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Dumbbell Upper Body Workout For Beginners

dumbbell upper body workout for beginners

Looking for a dumbbell upper body workout for beginners? Try this simple yet effective workout featuring dumbbell exercises for arms and shoulders, plus the upper back! When you’re new to exercise, keeping it simple is key. This strength-based dumbbell upper body workout for beginners is effective and simple. Perfect for a home OR gym workout! […]

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11 Indoor Cycling Tips for Beginners

indoor cycling tips for beginners

Want to try spinning but don’t know where to start? Is spinning hard for beginners? How do I prepare for indoor cycling? Here are some indoor cycling tips for beginners who want to try the stationary bike. (Affiliate links included.) Just a few months ago, I traded my noisy treadmill in for a fancy NordicTrack […]

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Everyday Dreamers: Meet Mom & CPT Kari Jaques!

everyday dreamers

Welcome to my new series, Everyday Dreamers! In this series I am featuring moms in business/blogging in the wellness niche. Today I am excited to feature Kari from KJ Fitness Training! Enjoy!  Welcome to today’s blog post featuring mom & MASTER NASM Certified Personal Trainer Kari Jaques! I have to admit, I am EXTRA excited […]

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The Problem With Weight Loss Journeys

Do you have a new mom in your life? Here are 21 great ways to help a new mom out.

Most of the time when I write a blog post I do it with all the “bloggy” things in mind. I’m talking about search engine optimization, the things that I think resonate most with fitness audiences, and advice that you might find helpful. But what I like the most about blogging is that I can […]

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