot Muffins (No Added Sugar!)

vegan carrot muffins recipe easy

Looking for a moist, healthy vegan carrot muffins recipe? This is IT! With no added sugar, this recipe uses applesauce and shredded carrot like a boss! Still lightly sweet, it’s the perfect muffin for picky eaters. Hello friends! Welcome to Ironwild Fitness – my little part of the internet. 🙂 I’m Chantal – mom of […]

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7 Tips On Losing Weight After Pregnancy

tips on losing weight after pregnancy

Having trouble losing weight after pregnancy? Want to plan your postpartum weight loss strategy? Read these super-helpful tips on losing weight after pregnancy. Hi, I’m Chantal! I’m a two-time c-section mama and NASM certified personal trainer. I know what it is to struggle with postpartum weight loss, and I know what to expect as far […]

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Healthy Blackberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Healthy Blackberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe Instructions

Thanks for stopping by to check out my healthy blackberry frozen yogurt recipe! The beauty of this recipe is that there is no added sugar and you can totally use frozen blackberries. That means you can make it even when berries aren’t in season.  Hey friends! Welcome to Ironwild Fitness. Chantal here – I’m the […]

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